Kundali Bhagya 13th May 2022 Written Update Karan’s hatred

Kundali Bhagya 13th May 2022 Written Update Karan's hatred

Kundali Bhagya 13th May 2022 Written Update Karan’s hatred Preeta stays upset because of Karan. Janki gets the tea for her. Preeta thanks her. Shrishti complains about Biji. Biji tells that Natasha had tried to get close to Karan on Lohri night. Preeta tells that this really happened. Biji tells that Natasha can do anything to take Preeta’s place in Karan’s life, but this time, Natasha has done a good deed to save Karan from the court case. Janki tells that things aren’t like they are seeing. Preeta tells that she isn’t the only one to do things. Shrishti tells that nobody could have planned like Preeta did, they had recorded Sandesh’s confession by difficulty. She realizes that Natasha got the recording where Sandesh agreed to confess everything on own, maybe Natasha had bribed or threatened him.

Preeta feels sick. Shrishti tells that Natasha has stolen the proofs and the blackmailed Sandesh. She suspects Natasha. Preeta tells that Prithvi has done her accident. Later, she goes to Luthra mansion and reprimands Natasha for stealing the evidences and then manipulating it to act great in front of the family. She tells that she had the evidences to save Karan, but Natasha had stolen it to present it in the court. Natasha denies the allegation. Karan hurts Preeta’s sentiments by showing his hatred. He tells her that he has understood that she isn’t with him, but against him. Preeta is shocked by his bitterness.

Earlier in the show, Natasha tells Sherlyn that Preeta has dragged Prithvi to the court because he is really the culprit, he had found out that Preeta had the proofs against him, so he tried to hit her car. She asks Sherlyn to know that she has saved Prithvi, she has removed Prithvi’s name from the scandal and saved Karan too, Karan and Prithvi are safe now because of her. She threatens Sherlyn that she can use the strong evidences against Prithvi. She tells that Prithvi will get jailed if Sherlyn forgets her limits. She asks Sherlyn to keep her bag in her room. Sherlyn gets angered to take her orders.


Kundali Bhagya 13th May 2022 Written Update Karan’s hatred:

Natasha bosses over Sherlyn and really enjoys her time in the Luthra house. She reminds that Sherlyn was making her dance on her fingers till now and today, she is making her dance. She angers Sherlyn. Preeta stops Natasha and questions her about the proofs she got against Sandesh. She asks her how did she steal the evidences and present it as her hard work. Natasha denies it. She tells that she was also investigating the case. Preeta calls her a liar. She knows that Natasha had taken the evidences from her and used it.

She asks Natasha if she thought that Preeta can’t reach the court or died there, if she wanted to take the proof to the court and save Karan, then it would have been good, but Natasha has changed the evidences and saved Prithvi too, it means her intentions are bad and she is playing a big game. She calls out Karan, but he passes by without giving any response. Natasha gets glad. She tells that she genuinely wanted to save Karan. She asks Preeta not to worry, Karan is angry and upset so he isn’t talking to her. she tells that she will explain Karan to talk to his wife.

Preeta tells that she doesn’t want her help. Natasha tells that Preeta and Karan’s relation is over now, still Preeta has arrogance and pride. She asks Preeta to prove that she has stolen the evidences from her. Sherlyn smiles seeing their argument. Natasha stops Karan for a talk. She tells that he should get angry on Preeta. She asks him not to stop talking to Preeta, who is the lady boss. He tells that he won’t become Preeta’s slave. He goes in anger. She tells that she loves his attitude. Sherlyn pities Preeta and taunts that Karan and Natasha insulted her in their ways. She tells that Preeta is the house owner, Karan should have remembered her position. Preeta asks her to always remember her position.

She tells that Sherlyn and Natasha can’t do anything against her family. Sherlyn tells that Natasha saved Karan, its her family too. Preeta realizes that Natasha has different intentions. She is glad that the proofs were used and Karan is back home. Sherlyn calls her a liar to fake her happiness when she isn’t happy. Sherlyn tells Preeta that this time, Karan ignored her, he will never romance her. She calls Natasha the heroine of the story. Preeta tells that she is glad that Karan came home and he can concentrate on his career, she doesn’t want any credit, she truly loves him, she can end his hatred and win his heart in a moment if she wants to. She asks Sherlyn to worry for Prithvi and herself.

