Kundali Bhagya 21st April 2022 Written Update Broken Karan

Kundali Bhagya 21st April 2022 Written Update Broken Karan

Kundali Bhagya 21st April 2022 Written Update Broken Karan Inspector arrests Karan. He tells that he has many proofs against Karan. He adds that he has got another proof, Karan has taken much money for match fixing. Karan tells that its not possible. Inspector asks him to cooperate with them and just come along. He handcuffs Karan. He takes Karan in the police van. The Luthras watch the shocking drama of Karan’s arrest on the news channel. They are in tears. Preeta can’t believe the happening. She was praying that he plays really well and gets back the number one status back. She knew that Karan is tensed in his heart because he was making a new start after a long time.

She is aware of his feelings. She wanted Karan to take the first step with confidence and strength. She didn’t know that he will lose the chance to showcase his talents on the field. She worries for Karan whose career got ruined before the start. She cries for Karan. She determines to prove Karan innocent. Karan also wanted his fans to love him and enjoy his game. He regrets that he has lost the chance to play the game. Prithvi and Sherlyn are really happy with the outcome of their plan.

Earlier in the show, Sherlyn is glad to see Natasha’s loyalty. She tells that this time Preeta is ruining herself, Prithvi’s plan will fail Preeta and Karan’s hard work, Karan won’t be able to play. Natasha asks her what is she planning. Sherlyn asks her to go and watch the tv to catch the breaking news. She wants Preeta to turn helpless. She wants her revenge on Preeta. Preeta makes a prayer for Karan’s success. She tells that Karan should get confidence and strength to play the best and become a hero for the world.


Kundali Bhagya 21st April 2022 Written Update Broken Karan:

Preeta prays for Karan. Mahesh asks her to come and watch Karan’s match. He tells that its tossing time. She asks him is he feeling good. He tells that he is totally okay. The family is excited to watch the match. Mahesh tells that they will see the toss. Sherlyn remembers Preeta’s taunts. She doesn’t want to leave the house. She thinks the time will change, she will insult Preeta and teach her manners as well. She waits for the big blast. The family prays for Karan in their own unique ways. Sameer comes back home and joins the family. He calls to find out which team has won the toss.

He tells them that Karan’s team will be batting first. Karan calls Preeta. She asks him to focus on cricket, not on her. She reminds that he has to earn a lot of money. He tells that he knows how to earn money, he knows to play cricket and earn money and he can even earn money without playing cricket. He talks of his business. A player hears him and misunderstands his words. She asks Karan if his focus is on her. Karan is called for the match opening. Preeta wishes him all the best. She wants him to play the best. She encourages him. He tells her that he is missing her a lot.

She is positive that he will play well. The family gets surprised to see something unusual on the tv. Preeta rushes to see. They see the police stopping the match. Sherlyn gets glad that Prithvi’s plan has started. Karan asks what’s happening. Inspector tells that he has come to arrest Karan. The family is shocked to see this on the news. The police inspector tells that he already spoke to the higher authorities. Karan wants to play the match. He asks the reason for his arrest. Inspector asks him to stop acting. Preeta gets panicking seeing Karan’s arrest.

Natasha understands that Sherlyn was talking about this plan. Preeta doesn’t understand anything. Prithvi tells that nobody shall understand this except him. He doesn’t want to face defeat this time. He tells that he will win, he will attack Karan to break down Preeta, Karan is Preeta’s weakness, she will break down and get defeated on her own. He boasts of his smartness. Karan loses his good image and name after the arrest. His fans wants to know the matter. Karan also asks the charges. He refuses to go with the police. The inspector finds the money bag from Karan’s car. Karan gets accused for match fixing. Prithvi rejoices seeing this. Sameer tells that he dropped Karan, that bag wasn’t there in the car before.

Inspector tells that Karan has taken money, he is under arrest for match fixing. Karan tells that he didn’t do anything. He gets taken by the police. Mahesh gets recalling his past after seeing this incident. Preeta madly runs from there to meet Karan. The family cries for Karan. Sherlyn congratulates Prithvi. He gets glad. He tells that he has won. Mahesh and Rakhi worry for their son. Mahesh tells that it’s a wrong news, Karan can’t do wrong, Karan is getting blamed. He finds Sherlyn smiling. He recalls the way Sherlyn had attacked him in the past. He tell the family that Sherlyn is the one who had ruined their family in the past. Natasha and Sherlyn worry that his memory has come back. Mahesh attacks Sherlyn.

The family stops Mahesh. Kareena asks Sameer to take Mahesh to the room. Sherlyn is glad that Luthras didn’t understand the truth Mahesh was telling them, because they are already worried for Karan. Bani breaks down. Kareena asks her to calm down. She asks Sherlyn is she okay. Sherlyn fakes some tears and runs away. Natasha tells that she will handle an upset Sherlyn. Sherlyn tells that she was acting in front of the Luthras, she was having a laugh seeing them cry. Natasha tells that she knew it, so she has come after her. Sherlyn tells that she will miss Natasha a lot. Natasha asks her to let her stay in the house. Sherlyn asks her to get lost. After sending Natasha, she calls Prithvi.

She compliments him for his huge plan. Prithvi tells that Karan will be totally ruined. She asks him how did he keep the money bag in Karan’s car. He tells that it was also his plan. He recalls opening the car lock and keeping the bag inside. He tells that the bag has become the biggest proof against Karan and he got arrested. He asks her to talk later. She wishes him best of luck. He promises to ruin his enemies. He reaches the police station. He finds Karan getting questioned by the media. He tells the Inspector that he has to talk to the media and clean his image. Inspector tells that media will not support him. Karan tells that his entire family would be worried for him. Inspector doesn’t entertain him. Prithvi gets glad that Karan will be treated like a prisoner in the jail.

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  1. hello, i am a big fan of indian TV Show especially kundali bhagya but this last months the show is full of negativity. why when prithvi is in trouble he have an easy issue but when karan or preeta are in trouble they are always blocked. preeta is the one who always suffer in the hand of luthra they always blame her. the writter should make preeta reveal one of sherlyn secret in front of luthra about rishab mistery departure. Preeta must tell to karan everything about what she know about sherlyn and prithvi. luthra always want proof from preeta now she must make them stay in their right place especially kareena who always protect the reel culprit without listening to preeta. Put a good storyline when kareena will lost karan, rakhi and mahesh trust she must feel the same thing preeta felt when they were blaming her

  2. I don’t really like preeta’s behaviour don’t she know that prithvi will do something against them after returning from jail she should have been prepared .She should find the truth and help karan to get out and prithvi in


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