Bhagya Lakshmi 26th March 2022 Written Update Rishi in danger

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th March 2022 Written Update Rishi in danger

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th March 2022 Written Update Rishi in danger Guddu lies to Shalu to answer her curious questions. He tells her that Lakshmi was too worried for her. She knew that Lakshmi will worry for her. She asks him to give the phone, she has to call Lakshmi and inform her that Balwinder wants to kidnap her. He lies that he lost his phone. He asks her to relax, he will take her home. She thanks him. He has to tell Balwinder that Shalu is with him. Rano calls Balwinder to inform him that Rishi is going to give 50 lakhs for Shalu. She asks him not to make any mistake, Lakshmi will get the money to him. She tells that Shalu is sharp, she can run away. He asks her why is she saying this so late.

He tells that if she told this before, then he would have kidnapped Bani. She tells that they will kidnap Bani next time and ask for more 50 lakhs. She is excited to get money. He asks her to let him do his work. Pritam finds her laughing. She cries to pretend that she is worried for Shalu. She tells that she is really tensed. He asks her to not worry, Shalu will come back. He feels bad that he always misunderstood her. She prays for Shalu’s return. Shalu asks Guddu when will they reach home. He tells that they will reach in some time. He complains of his car. He deliberately stops the car.

He asks her to sit in the car, until he checks the battery and starts the car again. He calls Balwinder. Balwinder tells that he is going to meet Lakshmi. Guddu tells that Shalu is with him. Shalu sees someone with a phone. She gets down the car. Guddu tells that he will fool Shalu. Balwinder asks him to get Shalu to the same place where Lakshmi is coming. Guddu agrees. Balwinder tells Bablu that they got Shalu back. Virender comes to Pritam’s house to meet Lakshmi. He tells that he had checked the phone and saw Lakshmi’s missed calls, he worriedly came to meet her. Pritam asks him if he doesn’t know anything. Virender worries for Lakshmi. Pritam informs him about Shalu’s kidnapping.


He tells that Lakshmi had gone to meet the kidnappers and get Shalu, she had called him to take help. Virender tells that he didn’t see the call. Rano tells that Lakshmi went to his home to beg for money, but nobody helped her, Rishi has taken the money to give to Lakshmi. Virender tells that it’s a big mistake, he will hire a kidnapping case specialist Inspector Rakesh, the kidnapper would be someone who knows them. Rano worries. Virender tells that he will call Rakesh and get the case solved in few hours. Virender call Rakesh. On the other hand, Malishka feels angered recalling Rishi’s stand for Lakshmi. She accuses Lakshmi for creating problems. Sonia asks him to calm down.

Rishi meets the auto driver and tells that he has come to get Lakshmi’s phone. He tells that he is Lakshmi’s husband. The man asks him to keep Lakshmi happy, she was crying a lot. Rishi gives him money as a token of gratitude. He knows that even Lakshmi will scold him when they meet. Lakshmi drives the auto rickshaw to speed up and reach on time. The driver asks her to drive slow. She tells that its about her sister’s life. Inspector Rakesh comes home. Pritam tells about Shalu’s kidnapping and the ransom amount of 50 lakhs. Inspector Rakesh tells that it’s a big amount. He asks the information of the family members and relatives. He tells that he will solve the case. Shalu asks Guddu why are they not reaching home.

Guddu lies to keep her calm. Ayush gets to see Shalu in Guddu’s car. He thinks Guddu is the kidnapper. He asks Shalu to jump down the car. Shalu asks him did he come to save her. He tells that Guddu is her kidnapper. She tells that Guddu is a nice guy, he is dropping her home. Ayush tells that Guddu isn’t a nice guy. Guddu tells that Shalu is his neighbor. She tells that Guddu is Binni’s son. Ayush asks Guddu why does his car have two number plates. Shalu asks Guddu about it. Guddu tells that Ayush is lying. Ayush asks her to trust him. Rano calls Guddu to talk to Balwinder. Shalu defends Guddu. Ayush and Shalu argue. Guddu gets worried. Shalu catches his lie and gets down the car. She goes to sit in Ayush’s car.

Guddu catches her. Ayush asks him to leave the girl. Guddu asks him to go away. Balwinder and Bablu come there and find Ayush and Guddu fighting. Balwinder gets the chloroform napkin to faint down Ayush. Balwinder and his goons kidnap Shalu and Ayush. Balwinder threatens Ayush. Ayush taunts Shalu on her foolishness to believe Guddu and reach back to the kidnappers. Balwinder tells Ayush that Shalu is very cunning, she had escaped from his clutches. Shalu tells that she is brave that she fled. Ayush can’t believe that Balwinder is praising her. He calls himself more brave. He tells her that Lakshmi had come home to ask the family for help, he learnt about Shalu’s kidnapping and had to escape from the window to search for her. Rishi falls in danger when he faces the kidnappers. Balwinder points the gun to shoot Rishi.

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