Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2022 Written Update Preeta meets Rishabh

Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2022 Written Update Preeta meets Rishabh

Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2022 Written Update Preeta meets Rishabh Preeta makes a plan with Sameer and Shrishti to rescue Rishabh. They begin their mission secretly without telling Karan or anyone in the family. The divorce news of Karan and Preeta shock the family. Preeta denies the news. She tells that she isn’t breaking up with Karan, but she knows that Karan has stopped loving her. She is hurt seeing his growing proximity with Natasha. Preeta works on her main goal, that’s to save Rishabh, knowing she has just 6 days for it. Preeta will be seen saving Rishabh from the jail. Ahead in the show, Preeta will rescue Rishabh and meet him in the jail. Rishabh will be seen content and happy to see her, knowing only she could have made this possible. Meanwhile, Karan announces his engagement with Natasha. Natasha smirks, while Preeta stops Karan. She challenges that she will stop Karan from getting engaged to Natasha. What will Preeta do to save her marriage? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi asks Karan and Natasha what did they do, if they don’t know that Karan is married to Preeta. She asks Natasha to pack her bags and leave. She shows the news of Karan and Preeta getting divorced. She asks if Karan and Natasha were at the police station at night. Karan’s news shocks Preeta. Karan tells that everything is wrong, he met with an accident and went to the police station with Natasha. Rakhi asks Preeta is she taking divorce from Karan. She demands the truth. Karan stays silent and looks at Preeta. Preeta is also speechless. Rakhi asks Karan again. He tells that it’s a lie. Rakhi scolds him for making relations a joke. She criticizes them.

Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2022 Written Update Preeta meets Rishabh:


Rakhi tells that they have made relations a game. Karan asks how is it possible that Natasha becomes her bahu, its written wrong in the newspaper. Rakhi reacts a lot and tells that no one gives her a value of a mother, Karan and Preeta are hiding something from her. She regrets that everyone is busy in their own life, there is no one with her, she is left alone. She tells that its not her sole responsibility to handle the relations, its her bahus’ responsibilities as well. She feels tired of her duties. She tells that Preeta and Sherlyn don’t want to keep their duties, because their husbands aren’t with them. She adds that Karan is against Preeta, while Sherlyn doesn’t have Rishabh with her.

She misses Rishabh. She tells that she doesn’t know where did she go leaving them alone, he was the only one who kept the family business, he took care of the family and business, after he left, Prithvi took over and caused this problem. Rakhi cries missing Sanjana. Kareena receives a call from Sanjana. She tells that Karan and Natasha’s marriage news is on every news channel, and also about Karan’s divorce. Karan finds Preeta crying and goes after her, while Sherlyn takes Natasha with her to get an answer.

Karan asks Preeta not to throw attitude at him. She asks him what does he expect from her. She tells that she doesn’t know about his second marriage, but the world knows it, is he going to give him the divorce. Karan denies it. She asks him if he has gone to the police station. He tells that it wasn’t anything special. She rebukes him for announcing his marriage with Natasha. He asks her why does she care. He calls her jealous. She tells that she isn’t jealous, she doesn’t care. He tells that she doesn’t want to know his story, what happened with him. She asks him to know her story.

She tells that he doesn’t believe her, she had gathered all the proof to prove his innocence, but he didn’t believe her before. She asks him will he believe her if she tells him that Natasha has stolen the evidences from her and presented it to get the credit. She tells the truth and asks him to believe it. He asks her to decide why she wants to fight with him. She asks him to do whatever he likes, she doesn’t want to fight. She tells that she cares about the news, because she is his wife, their relation is of marriage, its of seven birth and it really matters to her. Preeta expresses her emotions. Karan looks at her with love. Preeta cries and walks away.

Sherlyn takes Prithvi to Natasha. He asks her what’s happening. Natasha gives him the breaking news, that Karan and her love story has come in the newspaper, Rakhi has read Karan and Preeta’s divorce news and created a storm in the house. She tells that Karan is going to marry her. Prithvi can’t believe it. Preeta watches them. Natasha tells that she has no idea about the news. Sameer asks what is the news. Preeta asks him not to believe any nonsense, the news isn’t true, Natasha has done this deliberately with a plan. Natasha asks Preeta does she think so about her. Preeta asks Natasha not to fool others. She calls Natasha stupid. She tells that she has no time to waste on stupid people.

Shrishti tells Natasha that she knows Karan and Preeta well, they both fight each other but they have much love between them, Natasha’s plan will bring them more close. Prithvi asks Sherlyn not to panic. Natasha tells that she has got that article published, and now she will not listen to anyone. She asks Sherlyn and Prithvi to just watch her act, and never try to command her. Prithvi asks Natasha to back out from the news, call the news channel and ask them to stop the news flash, else Karan will get mad at her. He advises her to accept her mistake and apologize to Karan, then Karan would fall for her. Natasha doesn’t listen to him and asks him to see where he stands. She goes away.

Sherlyn tells him that Natasha is threatening her these days, its just because of Prithvi, who is a loser. Prithvi asks Sherlyn to listen. Later, Sameer worries for Preeta and asks her if she is okay. She tells that she is okay, she has no time to cry about Karan, her priority is to save Rishabh first. Sameer gives her the new sim. Preeta asks him to start their plan. Shrishti asks what about Natasha. Preeta tells that its about Rishabh’s life first, once she gets him home, she will tackle Natasha and end her game. Natasha tells that she will not try to separate Karan and Preeta, she will write a new story and create a situation that Karan comes to her on his own, without any pressure.

She wants him to marry her by his own wish. Karan tries to find the reporter’s number and find out how such wrong news came in the newspaper. Natasha meets Karan. He tells that the news is fake, he isn’t divorcing Preeta, he can’t marry Natasha. Natasha tells that her mom has called, and doesn’t want their names to get linked, after all everyone knows he loves Preeta so much. She acts that her mom is upset with her. she asks Karan to clarify to the media that its all false, he isn’t getting divorced. He asks her not to worry, he will call a press conference and clear the matter. Natasha thanks and hugs him. She tells that she will visit her mom and tell her that Karan will clarify the rumours.

She fakes some tears in front of him. She plans to do something that proves the fake news true in the middle of the press conference. She wants Karan and Preeta to fight, and make the divorce news turn true. Preeta calls Shrishti and checks the voice modulator. She tells Sameer that the phone is working well. Shrishti asks if Sherlyn gives them the amount they ask, then their plan will fail. Preeta thinks of some back up. Natasha leaves from home. She tries to get lift. She intentionally calls Karan and tells him that someone is following her. Karan asks her to call the police. Natasha gets kidnapped by a hoodie man. Karan hears her scream and grows worried for her. Is this kidnapping a plan of Natasha to trap Karan? Keep reading.

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  1. this update is in promo but the show is not like this. karan and preeta admit that they won’t divorce and preeta didn’t meet rishab yet

  2. natasha should get trap in her own trap. karan should realise the truth and think at his mother and preeta before doing something. don’t let villain win this time let karan realise natasha game


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