She calls them losers and goes. Sherlyn wants Preeta to break down. She tells that Natasha has done an amazing thing today. Preeta reaches Karan and asks him to listen to her once. He tells that everything is clear to him. He angrily scolds her. He tells her that he understood that he isn’t with her, but against her. She tells that she was always with him. He tells that she didn’t get any proof to save her from the court. He is thankful to Natasha for getting the proof on time to save him. She doesn’t want to talk when he isn’t stable-minded. She wants his anger to end. Karan doesn’t want to talk to her. He tends towards the bar to forget his sorrow.

Karan drinks a lot. He thinks of Preeta and his past moments. Preeta reaches him and finds him drinking. He angrily throws the bottle and leaves when he hears her voice. Preeta asks him to stop. Natasha reaches him to support. She makes Preeta jealous. Karan asks Preeta did she come to save him, its not needed, Natasha has saved him. She asks Preeta to go and do her work, he shouldn’t waste her money and time. He taunts that their time has passed. He sits in the car. Natasha asks Preeta not to worry, she will handle Karan. Preeta asks Karan not to drink and drive. Karan leaves. She thinks Natasha has brainwashed Karan. She sees some intruder in the house. She asks the guards to find out.

Someone enters the house secretly. Preeta asks the guards to catch that man. The man throws a stone at Prithvi’s room and also some note. He runs away. Preeta fails to catch him. She thinks what did that man throw in Sherlyn’s room. Prithvi sits drinking in his room to relieve his pain. Sherlyn reaches there in a panicking state. He asks her the reason for the panicking. She hands over the parcel and tells that someone had thrown it in her room, it has his name written so she has got it for him. He is shocked to read R on it and tells that its R for Rishabh. He tells that the don has sent this, they had hired the don for Rishabh. Kareena and Kritika ask Preeta why is she screaming. Preeta tells that someone had entered the house. They don’t believe her. She thinks its no use to tell them anything. She heads to check the thing thrown in Sherlyn’s room.

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  1. Hahaha,both Twist of fate and This is fate are a huge sitcom. Shame man I feel for these actors who has to play these stupid rolls. I guess work is work.

  2. Discussting drama hate this show does not make any sense Bunch of fools working in this show and I think makers stupid to right this story this will never happen in real drama how a man character can be so low that he believes all his criminal girl friends and not his wife please shut this show

  3. It seems as if the writers of kkb and klb have memory issues and they are portraying it on the cast that Ranbir forgot all the attempts Reah made on Prachi’s life in the past that she would not be the prime suspect now for any attempt now or in the future. These show is making no sense to watch any more. The same shandelair dropping scene from Pragya to Prachi from Alliah senseless writing please put an end to the shows it’s time.

  4. And how many times is Karan going not trust his own wife and stand up like the husband and man he is supposed to be well none of the men and women are not destined to have strong relationships this show is one mess.

    I always watched this show because i loves the actors but not the writer of the story

  6. Yeah I truly agree and it happens not only in serials but in real life also that husbands dont believe on their wife its shameless and I agree that this must shut down because its only spreading negative thoughts in mind not positive

  7. very negative storyline and hopeless show! For years nobody can understand who are the real criminals . Its scary to show such tale where so easily a man can b jailed , framed or put in a lunatic cell , chained .given electric shock ! chaining also has been banned for mental paitents in India . Its wrong projection of our society. this show proves for years that Good is weak over evil and evil must empower all good n established a dark shody world ! in utter helplessness , protagonists only sit and cry in front of Idols and criminals continue to gain power and success .
    Few castings were really good but fall useless due to such negative storyline !

  8. How much longer is this ‘cat and mouse’ game going to go on……please Ekta Kapoor stop favoritism on Pritvi….get him and Sherlyn caught for heavens sake…..how much is Preeta going to be made a fool of

  9. Karan character is so low he is always running after his criminal girl friends from last 5 years I do not know girl like Preeta why she is with this kind of character less man


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