Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2022 Written Update Prithvi exposed

Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2022 Written Update Prithvi exposed

Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2022 Written Update Prithvi exposed Prithvi has framed Karan. Sameer learns about this shocking thing. He comes home and angrily bashes up Prithvi. Prithvi and Sameer get into a huge fight. Prithvi defends himself and blames Preeta for the bad happening. Preeta answers him and tells him that she has the evidence against him. Kritika tries to stop Sameer from insulting her husband. Preeta angrily slaps Prithvi to limit his evil. The Luthras are confused about Prithvi and Preeta. They don’t know who is the right person. Prithvi tells that the entire family will regret if they trust Preeta. Preeta tells that very soon she will free Karan and bring him back. Shrishti and Sameer support Preeta once again. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Karan asks Preeta not to fool him. He asks her why didn’t she stop him from playing cricket, she should have threatened him on his face, he would have not played the game for the sake of his family, he loves his family a lot. She tells him that he is wrong to doubt her. He accuses her. She tells that she didn’t come back for money, but for the sake of their family, she has come back for saving the family from Prithvi.

She admits the truth, but its too late now, he doesn’t believe her at all. He calls her a riddle. He tells that he can’t believe her. He reminds her words, that she has come back to rule Luthra industries. He asks her why didn’t she save him, if she has come back for family. He decides to not trust her again. He asks her to leave him alone, and not waste her time in the nonsense drama. He tells that he isn’t a criminal, he will get released soon without her help. Preeta gets distressed and leaves, before he yells on her.


Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2022 Written Update Prithvi exposed:

Preeta leaves from the police station, being heartbroken after Karan’s sharp accusations on her. Karan is also disturbed and really thinks that he got ruined by his love Preeta. He weeps a lot. Preeta also breaks down into tears. She wishes that Karan gets freed from the jail, and clear the misunderstanding in their relation. She leaves for home. Luthras sit to dine. They don’t feel like dining together when they see Preeta coming. Kareena, Bani and Kritika leave from there and ask Girish to get the food for them to their rooms. Kareena takes Rakhi with her. Preeta asks Girish to get tea for her. She gets Maddy’s call. Maddy informs her about Sandesh and asks her to come fast.

Preeta runs out of the house to catch Sandesh. Sameer finds her leaving in a rush and follows her to check. Prithvi puts a hooded jacket and gets down the car. He comes there to meet Sandesh. Maddy doesn’t see him. Prithvi gets into an argument with the watchman. He sees Sandesh and goes to him. Watchman recalls seeing Sandesh’s picture in the newspaper. Maddy parks his car and enters the café. Sandesh and Prithvi take the corner seat. Waiter tells that the table is already booked. Sandesh argues with the waiter. Waiter tells that Maddy has booked the table. He asks them to occupy any other table. Maddy gets to see someone with Sandesh. He wonders who is the hoodie guy.

Prithvi asks Sandesh why did he call him to meet, they could have spoken on call. Sandesh tells about the strange things happening, someone is gathering the proofs against them. Maddy keeps an eye on them. Sandesh tells that someone is trying to locate his address. Prithvi asks how can this happen. Preeta reaches the sports club and tells the watchman that she wants to go inside. Watchman tells that he has seen Karan’s fan inside. Preeta realizes that Sandesh is inside. She rushes to the café. Sameer also reaches there, following her. Prithvi asks Sandesh to give his bank details, get money and then leave the city for some days, so that they don’t stay in contact.

He doesn’t want anyone to get a proof against him. Maddy shows Sandesh to Preeta. He tells that the hoodie guy might be the boss, maybe he is the person who framed Karan. He takes some time and goes away. Preeta’s phone rings. Prithvi is shocked to see Preeta there. He runs away to get saved from her. Preeta follows him. She stops Sandesh. She tells that she knows him well and also his actions. She wants to know who is his boss. Sandesh gets panicking. Sameer reaches there and finds Preeta talking to Sandesh. Preeta asks Sandesh to stop lying to her. Sameer wonders what is Preeta talking to that man. Preeta tells that Sandesh might not be Karan’s fan for real, but Karan has a real fan following, his fans are really upset seeing the wrong blame on him.

