Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Update Prachi’s entry

Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Update Prachi's entry

Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Update Prachi’s entry Rhea asks Aaliya what did she want to tell her. Pallavi tells Rhea that Ranbir didn’t come home, he has gone to office after finishing the meeting. Aaliya tells thatKumkum Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Update Prachi’s entry Rhea asks Aaliya what did she want to tell her. Pallavi tells Rhea that Ranbir didn’t come home, he has gone to office after finishing the meeting. Aaliya tells that she didn’t wish to spoil Rhea’s mood. Rhea tells that she will not celebrate Lohri alone, she wants Ranbir home. She asks them not to spoil their mood, they will have dinner and wait for Ranbir’s return. Pallavi tells Vikram and Aaliya that she spoke to Mishra, who confirmed that Prachi won’t get the bail tonight. She doesn’t want to see Prachi in her house.

She tells that its Rhea’s first Lohri, she shouldn’t see Prachi back. Dida tells that Rhea will know it from Ranbir when he comes home and tells that he has gone to help Prachi. She asks Pallavi not to keep Rhea happy all the time. She wants Pallavi to think of others. Pallavi tells that if Rhea’s mood spoils, then it will affect the festival. Dida asks why didn’t she think of the festival before getting Prachi arrested. She tells that Pallavi didn’t even think of her son’s emotions, like she is worried for Rhea. Pallavi doesn’t want to argue with Dida. She asks Vikram to explain Dida. She can’t keep everyone happy.

Dida tells that one can’t keep everyone happy, else they can’t keep anyone happy. Aaliya worries that Vikram isn’t supporting Pallavi. She fears that Prachi might come home on the Lohri day and the festival can turn into a battle. How will Prachi’s entry back in the Kohli house spoil the Lohri for the family? Will Ranbir realize Prachi’s pregnancy truth? Keep reading.


Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Update Prachi’s entry:

Ranbir tells Prachi that she has no heart or feelings left, she doesn’t even have manners, she just have hatred in her heart. He tells that he feels like hitting his head on some stone. Prachi asks him to stop it. Shahana asks them to end the argument. He tells that he tolerates Prachi’s indifference every day, he wants to solve her problems, but she blames him for the problems. Prachi tells that he is responsible for all the problems, he really deserves such a bad treatment. She doesn’t want his care and love, knowing its all fake. He is hurt by her words. He tells that they will write a new chapter now, he will go away from her, he will never come in her sight, she will not see him and his love. He leaves from her sight.

Shahana knows that its their love which took a new avatar. She tells that Ranbir wants Prachi back but she isn’t forgiving him. She prays for their jodi. Ranbir barges into the house in anger. Pallavi asks him to talk to them. He tells that he wants some rest. Rhea tells that she is so happy to see him back. He asks her if she is happy to see him. She tells that she is very happy. He tells that her happiness won’t be the same now. She asks what does he mean. Prachi comes inside the house. Rhea is shocked to see Prachi back. Ranbir tells Rhea that her happiness disappeared and she got angry. He asks if her happiness was fake.

He scolds the family for neglecting him. Prachi asks him to talk to her. He asks if she will talk to him when she dislikes it. He tells that he will not fight with her, he has to fight with Rhea first. He asks Rhea why did she marry him. Aaliya interrupts him. She asks him why is he asking strange things. He asks does she find these things normal. He goes mad in anger. He tells that the family isn’t his family anymore, they always keep fighting, they have no love. He is sick and tired of their fights. He apologizes that he can’t support them in these fights. Prachi tells that she never saw him supported her. He tells that she can’t see him, he is a superhero who helps everyone, but can’t be seen.

Rhea stops him from talking to Prachi. Shahana comes in. Ranbir asks her to go to the room, because the drama will go on for long. Rhea asks why would Shahana stay in the house. He tells that its his decision that Shahana will stay in their house, he has some value as well, he is Ranbir Kohli, Shahana needs them in Sarita’s absence. Shahana asks him not to overreact. He tells that he left his work and came to help Prachi. Rhea asks him did he bail out Prachi. He tells that he bailed out Prachi.

