Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th May 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th May 2022 Written Update Revati gets angry, understanding that the caterer didn’t do her work and failed her plan. She says that she won’t spare the caterer as he doesn’t know whom he messed up with. Revati calls the caterer and gets shocked seeing the caterer’s phone in Prisha’s hand. Prisha asks Revati why she is calling the caterer, if he did something wrong. Shocked, Revati asks Prisha what the caterer’s phone is doing with her. Prisha tells Revati that she very well knows why she is having the caterer’s phone in her hand.

She asks Revati if she will blurt out her true motives now or if she will still as usual attack her and family from behind their back. Prisha asks Revati to stop acting now as she has got to know her reality. She tells Revati that she knows that she is the one who is hurting and attacking her family by remaining hidden. Revati tells Prisha that her tension of attacking by remaining hidden will finish now. Prisha tells Revati that her words proved what type of a woman she is. She reminds Revati that Khuranas considered and loved her like a family member but instead she betrayed them badly.

Prisha calls Revati a person who hiddenly harms people by pretending to be innocent in front of them (Aasteen Ka ka Saanp). She asks Revati if she brought the snake which bit her. Prisha reminds Revati that the guitar which electrocuted Rudra, GPS saw her with it. She tells Revati that Rudra and she failed her moon prop plan. Prisha asks Revati how she can trap young Saaransh by planting drugs in his room. She also asks Revati if she has any guilt that little Ruhi ate the drug powder to save Saaransh and then fought for her life.


Prisha reminds Revati that she was more concerned about the drug case than little Ruhi’s life. She asks Revati if something would have happened to Ruhi and Saaransh. Prisha addresses Revati as a murderer. She tells Revati that being good-hearted people, she and her family make mistakes in identifying evil people, like her. Prisha tells Revati that all her plans against her and her family failed. She asks Revati if she did all this just because she exposed and got the wrong/evil people punished for their crimes. Prisha tells Revati that she won’t let her harm her family anymore. Revati tells Prisha that she exposed and got the wrong people punished because of which her family suffered the most. Revati tells Prisha that she is just concerned about her own daughter and son. She says she lost her young son and her daughter has locked herself in her room to hide from the world.

Revati tells Prisha that she is getting remarried with her husband but what about her marriage. She says she is left with nothing and lost everything. Revati says all she can is who has done all this and the reason behind this. She tells Prisha that she and her family will have to suffer like her. Prisha tells Revati that she is not a human. Revati asks Prisha how she will prove her wrongdoings/criminal activities. Prisha tells Revati that she is so clever that she didn’t have left any proof behind that can be used against her. Prisha locks Revati in her room. She decides to expose Revati in front of the world after her and Rudra’s remarriage.

Revati inside the locked room laughs thinking that she fooled Prisha. She says she already had a different plan to stop Rudra-Prishas remarriage. Revati says her dangerous plan will destroy Khuranas and Srinivasans. Prisha goes to reveal Revati’s evil plan to Rudra. When she meets Rudra, Rudra and Sharda show her the wedding outfits. Rudra shows Prisha the nuptial chain (mangalsutra) that he will make her wear during their wedding. After taking Sharda’s permission, Rudra starts making Prisha wear the nuptial chain, but it breaks. Worried, Sharda tells Rudra that she told him that it’s a bad omen to make the bride wear the nuptial chain before auspicious time of marriage.

Rudra and Prisha try to calm Sharda by telling her that it’s not a bad omen. Rudra leaves to get the nuptial chain repaired. Worried Sharda prays to God to not let anything bad happen or interruptions arrive in Rusha’s marriage. Prisha thinks that Revati won’t be able to bring interruptions or problems in her and Rudra’s marriage as she locked Revati in the room. She thinks to ask GPS to check on Revati once. Revati on the other hand confirms from someone on call, if her work is going on according to the plan. After getting assurance about her plan working as per wish, she finds a way to escape Khurana Mansion.

GPS comes to check on Revati. Revati hears GPS’s voice and stops her escape for some time. She shows her face to GPS. As GPS leaves the room, she escapes from the bathroom window. At night, Rudra, Ruhi and Saaransh enter the Khurana Mansion with the wedding procession and dance. Sharda performs Rudra’s veneration (pooja). After this she joins the wedding procession and dances with them. Rudra sits on the mandap. Priest (Pandit Ji) asks to call the bride. Rudra also asks to call the bride as he can’t wait anymore. He asks the bride to tell the bride that the groom is waiting for her.

Ruhi and Saaransh say that the bride will have a special special entry like the groom. They go upstairs to bring Prisha. Prisha comes as a bride in front of her kids and father. Ruhi tells Prisha that she is looking very pretty. She calls Prisha the best bride. Saaransh tells Prisha that Rudra will pass out after seeing her. Prisha asks Saaransh who will marry her, if Rudra will pass out. Sharda also comes there and applies Kaala Teeka behind Prisha’s ear. Prisha comes downstairs with everyone under the bridal sheet (chadar). Rudra and Prisha keep staring at each other mesmerized. Rudra gives a flying kiss to Prisha telling her that she is looking stunning.

After this Rudra makes Prisha laugh by whistling. Revati from outside Khurana Mansion says soon Rudra and Prisha’s whole life will get shattered. Prisha feels strange. She wonders why she is feeling like someone is keeping a watch on her. GPS notices tense Prisha. In a low voice GPS tells Prisha that he checked on Revati before coming downstairs. After this Prisha gets an entry like grooms. Ruhi, Saaransh and Sharda dance around Prisha on dhol beats. Ruhi by mistake steps on Prisha’s dupatta while dancing. She apologizes to Prisha. Prisha tells Ruhi that it’s fine. She leaves to change, asking Sharda to ask the priest to start all the rituals.

Revati says this is the optimal time to attack/act. On Rudra’s questioning, Sharda tells Rudra that Prisha went to fix something. On Sharda’s insistence, the Priest starts with the rituals. The priest lights the havan kund and starts chanting mantras. Slowly, havan kund smoke starts troubling everyone and makes the cough. Rudra asks why such a smell or smoke is coming from havan kund. Priest says the “samagri” might not be of good quality. Prisha on the other hand fixes her dupatta upstairs. Downstairs slowly everyone falls unconscious. Prisha comes downstairs and gets worried seeing everyone unconscious.

She tries to wake everyone up and wonders how this happened. While finding out the issue, Prisha herself falls unconscious. In the next episode, Revati will come and say that this was her last move. She will take Ruhi with her, saying that Ruhi will now be with her forever.

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