She asks him to tell her who has planned all this. Sandesh tells that he is a big fan of Karan, he knows Karan’s wife also, even he is heartbroken that Karan cheated the country. She tells that she has his picture, he was giving the money to Karan. He denies to know anything. He goes away. She looks for the hoodie guy. She gets Shrishti’s call and goes to talk to her. Sameer misses Sandesh and follows Preeta. Prithvi is still hiding inside the cafe. Sandesh takes him aside. He calls Prithvi smart that he got hidden in the last moment. Prithvi asks him to shut up. Preeta comes back to the café and finds them talking. She goes to see who is the hoodie man. Prithvi sees her again and flees.

Preeta catches Sandesh and enquires about the hoodie guy. He lies that he was his nephew. She then asks him to give the blank note to his nephew. He tells that his nephew doesn’t know her. She thinks the hoodie guy will be curious to see the paper and he would come there. Sameer thinks who is Preeta meeting. Preeta runs to catch Prithvi, who tries to pick the note. Sandesh asks Prithvi to run faster. Preeta follows them. She catches Prithvi, but just gets his jacket. Sameer asks Preeta what is she doing here. Prithvi runs away. Preeta and Shrishti follow him.

Sameer asks Shrishti who is Preeta following. She tells that Preeta is trying to save Karan. She asks if he will believe her if she tells the truth. He calls it impossible. Karan tells the lawyer that he didn’t do wrong with anyone, he doesn’t suspect anyone. He asks Malkhani about his investigations, if Preeta has come to meet. Sandesh and Prithvi try to escape from Preeta’s sight. Sandesh tells that Preeta is following them. Prithvi tells that Sandesh’s photo is circulated everywhere so Karan’s family is after him. Sandesh tells that he got to know about the police enquiry. Prithvi calls him a fool. He tells that Preeta is trying to reach him. Sandesh praises Preeta’s smartness.

Prithvi tells that Preeta can never catch him. He asks Sandesh to just leave the city. Preeta wants to find out who is the culprit, why is he after Karan. Karan tells Malkhani that he suspects Preeta. Shrishti tells Sameer that Luthras are fools and can’t know the fraud people. He accuses her for cheating his family. Shrishti tells that Preeta took the property from Prithvi to save the family. Prithvi asks Sandesh not to show his face again. Preeta catches Prithvi and is shocked by the discovery. She realizes that Prithvi has framed Karan.

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  1. i hope they won’t make preeta be blaming again. karan should out of jail and trust his wife and help her to save his family

  2. Now it’s a high time for Prithvi & Sherlyn to be in Luthra house. Why always Preeta will be the suspect or to be blame ? Why Karan’s love and faith on Preeta is shallow? Why the evil characters are not exposed. Why Preeta will be blame always? There should be some twist in the story. Where is Rishav ?

  3. If I was preetha I would divorce Karan, this man is so stupid,he can believe prithvi whom he hates n knows is evil but when it comes to trusting he can trust prithvi more than his wife.this is not the first time earlier on he believed sherlyn n mahira n threw preetha out.if preetha has to help the luthras ,than do so but never get back with karan cos he is damm useless person shristi too should never forgive Sameer,another idiot.preetha should expose kareena as a bigoted fool she n her rich ppl class status,chee!!all the rich ppl in the show r evil plotting n planning to grab more power n wealth ,the stupid Kritika deserves prithvi n she can fight with sherlyn for prithvi,that dumb sherlyn still wants a man who married another woman just to get back on someone.the luthras r mad ppl.rishab ran away from the family leaving them in the hands of evil ppl like prithvi n sherlyn.tho the luthras r rich they r empty in the brains.dumb family,preetha should let this family rot in their high class bigoted cesspool.

  4. Big time idiots these luthra’s…i just hate karan’s character in this show…useless man he never trusted his wife, faltu ka dialogue Marta rehta h humesha THE karan luthran all…bullshit..preeta b pagal h aise logo help karne aati hai when they don’t even deserve it…prithvi is funny no one was able to char them it’s been almost 5 years..lolz..it’s high time this show makers should change their scrip now😂😂😂


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