Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming 12th November 2021 Venky entry

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming 12th November 2021 Venky entry

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming 12th November 2021 Venky entry Prisha asks Rudra why did he stop her. Rudra replies because it is right that they don’t have the right to question Param about his personal life. Rudra says they don’t have any informal relation with Param that gives them the right to question his personal life. Prisha replies they at least have the humanity relation and Param can’t do anything wrong in front of them. She tells Rudra that they can’t work with the person who is not right in his personal life. Rudra says they can’t react this way till they don’t get to know the real reason behind Param’s behavior with Vidhi.

Rudra asks Prisha to think by keeping them in Param’s place. He asks her to not increase the issue right now. Prisha goes to see Vidhi. Mishka tries to calm crying Vidhi. She tells her that she is with Rudra, Prisha and Param and Vidhi can trust her. Vidhi refuses Mishka offering her handkerchief. Mishka explains to Vidhi that she was just like her in her childhood. She tells Vidhi that she also didn’t like to take help from anyone. Mishka calls Vidhi and herself a strong girl who can take each other’s help.

Vidhi accepts a handkerchief from Mishka. Mishka brings Vidhi close to her and tells her that her father also used to leave her alone. Mishka continues telling Vidhi that at her age she wanted her father’s time but the latter always gave her expensive toys instead of his time. Vidhi tells Mishka she also wants Param’s love and time, not any expensive toys from him. Mishka hugs Vidhi. Prisha hears Mishka and Vidhi’s conversation and thinks that Rudra was right that Msihka can get settled with Param which will benefit Vidhi too.


On the other hand, Vasudha searches GPS’s cupboard to get information about Radha. GPS comes there and asks what she is doing. Vasudha thinks that she can’t say anything to GPS till she finds any proof. GPS asks Vasudha what is she searching for. Vasudha says she is trying to find her earrings. GPS asks Vasudha why she is searching her earrings in his cupboard. Vasudha gets angry and asks GPS can’t she even touch his belongings. GPS says he didn’t mean anything wrong. Vasudha says to GPS that she has handled his stuff for years.

She changes the topic and goes to make coffee. Vasudha returns with coffee and intentionally spills it on GPS. She pretends innocent and sends a GPS to change. In GPS’s absence she starts checking his phone. GPS comes from behind and asks her what she is doing. Vasudha asks GPS why he changed his password. GPS replies for security reasons he changed his password. Vasudha asks if he wants to secure his mobile from her. GPS replies that he wants to secure his personal information in mobile from outsiders.

Vasudha asks GPS if he is hiding something from her. GPS jokes that he is hiding his affair from her. He asks her what she was doing with his mobile. She makes an excuse. While leaving from home, GPS thanks god that Vasudha failed to check his phone, otherwise she would have reached the truth. Vasudha thinks she will take Prisha’s help to know what GPS is hiding from her. Back at the camp, Param explains that he hates Vidhi because he recalls his brother and sister in law seeing her. He explains that Vidhi pushed his brother and sister in law to take her to the amusement park and in the way they met with an accident. He says Vidhi got saved from the accident without getting wounded.

Param further blames Vidhi for his brother and sister in law’s death. He says by seeing Vidhi he recalls seeing his brother and sister in law’s dead body. Rudra and Prisha tell Param that they can understand his pain. Prisha explains to Param that his brother and sister in law’s death was written in destiny and Vidhi can’t be blamed for it. She explains to Param that if something is written in destiny, it happens anyhow. Prisha asks Param to understand Vidhi’s pain too as she lost her parents first and now even he is not talking to her. She tells Param that he should be with Vidhi at this time so that they can share each other’s pain and give strength to each other.

Prisha apologizes to Param for interfering in his life. Param replies that only one with the same pain can understand the other person in pain. He leaves saying that Vidhi came from the bus and will return from the bus only. Rudra tells Prisha that Param is not doing right with little Vidhi. Prisha shows Rudra the growing bond between Vidhi and Mishka. She tells Rudra that he doesn’t need to worry about Vidhi anymore as Mishka can be a good wife to Param and can unite him with Vidhi by becoming a good mother too. Camp instructor announces the end of camp duration. Saaransh says he wants to return with his friends through the camp bus. Prisha and Rudra allow him to do so.

Vasudha shares her worries with Prisha and calls her to a nearby cafe to talk about GPS. At cafe Vasudha informs Prisha that GPS has been transferring money to Radha Murthy for 10 years under their noses. Shocked, Prisha says she will follow GPS to know what he is hiding from them. As per her and Prisha’s plan Vasudha informs the latter that GPS left the house. Prisha starts following GPS. She gets shocked on reaching a mental health clinic following GPS. She enters the clinic and gets shocked seeing Radha as the doctor. Prisha thinks which patient GPS has come to meet.

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Vasudha too gets to know about GPS and Radha being in a mental health clinic from Prisha. Prisha asks the nurse about GPS and Radha. Nurse says she can’t give any information about anyone to her. She questions Prisha’s identity instead and asks her how she entered the clinic without anyone’s permission. On the other hand, Rudra and Saaransh enjoy time with each other. Param calls Rudra and asks him about Vidhi’s whereabouts. He shocks Rudra by telling him that Vidhi is missing.

In the next episode, Prisha will lie to the nurse that she is a patient’s relative. Rudra will shock Mishka by informing her that Vidhi is missing. Prisha will get shocked on learning that GPS was hiding about her brother Venky from her and Vasudha.

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