Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Update New trap

Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Update New trap

Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Update New trap Aaliya hugs Rhea and shows her madness for his niece. She cries a lot in front of Kohlis to get their sympathy. She tells them that Prachi wants to kill Rhea, so she has done this, after failing to get Rhea killed by Nick. Rhea asks Pallavi to call the police right away and get Prachi arrested for the crime. Pallavi can’t believe that Prachi can really do this. Ranbir believes Prachi’s innocence. He wants to stop the family from calling the police. Prachi returns home only to witness the major drama. She faces serious allegations of murder attempt on Riya. Prachi denies the allegations.

Police arrives there on Rhea’s complain. Police searches the house and finds a bag in Prachi’s room. Inspector tells that he got all the tools in the bag, by which the railing nuts were removed, the bag was found in Prachi’s room, which means Prachi is the culprit. Rhea asks the family to realize that it was Prachi who conspired to kill her, she had loosened the nut bolts with an aim. Prachi is in shock, as equally as Ranbir. Inspector asks the family to come with him to the police station. Prachi gets arrested. How will Ranbir save Prachi from Rhea’s new trap? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Dr. Madhu asks her not to worry, the baby is totally okay. She asks Prachi to live stress free like before. Prachi doesn’t want to live like before. Dr. Madhu asks her to take rest and be happy. She gives a smiley ball to her. Prachi thanks her and leaves. Aaliya tells Pallavi that she is keeping the useless mattress aside. She places the mattress under the balcony railing. She signs Rhea to jump down. Ranbir and Vikram also come to the living room. Rhea fakes the accidental fall in front of them and shocks them. Rhea falls down and gets hurt. Ranbir and family rush to Rhea and get caring towards her. Aaliya as per the plan, shouts Prachi to accuse her for the accident.

Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Update New trap:

Aaliya shouts out Prachi in rage. She asks Rhea is she okay. Ranbir goes to call the doctor for Rhea. Aaliya asks Rhea if her bones broke. Rhea tells that she feels a pain in the wrist, like it’s a bone fracture, even her back pain is killing. She tells them that she has much body pain. Ranbir tells her that doctor is on his way. Aaliya asks her how did she fall down. Rhea tells that the railing fell down and then she slipped after that. Dida asks how can this happen. Rhea tells that she doesn’t know it. Aaliya summons Prachi. Ranbir asks her what happened that she is calling Prachi.

Aaliya tells that Prachi and Rhea are staying under the same roof, its getting too dangerous for Rhea. Pallavi asks her what does she mean. Aaliya tells them that Prachi wants to kill Rhea. Ranbir knows that Aaliya is emotionally stressed, so she is saying such a strange thing. Rhea asks her is he saying so to defend Prachi. She tells that she can tolerate the pain, but if Ranbir keeps his eyes closed and acts innocent, then she will die without an accident. She asks Aaliya to call the police without wasting any time. Vikram tells that they shouldn’t complicate the matter by calling the police.

Ranbir calls it just an accident, and tells that Prachi didn’t do anything. Aaliya asks them why are they behaving so insensitive towards Rhea, knowing Prachi has really hurt Rhea. She reminds that even Nick told them that Prachi has hired him. She asks them if they still think that Prachi is a helpless innocent figure. She asks the family not to give more chances to Prachi to attack her Rhea. She wants to protect Rhea and keep her safe.

She tells that she will just think of Rhea, she is calling the police. Ranbir stops her from calling the police. She asks him why does he want to save Prachi. He tells that he doesn’t want any new drama in the house. Shahana comes there and learns that Aaliya is blaming Prachi for the attempt to murder on Rhea. She is shocked to know this. Aaliya tells that Prachi knows Rhea’s habit to stand near the railing, Prachi has done this to make Rhea fall down and die. Shahana asks Aaliya does she really think that Prachi has done this, if Prachi is so useless and has no work of her own. She defends Prachi. She tells that Prachi isn’t interested in such dirty games.

She adds that Prachi isn’t after Ranbir as well, if Prachi thinks so about chasing Ranbir, then when will she have time to attack Rhea. She asks Aaliya to think of the blames first. Pallavi agrees with Aaliya. She also thinks that Prachi wants to kill Rhea, Nick has told them the truth. She adds that she has called the police to get Prachi arrested, Prachi had hired Nick to get Rhea killed. Ranbir tells that Prachi is innocent. She asks him why is he overacting now, when Nick told him that the culprit is from the family. Ranbir tells that Prachi can never do such a crime. Vikram asks Ranbir to relax.

He asks the family not to give them any stress. He wants Pallavi to not call the police. Vikram tells them that they shall think of Ranbir’s condition first. Aaliya and Vikram argue. She apologizes to him and threatens that she will complain against the entire family if he stops her. Shahana asks Aaliya to not make stories, and better ask Rhea if she made such plan herself, Prachi regards Rhea her sister and can never hurt her. Rhea tells that Prachi calls her a Sautan, not a sister. Prachi comes home and avoids the hall area to not come in family’s sight. She doesn’t want anyone to know that she is coming from the doctor. She goes to her room. Rhea tells that Prachi is being her enemy, so Aaliya is feeling bad for her.

She cries to get their sympathy. She tells that there is nobody with her. Pallavi tells that she is with Rhea. Ranbir tells them that he is tired of the daily drama, he has no courage and energy to react. He is shocked to see the police. The inspector reaches there and asks the matter. Shahana and Ranbir try to save Prachi and dismiss the police. Rhea tells the police inspector that Prachi has tried to kill her, she has plotted to make her fall down the balcony. Shahana tells him that Prachi is Rhea’s sister, she can never do this. Inspector asks if Rhea is blaming Prachi because of the house fights.

Aaliya tells about the attack Prachi did on Rhea by hiring Nick. Ranbir tells that he can’t believe any criminal. Rhea introduces Ranbir as her husband. Prachi reaches them and asks what’s going on. Shahana asks Prachi to just go and take rest, Rhea wants to blame her for the injury. She doesn’t want Prachi to get stressed. Prachi asks why did the police come. Rhea tells that she has called the police to get Prachi arrested for the murder attempt. Prachi asks Aaliya what happened to Rhea. She is shocked to see the railing broken. She can’t believe the allegation on her.

Aaliya sees the tool box there. Inspector tells that someone has loosened the nut bolts, its not an accident, someone had done this deliberately to harm Rhea. Rhea wonders what’s happening with her. She pretends innocent. Ranbir tells the Inspector that nobody can plan such a thing against Rhea. Inspector shows him the proof. Rhea accuses Prachi for attempting to kill her. Prachi asks Inspector to check her room if he wants. She takes the police to her room. Vikram asks Pallavi how is she letting this happen, Prachi can’t be doubted always just because of Nick. Pallavi asks him to see Prachi’s real face. She tells that she will unmask Prachi. Shahana tells that Prachi is Pallavi’s bahu after all, and can stay with her.

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  1. when this facking shit with rhea n alliya end? same facking arse nonsense .viewers are fed up with conspiracies n crimes.


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