Fanaa 21st March 2022 Written Update Agastya shocks Pakhi

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Fanaa 21st March 2022 Written Update Agastya shocks Pakhi Neelima reveals to Pakhi that Agastya’s mother tried to burn him alive in his childhood. She tells Pakhi whatever she saw today is the effect of what Agastya’s mother did to him in the past. Pakhi gets shocked. Neelima tells Pakhi that it became difficult to handle Agastya after his mother’s death. She says she tried taking Agastya’s mothers place but failed. Neeilma tells Pakhi that Agastya’s father got married for the second time in a hurry. Flashback shows Neelima making little Agastya meet his new mother (step-mother).

Little Agastya smiled and accepted his father’s second wife as his mother. Agastya’s second mother hugged him and told him that now she is his mother. With the flashback going on, Neelima tells Pakhi that Agastya remained happy after his new mother’s arrival. In the flashback, little Agastya tells his friends that they can’t tease him anymore as he has the world’s best mother with him. Neelima tells Pakhi that Agastya remained very happy with his new mother. She also tells Pakhi that everything went well until Agastya’s step mother didn’t get to know that she herself is going to-be a mother.

Neelima says everything changed after Agastya’s mother’s pregnancy news and her truth of hating Agastya came out. She tells Pakhi that on the Diwali night, Agastya’s step mother burnt the room with the crackers and locked little Agastya in it. Flashback shows Agastya’s step mother says her own child will get everything when Agastya will die. Little Agastya is seen screaming and tapping the room door for his mother’s help. Flashback ends with Neelima and Pakhi in shock. Pakhi asks what type of woman Agastya’s step mother was, who tried to kill the child who considered her as his mother. She also asks Neelima if nobody tried to save Agastya at that time. Neelima tells Pakhi that no one was at home as she was outside with Agastya’s father at the time. She says even no servant was there to save little Agastya.


Neelima tells Pakhi that she felt something bad and returned home. Flashback shows Neelima hearing little Agastya’s screams for help. Neelima somehow breaks the room door. She gets shocked on seeing little Agastya’s back burning. Flashback ends. Neelima tells Pakhi that she ousted Agastya’s step mother from the house after that incident. She also tells Pakhi that she couldn’t get fire phobia/fear out of Agastya’s heart and brain. Neelima tells Pakhi that this is why Agastya gets scared hearing about fire and even after seeing it. Pakhi is seen caressing Agastya. She tells Neelima that now she got to know why Agastya ran away seeing the diya fire at her event. Pakhi says Agastya suffered so much pain alone and could have told her about it as she is his best friend.

Unconscious Agastya turns and lies in Pakhi’s lap. Neelima tells Pakhi that Agastya got all alone after that incident. She says Agastya loved his second mother very much but in return she tried to kill him. Neelima asks Pakhi after all this how can a person trust anyone. She tells Pakhi that she is seeing a new change in Agastya after her entry. Neelima tells Pakhi that Agastya has started trusting her even more than himself. She also tells Pakhi that Agastya has started smiling again as he trusts that she won’t ever leave him alone. Pakhi says she will never leave Agastya alone. Neelima feels good hearing this. Pakhi says Agastya is her best friend and she can’t ever think of leaving Agastya alone. Neelima leaves from Agastya’s room.

She gets shocked and scared seeing the burn marks on Agastya’s back. Pakhi feels bad on distrusting Agastya and getting influenced by Virat. She thinks about how she doubted Agastya. Pakhi feels apologetic towards Agastya for not understanding his pain ever. She promises unconscious Agastya that she will never leave him alone at any cost. Pakhi says she will make Agastya learn to fight and face his fear. She gets determined on helping Agastya get fear-free being his wife. Next morning, Neelima is making servants organize the stuff for holi celebration. Mona asks Neelima why she is doing all this, as middle class girls like Pakhi do every work like this alone at their in-laws home. She also asks Neelima if Pakhi is still sleeping.

Neelima tells Mona that Pakhi is smart and doesn’t need anyone to ask her to work like her. She tells Mona that Pakhi is handling outside decorations. Neelima says she is proud of Agastya’s choice. Mona asks Neelima what happened about the police case on Agastya. She tells Neelima that for sure the police know something about Agastya which even they don’t know. Neelima angrily asks Mona to be in her limits. She reveals to Mona that she is in Raichand house because Agastya convinced her, otherwise she would have ousted her a long ago. Neelima leaves telling Mona that she should feel ashamed for talking ill about Agastya.

Mona tells Neelima that she doesn’t leave a chance to prove her an outsider. Mona also tells Neelima that it’s her home too. She asks Neelima to not tell her how much Agastya respects her. Mona reminds Neelima how Agastya stopped her from scolding Naveli. She tells Neelima that she is blinded by Agastya’s love. Mona also tells Neelima that she is sure that Agastya is doing something wrong for which the police took him to the police station. Later, Agastya wakes and wonders where Pakhi is. He gets worried if someone took Pakhi for revenge. Agastya starts locating Pakhi with his tracker device that he hid in Pakhi’s engagement ring. Pakhi sees Agastya doing something on his phone. She naughtly enters the room and says, “holi hai ”. Agastya throws his phone aside and stops Pakhi from coloring him.

He tells Pakhi that she can’t color him. Pakhi tells Agastya that she will surely color him. A message arrives on Agastya’s phone and he notices it. Agastya jumps on his phone, kept on the bed, to hide the message from Pakhi. Pakhi colors Agastya and wishes him, “Happy Holi”. She challenges Agastya telling him that he can’t color him and runs away. Pakhi leaves asking Agastya to come downstairs by getting ready quickly. She colors Naveli and wishes her Happy Holi. Pakhi finds Naveli sad and asks her to cheer up, forgetting everything that happened. Agastya comes and makes Naveli smile. He makes Naveli happy by telling her that he sent her blackmailers to prison and got Mona’s necklace back.

Both brother and sister start playing holi together. Prema and Shanaya arrive and wish Happy Holi to Neelima. Pakhi hugs Prema and Shanaya. Agastya greets Prema. Prema says they were not going to celebrate holi this year because of Sameer’s death but came on Shanaya’s insistence. Pakhi tells Prema that she asked Shanaya to bring her as Sameer won’t ever want them to not celebrate holi. Agastya feels apologetic towards Pakhi and her family but remains silent. Pakhi applies color to Shanaya and Prema. Mona feels angry seeing Srivastavas happy with Raichands. Servant gives hemp (bhang) seeds to Mona. Mona secretly and evilly spikes Agastya’s thandai. Unaware Agastya drinks the spiked thandai.

Pakhi and Agastya dance with each other happily. Naveli and Shanaya also join Pakhi and Agastya in dancing. Drunk Aagastya runs behind Pakhi to color her. He catches Pakhi and applies holi color to her. Pakhi throws Agastya in the colored water tub. She also falls with Agastya in the colored water tub. Agastya gets romantic with Pakhi, but Pakhi tries to stop Agastya. Drunk Agastya reveals to Pakhi that he loved her madly. He tells Pakhi that he doesn’t know if the ways he used to make her his wife was right or wrong. Pakhi asks Agastya what he did. Agastya tells Pakhi that he did much. To Make Pakhi believe him, a drunk Agastya takes Pakhi to his secret room. He opens the room and takes Pakhi inside a secret basement. Agastya closes Pakhi’s eyes and takes her downstairs. He opens Pakhi’s eyes. Pakhi gets shocked seeing Sameer (her father) tied on the floor. With tied mouth and hand, Sameer signs Pakhi to come to him.

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