Anupama Namaste America 30th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 5th May 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 30th April 2022 Written Update Vanraj’s boss tells Vanraj that Anupama is going to America as she got selected in the dance competition. This shocks Vanraj and he disconnects his boss’s call, saying thank you. Everyone looks at Vanraj with questioning eyes. They keep asking silent Vanraj what his boss said. Vanraj thinks there is no point lying as everyone will find out the truth eventually. He tells Anupama that she got selected and is going to America. This makes everyone except Leela and Vanraj happy. Anupama jumps in joy holding Vanraj’s shoulder.

Moti Baa dances. Leela feels angrier. Moti Baa beats thali expressing her happiness for Anupama. Anupama thanks God for already giving her everything and making it more beautiful now. Ritika tells Vanraj that now they will get enough time to think about each other as Anupama will be in the US. Vanraj wonders what he should do as he doesn’t want Anupama to go far away leaving him and also doesn’t want Ritika to grow closer to him. Everyone, except Vanraj and Leela dances in happiness. Ritika hugs and congratulates Anupama. She tells Anupama that she must go to the US.


Looking towards Vanraj, Ritika tells Anupama that it’s destiny as fate takes a person, wherever and whenever it wants to. Vanraj tries to ignore Ritika. Ritika seeks a leave from Shahs asking them to celebrate their family moment. Leela curiously says goodbye to Ritika. Ritika requests Vanraj to drop her to her hotel. This makes Shah uncomfortable. Ritika says she returned to India after a long time and it’s night time too, so she is feeling a little scared. Leela asks Ritika if night doesn’t occur in the US. Hasmukh asks Leela to let Ritika complete her sentence. Ritika says she is feeling a bit scared as she doesn’t remember the directions clearly either.

Moti Baa asks Ritika to reach her hotel by chanting Hanuman Chalisa on the way. Anupama asks Moti Baa to let Vanraj drop Ritika, if she is feeling scared. She lets Vanraj drop Ritika. Leela and Moti Baa wonder why Anupama is naive. Ritika and Vanraj sit on Vanraj’s bike. Anupama runs outside and returns Ritika’s bag, which she forgot inside. As Vanraj and Ritika leave, Anupma walks inside her room. She closes the door and jumps in happiness. Anupama wears Vanraj’s shirt, reflectors, holds a teddy bear and mimics Vanraj. Anupama thinks that Vanraj is even above her.

Anupama thinks of a shayari, expresses her love towards Vanraj and happiness of going to America alone. She takes out her luggage, cleans and opens it. Anupama sees her family frame/picture and hugs it tightly. She remembers her happy moments with her family and puts family pictures in her bag. After this, she takes out her ghungroos and feels it by touching it. Anupama even puts her ghungroos inside her bag. She feels happiness, being in misconception that Vanraj made her believe that even she can achieve something. Anupama thinks Vanraj is helping her in flying high in the sky by supporting her dreams.

Being unaware of her rights, Anupama thinks that she comes after Vanraj in her priority list. On the other hand, Ritika touches, kisses and holds Vanraj in a wrong way. Vanraj keeps asking Ritika to stop her wrong actions. Ritika touches Vanraj’s back and reminds him that he had a mole there. She touches the mole in a seductive way. Vanraj stops the bike in between the street and gets down with Ritika. He holds Ritika’s hand and starts taking her somewhere. At Shah house, Moti Baa, catches Anupama wearing Vanraj’s shirt. Moti Baa asks shy Anupama to keep wearing it as she should feel shy from her mother-in-law not her friend.

Moti Baa asks Anupama to consider her as her friend. She tells Anupama that she eats tamarinds secretly on the terrace with her every day and shares all her feelings too, like a friend does. Moti Baa asks Anupama to share what is in her mind right now, which is troubling her. Anupama hugs Moti Baa and cries asking her how she will live alone without them in America. Moti Baa tells Anupama that she will also live like other people live without their families. She asks Anupama to save her tears and cry when she will leave for the airport. Moti Baa calls Anupama a cry baby. Anupama wipes her tears. Moti Baa advises Anupama to not blindly trust Vanraj and Ritika blindly.

Anupama tells Moti Baa that she would also have had male friends from college if Kanta (Anupama’s mother) would have allowed her to make friends, other than Devika. She asks Moti Baa what if her male friends would have come over to meet her at Shah house after marriage. Moti Baa tells Anupama that in this situation, Leela would have grounded her male friends to a pulp and put them out to dry on the terrace. Anupama laughs and agrees to Moti Baa. She tells Moti Baa that even Draupadi ji was Lord Krishna’s friend. Anupama reminds Moti Baa of a famous dialogue from her favorite film, “A girl and boy can be friends”.

