Udaariyaan 21st March 2022 Written Update Fatejo dreams

Udaariyaan 21st March 2022 Written Update Fatejo dreams

Udaariyaan 21st March 2022 Written Update Fatejo dreams Tejo stays upset while thinking of Fateh. Fateh is also in equal sorrow, remembering Rupy’s harsh words. Jasmin meets Tejo at their home and surprises her. She shares the good news with Tejo that Amrik trusts her, even after knowing the truth. Tejo can’t believe it. She hugs Jasmin. She is relieved that Amrik has forgiven Jasmin. Fateh gets restless. He looks for medicines and comes across Jasmin’s letter. He doesn’t check it and puts it back in the drawer. Jasmin tells Tejo that Amrik asked her to start a new life. She adds that Amrik really loves her a lot, so he has forgiven her. Tejo tells that she is really happy for Jasmin. She wants to tell the truth to Fateh. Jasmin asks Tejo not to tell anything to Fateh, the family will never believe her, Fateh will oppose her. She wants to win the family trust first.

Jasmin knows that its not easy for Tejo to lie to Fateh. Tejo understands her problem. Jasmin finds her worried. Amrik meets Fateh and asks the reason for his tension. Fateh tells that he has a headache and took medicines. Amrik asks him to take rest. He realizes that Fateh is hiding something. Tejo tells Jasmin that Rupy has refused to forgive Fateh, and their marriage can’t happen until Rupy agrees. Amrik messages Jasmin to know the problem. Jasmin learns that even Fateh is worried at home. She asks Tejo to give some time to Rupy.

Jasmin tells Tejo that Rupy will forgive Fateh soon, just like he has forgiven her. She wants to pray for Tejo and Fateh’s union. Tejo hugs her. She shows the plane to Jasmin, which reminds her of Fateh. She asks Tejo not to remind her dreams which made her hurt everyone. Tejo pacifies her. She tells that her dream wasn’t wrong, just the way to fulfil it was wrong. She is sure that Jasmin will fulfil her dream soon. Jasmin tells her that her new dream is to get Tejo and Fateh married.


Rupy overhears them. He tells that her dream will never get accomplished. He asks her to just focus on her life when she got a second chance. Tejo tells that she will convince Jasmin to not do anything for her. She makes Jasmin promise that she won’t do anything for Fateh and her union. She tells Jasmin that Rupy will forgive Fateh, else she will respect his decision. Rupy scolds Jasmin and makes her go home. The family criticizes Rupy for not forgiving Fateh. Rupy angrily throws the food away and goes. Tejo hears the family arguments and cries. Rupy blames Fateh who has ruined Tejo’s life by divorcing her.

Rupy tells that he will not leave Fateh if he dares come in front of him. Satti asks him to forget everything if he wants to see Tejo happy. She tells that Tejo is staying sad, she loves Fateh and has forgiven him, even the family should forgive Fateh and accept him. Tejo cries hearing them. She cooks the food. She receives Fateh’s call. She tells about Rupy’s anger. She doesn’t think Rupy will forgive Fateh. He tells that they will meet in a dream to lighten their situational sorrow. She tells that the roti got burnt. She quickly removes the roti from the pan, and gets her hand burnt.

Fateh appears there in her dream and takes care of her. They live a dream together, while being connected on the call. He doesn’t want to see her in pain. Lovely asks Tejo who is she talking to. On the other hand, Jasmin fulfills the Bahu’s duties well and pleases everyone. Simran and Buzo meet the family and get delighted seeing the holi preparations. Jasmin tells that they will celebrate it well. Simran tells that Candy has gone to buy colours. The family is happy to see smiling faces, all thanks to Jasmin. Mahi tells that they will invite Tejo and Sandhus home. Jasmin also wants Tejo to come. Amrik asks Jasmin why did she get upset.

Jasmin tells that she also wants Tejo and Fateh to celebrate holi, but Rupy isn’t forgiving Fateh. Sandhus plan to invite Virks on dinner. Satti doesn’t want any drama. Tejo tells that she can invite Virks, she will ask Fateh to not come home. Fateh feels his life is colourless. His depressing talks make Gurpreet worried, just like Satti worries for Tejo. Satti understands Tejo’s emotions. Gurpreet tells that she will talk to Rupy. Fateh doesn’t want her to get insulted. He tells her how he had apologized to Rupy, but failed to melt his heart.

Tejo tells that Rupy hates Fateh, but Fateh is helpless because of love. She knows they both are important for her. Fateh tells Gurpreet that he can’t live without Tejo. Gurpreet and Satti give hope to Fateh and Tejo. Fateh sheds tears. Buzo asks him to not take tension about Rupy. He reminds how Fateh used to please Sandhus when he wanted Jasmin in his life. He tells that he should get more stubborn like Rupy. He suggests Fateh to go to stay in front of Rupy’s house but never lose courage. Fateh loves the idea and hugs him gratefully.

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