She gets angry on him. He asks her to thank him. He asks where is her joy now, did her joy turn into anger because of Prachi. He feels troubled by Rhea and Prachi. He asks Dida to see how the things are changing in the house. He tells that the family depends on the two sisters’ mood. Vikram calls it enough. Ranbir asks them to react when Prachi and Rhea fight. He tells that the sisters always fight and take revenge.

He tells them that he doesn’t want to live in the house, everyone wants something, Rhea wants her married life, Prachi wants her rights, but nobody asked him what he wants. He tells that Pallavi doesn’t know about his likes, because her focus is on Rhea, not her son. He tells that he really wants to go somewhere far from the family, who just worry for Rhea. He asks them do they not have own conscience. He tells that his life is complicated, but he never fought with them to vent out frustration, he doesn’t talk in between, because he loses because of their fights. He asks them how long will this fight go on.

He tells that he is getting troubled because of Rhea and Prachi. He asks Prachi what did she get till now, Rhea and Prachi are hitting each other with their odd plans. He counts their mistakes. He asks Rhea why did she call the police, knowing that a third person shouldn’t get involved in the family fights. He asks Vikram and Pallavi why didn’t they stop Prachi’s arrest. He tells that Rhea has crossed all limits, Rhea has sent Prachi to jail and out the family respect at stake. He tells that Rhea has ruined their family respect, not just Prachi got defamed, but also the entire family.

He asks Pallavi why didn’t she inform him about Prachi’s arrest, did she just think of Rhea, is Rhea more important than the family. He asks why didn’t they help Prachi. Prachi tells that she doesn’t want any help. He asks her not to give herself any importance, he is arguing about his family respect, not her. He requests the family not to put the family respect at stake because of Rhea and Prachi. He puts an end to his long speech. He tells that he is going out to have some fresh air, because he can’t breathe in the hatred filled house. He asks Dida to help Shahana settle in the guest room. He makes a leave.

Dida asks Prachi to go to her room and rest. Pallavi feels sorry for Ranbir. Rhea asks is she the reason for Ranbir’s anger. Vikram tells that they have crossed their limits by getting Prachi arrested, Ranbir was right, Rhea has done wrong this time, and even they did wrong. He feels ashamed. Rhea asks Pallavi will she say the same. Pallavi tells that Ranbir said the right thing, their family respect was at stake. Rhea wants to clearly tell them that she is their Bahu. She thinks to prove herself as Ranbir’s wife. Shahana dances happily that Ranbir has scolded Rhea so much.

Dida tells that she is also happy, she enjoyed the drama. She regrets that his anger had pain hidden behind. Shahana tells that Prachi also told him a lot and hurt his heart. Dida tells that they always fight. Shahana tells that there is a wall between them that has separated them. Dida asks her what does she mean to say. Shahana thinks to tell her, but keeps the pregnancy secret. She tells that they shall keep patience. Dida thanks her for the support. She wishes Ranbir and Prachi to stay together and happy. Shahana tells that she wants Ranbir and Prachi to live happy as before. Dida hugs her.

Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words. Rhea meets her. Prachi tells her that Ranbir got her freed from the jail and got her home. She calls Rhea a big fool. Rhea asks her to keep the room, she doesn’t care because Ranbir isn’t with Prachi. Prachi tells that she doesn’t want Ranbir to be with her. Rhea doesn’t understand what Prachi wants. Prachi tells that everyone understood Rhea’s motives. Keep reading.

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  1. Can you put the sweetheart sweetheart back for the grand mother sake so she can know about the baby I tired of hearing Rea all the time

    • What the arse that idiot prachi wants? i am getting to dislike prachi niw.
      uf yuh dong want ranbir divorce him take alimony from him n child suppirt n let rhea have him.
      let him suffer for his stupid behaviour of marrying rhea for the rest of his lufe but prachi needs to divorce him n move on,let ranbir mive on either with rhea or someone else.

  2. So what does prachi wants then? Come on this is such a stupid show now, no truth, no good, only bad things are right in this serial, no good teaching whatsoever, is that the lifestyle in India


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