Moti Baa asks Anupama to honestly tell her if she has had any male friends. Anupama replies no. She tells Moti Baa that her mother would have introduced her to her slippers, if she would have even dared to make a male friend. Both Anupama and Moti Baa laugh together. Anupama tells Moti Baa that Devika always used to mention some guy’s name, whom she never saw or met. She tries recalling and tells Moti Baa that it was Anuj, whose name Devika used to always mention. Moti Baa smiles hearing Anuj’s name. Anupama requests Moti Baa to let Vanraj and Ritika meet each other.

She asks Moti Baa to ground Vanraj into a pulp and put him to dry on the terrace, if he even tries deceiving her. Moti Baa tells Anupama that she doesn’t know that her grandmother-in-law is very dangerous. Anupama gives a high five to Moti Baa saying that she knows it. Moti Baa tells Anupama that a person having a gold medal like her, won’t run behind a bronze medal. Anupama feels shy. On the other hand, at a lone place, Vanraj asks Ritika if she can’t understand that he isn’t interested in her. He also asks Ritika why she wants to restart a thing, which already got over.

Ritika grabs Vanraj and tells him that she knows that he has been thinking of her all the time, since the day she texted him. Vanraj tells Ritika that she herself saw that he is already married. Ritika tells Vanraj that she saw his good acting of having a happy married and family life, which he did to make her envious. She also tells Vanraj that Anupama is very sweet and nice but she is not her. Ritika further tells Vanraj that deep down, he knows that he loves her. She tells Vanraj that he and Anupama aren’t happy with each other. Vanraj asks Ritika, who told her that he isn’t happy. Ritika tells Vanraj that he might have not pretended to be happy, if he would have been really happy with Anupama.

Ritika holds Vanraj’s face and requests him to see that they fit together. Vanraj recalls Ritika’s betrayal with him. He tells Ritika that they don’t fit together. Vanraj also tells Ritika that she can’t make every decision alone. He further tells Ritika that it was her decision to go away and the decision of staying away is his. He holds Ritika’s hand to drop her at her hotel. At Shah house, Moti Baa, Hasmukh, Dolly and little Paritosh are seen helping Anupama in packing her stuff for America. Leela asks Moti Baa, why she is giving her wedding saree, good clothes and jewelry to Anupama. Moti Baa explains to Leela that in America, people judge other people by seeing their clothes as well as behavior.

She says that Anupama has to live 7 days wearing good clothes and behavior i. America. Moti Baa says that Anupmaa must make American people realize that she is from India. Dolly asks Anupama to carry a mobile phone with her to America. She tells Anupama that they will get international roaming, activated. Anupama tells Dolly that it would be very expensive. Hasmukh explains to Anupama to only give missed calls to them. He instructs Anupama to give just one ring to make them understand that she is fine and two rings to make them understand that she is in some trouble. Hasmukh says international calls are very expensive.

Leela asks her family why they are packing Anupama’s bags now as she still has two months to leave. Hasmukh tells Leela that there is a lot of stuff to be packed. In a taunting way, Leela asks her family to even hail a taxi in advance for Anupama and make the driver wait. Dolly asks Anupama to take a camera with her. Little Paritosh asks Anupama to pack him too in her bag and take him to America. Everyone laughs at Paritosh’s words. Moti Baa gives her special Shawl to Anupama for America. This makes Leela angry and jealous. Later, Leela meets Vanraj outside the house to talk to him secretly. She tells Vanraj that Anupama shouldn’t go to America.

Leela asks Vanraj to end this long stretched drama. She tells Vanraj that Moti Baa won’t let him stop Anupama forcefully. Leela advises Vanraj to use love to stop Anupama. She explains to Vanraj that once Anupama will start feeling his love towards her, he won’t need any shackles to restrain Anupama. Leela asks Vanraj to give excess love and happiness to Anupama that she starts feeling guilty about leaving him for a week. She also asks Vanraj to make Anupama feel so burdened that she’s unable to fly. Leela tells Vanraj that she is even ready to look and sound negative mother-in-law for saving his marriage.

Using the sun and moon’s example, Leela explains to Vanraj that women look best in the house only. She tells Vanraj that children get forced to eat ready-made breads and elders lie unattended in a house, where a woman steps out of the household and crosses the threshold. Leela tells Vanraj that in a house, where a woman starts working, double income gets assured but happiness goes away. She says everyone knows it’s true but hesitates to admit it. Leela tells Vanraj that he and his marriage will never be the same, once Anupama crosses the threshold. She explains to Vanraj that a successful woman no longer remains a wife, a mother or a daughter-in-law. Leela leaves asking Vanraj to not let Anupama get successful or move ahead. Vanraj gets into deep thinking. He recalls Ritika and Baa’s words. Vanraj also recalls Anupama’s happiness of visiting America. He feels worried, by repeatedly recalling all three things again and again.

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