Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2022 Written Update Preeran Holi

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Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2022 Written Update Preeran Holi Prithvi tells that its holi today, Preeta, Karan and Luthras should celebrate it well, because they won’t get another chance to celebrate any festive with happiness. Shrishti meets Sameer at the Luthra house. She sounds upset and tells him that she didn’t know that Karan and Preeta will get so distant, she didn’t imagine their holi to go this way, Karan is applying holi colours to everyone except Preeta. She tells that Karan has left his relation with Preeta colourless. Sameer consoles Shrishti.

Later, the fate brings Preeta and Karan together during the Holi festive. Preeta applies the holi colours to Karan. She tells him that they shall end all their differences and unite during this festive of colours. She tells that she will colour him in her love. He wishes that the moment stops there. Sherlyn spikes Karan’s drink. She tells Natasha that she will bring a twist in holi. She asks Natasha to make Karan of her on this holi. Natasha goes to Karan with the spiked thandai. She finds Karan and Preeta romancing in their room.

Earlier in the show, Prithvi angrily tells that Naagre has got sold to Preeta, he has come to anger him on Preeta’s orders. He knows Naagre well. He calls Naagre an opportunist. He rebukes Naagre for running after powerful Preeta. Naagre asks him if he has lost his mind. He tells that he makes people powerful. He refuses to get Prithvi bailed out. He asks Prithvi to never doubt his loyalty. He makes a leave, while Prithvi shouts on him. Prithvi tells that he will hire a bigger lawyer than him, he doesn’t want anyone else. He argues with the jail mate, and later drinks alcohol.


Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2022 Written Update Preeran Holi:

Karan gives a good news to Sameer. He tells that he has apologized to Preeta. Sameer asks him how did he apologize. Karan tells that he asked her to accept him the way he is, and not get upset by his anger. He adds that she agreed to accept him. He thanks Sameer for the advice. Sameer asks him doesn’t it matter to him that Preeta has become the house owner. Karan tells that it doesn’t matter to him, Preeta is family, its okay if anyone from the family handles the ownership and business. He tells that Rakhi is really happy because Preeta is handling everything so well. Sameer hugs him happily seeing his sensibility.

Shrishti, Janki and Biji make the sweets. They pack it for the Luthras. Shrishti tells that she will call Preeta. Biji tells that they also have to talk to Preeta. Shrishti calls Preeta. Preeta asks her not to tell about the sweets. Shrishti tells that Biji told everything to Preeta, there is no fun of surprise left. Biji tells that she has given the surprise to Preeta. Shrishti asks Preeta why does she appear so happy. Preeta tells her about Karan’s apology. She tells that she felt like he is the old Karan, he is making up for his past mistakes. Shrishti is happy to know this. Preeta tells Shrishti that Karan is like a rose, and she accepted him on his request. Shrishti pulls her leg.

Preeta invites her for the holi celebrations. She tells that they will have all the fun. Shrishti wants to celebrate it well with the entire family. Prithvi regrets to hurt Sherlyn and Naagre’s sentiments. He thinks he has told such bad things to them, knowing just they could have helped him in getting the bail. He tries to get the constable’s phone. He begs him and tells that’s a prisoner’s right to make a phone call. Constable tells that he will ask the Inspector about it first. He brings Prithvi out of the cell. Sherlyn screams seeing Natasha with the charcoal mask. She asks Natasha what did she apply. Natasha tells that its her face mask.

Natasha borrows the coconut pressed oil for removing the holi colours. She tells that she dislikes holi. Sherlyn tells that she will send the oil bottle. She recalls Prithvi’s words. She gets an idea. She wants to execute her plan and then show her worth to Prithvi. She tells that a woman is another woman’s biggest enemy, Preeta will see her enmity now. Prithvi calls Naagre and apologizes to him. He asks him to meet him once and then decide about their friendship. Inspector asks him if Naagre refused to him. Prithvi thanks him for the holi. He wishes the inspector for Holi and goes singing to his cell.

Karan returns from the practice. He tells Sameer that the coach was really happy with him. He finds Mahesh making the thandai. Mahesh wishes happy holi to the family. He applies the colours to them. He dances happily. Preeta’s family arrives to wish them. Biji asks them to enjoy the homemade sweets. Mahesh takes the sweet boxes and runs. He asks Sameer and Karan to have a thandai competition with him. The family cheers for them. Mahesh, Sameer and Karan come first. Mahesh tells that they will play holi and have all the fun. Preeta tells that all the arrangements are made outside the house. Mahesh gets really happy.

The family also gets peace seeing him happy. Kareena asks Karan to get ready for the holi. Karan tells that he has gone for the practice to show some people that he is serious about cricket. Karan compliments Biji and Shrishti. Shrishti introduces her friend Payal. Payal tells that she is Karan’s fan. Janki asks Karan about the thandai, if it has bhaang mixed in it. Shrishti tells that they will taste it. Sameer smiles on seeing Shrishti. She tells that she will be celebrating the holi with Luthras today. Sameer and Shrishti have a moment.

Elsewhere, Naagre meets Prithvi. He tells that Prithvi first fired him and then hired him, knowing he won’t get anyone like him. Prithvi tells that he has realized it, he is really sorry. He apologizes to Naagre. He tells that he was drunk. Naagre forgives him. He understands Prithvi’s suffering. He tells that he will free Prithvi soon, because he is his friend. Prithvi thanks Naagre for getting convinced. He knows that Naagre will get him out soon, but he doesn’t have much time, Preeta can snatch everything from him. Naagre tells that she is money-minded, she will not leave anything with Prithvi now.

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