Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th April 2022 Written Update Party twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th April 2022 Written Update Party twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th April 2022 Written Update Party twist Aaliya calls Saaransh and tells him that Dev ran away to Goa, fearing Revati’s anger. She tells Saaransh that Dev texted Revati that he is in Goa. Aaliya says after Dev’s text, her parents, especially Revati’s tension and stress calmed down. She tells Saaransh that even she is at peace knowing that Dev is fine. Aaliya says Dev did many wrong works, but he still is her brother after all. She tells Saaransh that she was scared thinking what if something would have happened to Dev. Aaliya further says that her family is relaxed knowing that Dev is fine.

Saaransh agrees to Aaliya that now there is nothing to worry about. He disconnects the call saying bye and ttyl to Aaliya. Saaransh runs to tell Rudra and Prisha whatever Aaliya told him. Prisha runs to Rudra and tells him that she wants to talk about something important. Thinking that Prisha is again trying to seek his forgiveness for hiding Rajiv’s murder truth, he tells her that he can’t forgive her ever. Prisha tells Rudra that she wanted to talk about something else. She also tells Rudra that she feels that Sharda has got suspicious of them as she was asking for the new freezer’s key.

Prisha tells Rudra that they can’t keep Dev’s body at their home for a long time. She also tells Rudra that they need to do something, otherwise they will land into trouble. Saaransh enters the Rudra-Prisha’s (Rusha’s) room. He tells them that Aaliya called and told him that her family received Dev’s text, informing them that he is in Goa. Saaransh asks his parents, how is this possible. Rudra tells Saaransh that he texted Revati from Dev’s phone. Saaransh asks what about Dev. Seeing Saaransh scared and worried, Rudra asks him to not be worried and just remember that his parents are with him and will handle everything.


He also asks Saaransh to not even by mistake tell anyone what happened at the terrace on the annual day function of his school. Rusha sends Saaransh to have a rest. Rudra tells Prisha that as they told Sharda earlier, he has thought of holding a party at their house. He explains to Prisha that people will get busy in the party and using the opportunity, they will remove Dev’s dead body. Rudra explains to Prisha his plan of disposing of Dev’s dead body in the process of disposing of party trash. He further explains to Prisha that after this they will put Dev’s body in a garbage van and remove it. Prisha agrees to support Rudra’s plan. Rusha decides to execute their plan tomorrow and get rid of Dev’s body.

They hope that everything will get alright by tomorrow. Next morning, Ruhi invites her friends, classmates, Aaliya and Revati to the party held at her home. In the evening, Rudra and Prisha are seen getting ready for the party at their home. Rudra finds Prisha pretty in her party outfit. Prisha asks Rudra if he won’t say anything as she has worn his favorite color, red. Rudra Prisha that everything changed for him after she changed. Prisha tells Rudra that it’s humans only, who make mistakes and they learn a lesson from their mistakes, not get changed. She also tells Rudra that might be his view changed. Prisha says she didn’t change and her favorite color is still white. She thanks Rudra for wearing white.

Rudra changes his white blazer with a gray one, to hurt Prisha. He leaves asking Prisha to focus on saving Saaransh. Prisha thinks she needs to save Saaransh as well as her love. Later, Rudra, Prisha and Saaransh get shocked seeing Aaliya arriving at their party, Ruhi runs and hugs Aaliya. Revati arrives and Rudra, Prisha and Saaransh get worried and scared. Revati recalls how Rakesh convinced her to attend Khuranas Party to respect Aaliya’s feelings as they realized that they ignored Aaliya in Dev’s upbringing. Flashback ends and Revati tells Ruhi that she is looking very pretty. Worried, Rusha wonders how they will take Dev’s body out with Revati’s presence in the party. They also feel worried thinking that Ruhi may blurt out about the terrace incident in front of Revathi.

Prisha asks Rudra to calm down otherwise Revati will get suspicious of them as she has the brains and intelligence of a police commissioner. She explains to Rudra that they will manage Ruhi and take out Dev’s body after the party ends. Rusha calms themselves and attends Revati as their special guest. Making Prisha attend Revati, Rudra goes to check on Dev’s body. He gets scared when a servant comes to get ice from the new freezer. Rudra asks the servant to get ice from the refrigerator, kept downstairs. Servant tells Rudra that the downstairs refrigerator is out of ice and thus Sharda has sent him here. Rudra tries to calm his anger and gives some ice packet to the servant in fear.

