Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd February 2022 Written Update Rishi love confession

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd February 2022 Written Update Rishi love confession

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd February 2022 Written Update Rishi love confession Rishi and Lakshmi bump into each other. He is shocked to see her. Malishka summons Lakshmi again and asks her to show some good engagements rings. She tells that she is getting engaged to Rishi. she adds that Rishi is her would be husband, she loves him and he loves her. She makes Lakshmi frustrated by her speech. She tells that she will wear the best ring and surprise her would be husband, her Rishi. She chooses a ring. Rishi watches Malishka insulting Lakshmi. He takes Lakshmi aside.

He tells her that he didn’t do anything wrong with her ever. He confesses that he loves Malishka and also loves her/Lakshmi. Lakshmi is stunned by his strange love confession for both Malishka and her. She cries, and he feels hurt that he can’t see her crying. Malishka interrupts them. She shows the best ring she chose and tells that it’s the best one, like it’s made just for her. Lakshmi tells that the ring is very beautiful, but sometimes the most beautiful thing isn’t made for everyone. She tells that she doesn’t deserve it, even if she can buy it. She lowers Malishka’s happiness by her statement.


Neelam gets angry that foolish Malishka ruined Rishi’s life and their happiness too. She doesn’t want to tolerate Karishma who always defends Malishka. She warns Karishma. She loses her patience. Karishma gets too hurt by Neelam’s words. She tells that she also feels bad of few things, its not bad to think of herself. She hates Lakshmi more than she is the reason for the quarrel. She feels Malishka did the right thing that Lakshmi got ousted from Rishi’s life. Malishka asks Kalyani to call Rishi, he will make her wear the mangalsutra and choose it. She discards the jewellery worn by Lakshmi and further humiliates her. Stay tuned.

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd February 2022 Written Update Rishi love confession:

Malishka tells that the jewellery isn’t suiting Lakshmi. She refuses to buy anything. Lakshmi goes away and cries. She removes the jewellery. Malishka wants Lakshmi to cry. She wants to be happy with her Rishi. Lakshmi recalls Malishka’s words. Malishka looks for her to further insult her. She wants to break down Lakshmi. She thinks Lakshmi has forced her to change, she has hurt her a lot. She wants to hurt Lakshmi now by telling her that she was taking a wrong place.

Lakshmi wants to stay strong and keep the promise to his wife. She meets Malishka in the washroom. She asks Lakshmi if she is crying because of her. She tells that Rishi has told her truth, how Lakshmi has done a big drama in his house. She repeats Lakshmi’s dramatic words and rebukes her. She asks Lakshmi why is she crying when she said Rishi doesn’t matter to her now. Rishi asks the lady about Lakshmi. The lady gets busy on a call. Rishi goes away.

The lady rushes after him. He asks her about Lakshmi again. Lakshmi asks Malishka what does she mean to say. Malishka taunts Lakshmi for her dream to woo Rishi back when he leaves her. She asks if Lakshmi wanted to get everyone’s sympathy by using Virender uncle. She tells that Lakshmi lost all the respect by her drama. The lady tells that she really called Lakshmi that time. He wants to know if Lakshmi is here. He thinks his Lakshmi can’t be there. Malishka asks Lakshmi not to behave such. Lakshmi tells that she is going out to do her work. She doesn’t entertain Malishka. She doesn’t react on the taunts, and this angers Malishka more. Malishka tells that Rishi shouldn’t meet Lakshmi. Rishi and Lakshmi cross paths. They meet and get emotional.

Rishi apologizes to her. He helps her in her work. She tries to avoid him. He asks her if she is working here. She tells that she can help him if he wants anything. Malishka tells that it’s a small world, Lakshmi works here. Lakshmi goes away. Malishka asks Rishi did Lakshmi misbehave with him. Rishi asks her what happened. She asks him if he is feeling guilty again. He tells that he was angry when Lakshmi returned the money and asked him to return her love and faith, she was right, she wasn’t at fault, she didn’t snatch anything from him. He adds that he has snatched everything from Lakshmi, he has snatched her innocence and faith, she didn’t take any money, but asked for her faith.

She asks him to go to Lakshmi and apologize, but she will never forgive him, she will just insult him. She reminds him that Lakshmi insulted Neelam also. She tells that Lakshmi was crying and proving herself innocent in front of others. She doesn’t want Lakshmi to play a sympathy card and prove others wrong. Rishi asks her what did Lakshmi tell her. Lakshmi goes to meet Kalyani. She wants to go home and take an off. Kalyani reprimands her for running away from her work. She asks Lakshmi to leave the job if she wants. Lakshmi apologizes to her. Kalyani asks her to attend the customers, or clean the storeroom in the basement. Malishka tells Rishi that she doesn’t want to give him stress. He asks her is she okay.

She tells that she is feeling strange, Rishi and Lakshmi aren’t together now, even then Lakshmi isn’t behaving normal. She tells that they can go to some other store if he wants. He tells that he has no guilt, he isn’t troubled, he doesn’t care. He finds her worried. She tells that she is also fine. He asks her to be prepared to face Lakshmi. He goes to attend a call. She thinks Rishi doesn’t care so even she shouldn’t care about Lakshmi, his old chapter is now and now he is just of her. Ayush apologizes to disturb Rishi. He asks Rishi to help him. Rishi feels he has done wrong with Lakshmi, she has risked life to save him, but he did wrong to rebuke her for her efforts.

He tells Ayush that Lakshmi is working in the jewellery store, he is feeling bad seeing her in this state. Ayush asks him to go and talk to her. He asks him to know that Lakshmi has no ego, but self respect, she deserves everything in life. He tells that it’s a golden chance and he shouldn’t miss it. Rishi understands it. Ayush asks him to just talk to Lakshmi in a good way. Rishi thanks him for being the best brother. Ayush tells that even Rishi is the best brother.

Rishi tells that Ayush always understands him. He tells I love you to Ayush. Ayush replies with I love you too. He prays for Rishi and Lakshmi. Rishi looks for Lakshmi. Malishka meets Lakshmi again and pities her. Malishka asks Lakshmi to show her some engagement rings. She orders her to bring that pendant and show her. She tells that she will show it to her would be husband. She doesn’t leave a chance to insult Lakshmi. She likes a ring and taunts Lakshmi.

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