Fanaa 24th March 2022 Written Update Pakhi suspicious

Fanaa 24th March 2022 Written Update Pakhi suspicious

Fanaa 24th March 2022 Written Update Pakhi gets suspicious Neelima asks Pakhi to give milk to Agastya. Seeing Pakhi crying, Neelima asks her to not worry as Agastya will get well soon. Pakhi tells Neelima that she knows but still feels bad for Agastya. She asks Neelima how can a woman do such a thing to a child. Neelima tells Pakhi that people talk a lot but they should forget the past and that bad woman. Pakhi tells Neelima that she couldn’t tolerate seeing Agastya’s burn marks. She also asks Neelima why Agastya never got plastic surgery for his burn marks. Neelima explains to Pakhi that Agastya didn’t get plastic surgery done because he knows that it will make him recall the haunting incident of his past. She also explains to Pakhi that Agastya needs someone who cares for him.

Neelima also tells Pakhi that Agastya can do anything for his loved ones. She indirectly asks Pakhi to never leave Agastya alone as many people left him lonely in the past. Pakhi wonders why Neelima is saying all this to her. She also wonders if Neelima knows about what happened at the restaurant yesterday. Both Neelima and Pakhi see Agastya going somewhere. They ask him where he is going now. Agastya says he needs to go outside for some office work. Pakhi stops Agastya and asks him to have the rest he requires. Agastya leaves, convincing Pakhi and Neelima to let him go. He goes to meet Sameer at his secret room in the basement.

Yug is also seen already present there. He asks Agastya what should they do about Sameer. Yug says for Neelima they will have to leave Sameer, as otherwise Neelima will reveal the truth to Pakhi. He suggests Agastya to tell Neelima that they left Sameer but he met with an accident in between and he isn’t at fault. Yug says they will really kill Sameer. Agastya tells Yug that they can’t do this. He leaves from his house, taking Sameer outside with Yug. Someone is seen taking Agastya and Yug’s pics while taking a tied Sameer with them. It’s none other than Virat secretly clicking Agastya, Yug and Sameer’s pics. Flashback shows Virat following Agastya for some time. Flashback ends and Virat says every criminal makes a mistake.


He thinks that every criminal leaves a proof of his/her crime behind. Virat also thinks that Agastya snatched something very precious to him, as important as his life. He further thinks that now he will expose Agastya and take his revenge. Later Agastya and Yug reach someplace with tied Sameer. They discuss how they will do what Neelima asked Aagstya to. On the other hand, Prema is seen at Pakhi’s office. She makes Pakhi eat kheer which she likes and always eats on her birthday. Pakhi grows childish and becomes curious and excited. Prema feels happy seeing Pakhi happy. She tells Pakhi in childhood too, she used to get curious and excited about her birthday and birthday gifts.

Pakhi excitedly tells Neelima that she has grown up now. She says she can’t get excited for gifts like a child but for some surprise wishes by her family. Prema tells Pakhi that Agastya always celebrated her birthday even better than Sameer. She also tells Pakhi that Agastya loves and cares for her a lot. Pakhi grows emotional and hugs Prema. Later, Shanaya calls Agastya and asks him if he is fine. She tells Agastya that she got worried when Pakhi told her about his accident. Agastya politely tells Shanaya that he is absolutely fine. He asks her to not worry about him much and Pakhi gets more worried than needed. Shanaya thinks Agastya would be busy in preparing for Pakhi’s surprise birthday party.

She asks Agastya if he is done with all the preparations for tomorrow or if he needs any kind of help from her. Agastya asks Shanaya what preparations she is talking about and what is tomorrow. Shanaya makes Agastya remember that it’s Pakhi’s birthday the next day. She asks Agastya if he forgot. Agastya lies to Shanaya that he didn’t forget Pakhi’s birthday. He asks Shanaya to leave party preparations to him and just reach the party on time with Prema. Agastya shouts and frustrated says that he forgot Pakhi’s birthday in all this mess. Pakhj returns to Raichand house excited. She tries to decrypt if anyone remembers that it’s her birthday tomorrow.

To hide the surprise party truth from Pakhi, Naveli, Aagastya and Mona pretend that they don’t remember her birthday. This makes Pakhi upset and she leaves. Naveli and Agastya give a high five to each other for getting successful in not letting Pakhi know about their surprise. Mona feels irritated and calls all this middle class excitement of Pakhi. Agastya jokes and makes fun of Mona. This joke irritates Mona but makes Naveli and Agastya laugh. After everyone leaves, Neelima reminds Agastya that she asked him to free Sameer from his clutches, not for keeping Sameer captive somewhere else. She further reminds Agastya that he has 18 hours left to free Sameer or she will reveal his truth to Pakhi.

Later at night, an upset Pakhi tries to make Agastya remember her birthday. She shows Agastya the dress he gifted to her on her last birthday. Agastya smartly pretends that he doesn’t remember Pakhi’s birthday. This makes Pakhi miffed and she leaves. Agastya smiles. Next morning, Pakhi wishes herself Happy Birthday after waking up. She gets happy and surprised seeing her room decorated with flowers. Pakhi recalls that in the past once she told Agastya about her wish of seeing her room covered in flowers on her birthday. She says that she knew that Agastya can never forget her birthday.

Next, she reads a note by Agastya asking her to come to the balcony. Pakhi reaches the balcony after getting ready and gets happy seeing the kids. As per her second wish, she gives presents to the kids. Once again she recalls that she told Agastya one day that she wishes to give presents to poor, orphan and unprivileged kids on her birthday, when she will have lots of money. Later she finds her third surprise, an ice-cream on the dining table kept by Agastya. This way Pakhi gets many surprises and gifts from Agastya, which she always wished for. As her 21st surprise, she gets her favorite designer’s saree as a birthday gift from Agastya. This time in the note, Agastya asks Pakhi to accept this saree this time as now he can give her expensive gifts being her husband.

Pakhi happily wears the saree gifted by Agastya and reaches the hall of Raichand house. She dances and enjoys her birthday party with her family. After this, Agastya recites a poem for Pakhi. He asks Pakhi to make her 22nd wish. Pakhi tells Agastya that she misses her father. Getting teary eyed, Pakhi tells Agastya that he can’t fulfill her 22nd wish anyhow. Agastya tells Pakhi that it’s impossible that he will fail anyday to fulfill any of her wishes. He makes Pakhi meet her father Sameer. Everyone gets shocked seeing Sameer alive in front of them. Agastya tells Pakhi that Sameer told him that he got saved as reached the shore by swimming.

In the next episode, Pakhi will tell Shanaya that Sameer said that he reached a shore and got saved. She will remind Shanaya that Sameer doesn’t know how to swim. Pakhi will tell Shanaya that something is fishy in all this. Suspicious Pakhi will get determined to find out the truth.

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