He sends the servant back with ice. After this he covers Dev’s body with some ice packets and locks the new freezer carefully. He finds himself stuck with Revati’s presence at his party. Rudra feels angry thinking that Revati ruined his plan and leaves the store room. On the other hand, Revati tells Prisha that Ruhi is a lovely child. She says that she doesn’t know what Dev had against Ruhi. Prisha asks Revati to forget all that as this won’t bring Dev back. Revati gets shocked by Prisha’s words. Realizing her mistake, Prisha changes her words and tells Revati that she still looks worried. Revati smiles and tells Prisha that she isn’t worried/tense anymore as Dev texted her that he is in Goa. Prisha pretends to be happy and asks Revati why she is still overthinking, if she got to know about Dev’s whereabouts.

Revati tells Prisha that she can’t forget Dev’s mistakes and forgive him. Revati says how can Dev be in Goa. Prisha tells Revati that Dev might be scared of facing her after the truth revelation. She asks Revati to relax as Dev will soon return after chilling in Goa. Revati tells Prisha that Dev can’t be in Goa as he hates it. She narrates Dev’s childhood trip to Prisha and tells her that Dev fears beach crabs and always refuses to go on Goa trips. Prisha gets worried seeing Revati’s confusion and suspicion. She thinks that she and Rudra made a mistake by sending Goa text to Revati from Dev’s phone. Prisha decides to make Revati believe that Dev is in Goa only.

Prisha tells Revati that Dev must have gone to Goa to evade her wrath. She says Dev might have got scared thinking that he will get arrested if he stays in Delhi. Prisha also tells Revati that Dev must have friends in Goa, who would have been calling him. She says, except beaches, there are many other places in Goa to chill. Prisha requests God to help her. Revati tells Prisha that she must be right.
In a low voice, Rudra tells Prisha that he checked the new freezer and everything is alright. Prisha takes Rudra aside. She tells Rudra that Revati told her that Dev has always hated Goa. Prisha says Revati is suspicious and they might get caught, if she will dig deeper. Rudra tells Prisha about how he stopped servant Shyam from opening their new freezer.

Prisha says Revati won’t take much time to catch them as she is police commissioner as well as Dev’s mother. She tells Rudra that Revati’s motherly feelings and connection with Dev will reveal the truth to her soon. Rusha realizes that Dev’s dead body kept in their house is very dangerous for them. They decide to get rid of Dev’s body as soon as possible. Downstairs, Revati tells Saaransh that he performed well with Aaliya at the school’s annual day function. She apologizes to Saaransh for Dev’s wrong moves to trouble or hurt him. Saaransh recalls the terrace incident and in fear drops his cold drink a little. Revati gets confused with Saaransh’s worried behavior and asks him if he is fine.

Saaransh tells Revati that he is fine. He says he got to know that Dev is in Goa, through Aaliya. Ruhi hears this and asks Revati to scold Dev more as deserves it. Ruhi tells Revati that Dev was trying to hurt her by beating her. This information from Ruhi confuses Revati and Aaliya, while scares Rudra, Prisha and Saaransh.

In the next episode, a servant will tell Prisha that a garbage truck will come outside at night and that is why he is going to keep all the garbage bags outside. Prisha will ask the servant to let the party finish and then throw all the garbage together. Revati will overhear this. Rudra and Prisha will get worried, on not finding the new freezer’s key inside Rudra’s blazer’s pocket. They also find Revathi vanished from the party hall and fear thinking if Revati reached near their new freezer.

Later, they will get shocked and scared seeing their new freezer unlocked and Dev’s body visible from it. Rusha will think that someone saw Dev’s dead body. Revati will walk towards Khuranas store room, calling Prisha. She will reach the store room and smile seeing Rudra-Prisha. Rudra-Prisha will get shocked and worried seeing Revati in the store room. They will stand closer to each other hiding Dev’s dead body.

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