Bhagya Lakshmi 1st June 2022 Written Update Drama finale

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st June 2022 Written Update Drama finale

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st June 2022 Written Update Drama finale Rishi dances with his family. He gets to see his family rejoicing happily. He tells that he doesn’t remember when did he last see them so happy. Rishi and Lakshmi get into an argument. She tells that she remembers, she saw them happy when he got saved after the snake bite. He thinks she is counting her favors by reminding that snake incident. He tells that even he did many favors on her. She replies that she remembers everything, that day he was happy and even she was also happy. Balwinder tells Bobby that he will not spare Rishi, he will stab him to death. Lakshmi tells Shalu that she will leave everything on fate. Shalu doesn’t want Lakshmi to lose the battle without fighting. She decides to take charge and set things right. She finds Rishi proceeding with the engagement rituals. What will Shalu do to stop Rishi and Malishka’s engagement?

Virender asks Ayush to call the pandit. Neelam thanks the guests for being there, the engagement will happen, Rishi will get his happiness, Malishka. She tells that she will change and come, she wants to look good in her son’s engagement. Balwinder thinks its Rishi and Lakshmi’s engagement. He wants to plan something to stop the engagement. Bobby advises him to steal the engagement rings. Balwinder calls him really smart. He tells that everyone will find the ring, and get busy. He plans to kill Rishi after everyone gets distracted. Virender welcomes the pandit. He tells Rishi that he has called the other pandit on Neelam’s command. He compliments Neelam. Rishi tells that they will start the engagement rituals again. Pandit informs them that the engagement mahurat has passed.


Bhagya Lakshmi 1st June 2022 Written Update Drama finale:

Pandit tells that the other mahurat for the engagement is after twenty minutes. Everyone smiles. Rishi tells Ayush that they have time to celebrate and then proceed with the engagement. He wants to show Lakshmi that he is happy. Rishi and Ayush begin the dance performance and get the family members for the dance. Lakshmi isn’t invited or included in the family. She feels alienated when Rishi avoids her, and dances with Malishka. Rishi stops Lakshmi to make her jealous. He asks her is she finding the family happy, he doesn’t remember when he had seen them so happy.

She tells that the family was really happy when his life fell into danger and he got saved. He tells that she is counting her favors, he also did many favors on her. She tells that she remembers everything, they both were happy before. She runs to her room. Neelam doesn’t allow Shalu to go after Lakshmi. She tells that Lakshmi and Shalu already troubled her a lot. Shalu asks what did they do. Neelam tells that she will give her an answer, she fell downstairs because of Lakshmi. Shalu argues with them. Neelam tells that Lakshmi had pushed her down the stairs, maybe her plan was to hurt someone from the family and stop the engagement. She accuses Lakshmi. Pandit asks them to come for the engagement. Malishka asks him to wait. She goes to call Lakshmi.

Malishka meets Lakshmi and asks her to come and see the engagement. Lakshmi asks why does she want to show the engagement, like she is getting engaged just to prove it to her. Malishka tells that she wants to share her happiness. Lakshmi doesn’t want Malishka to have misunderstanding in mind, Rishi is her husband and the engagement is meaningless. She vents anger on Malishka and goes to witness the engagement. Malishka is surprised that Lakshmi agreed to come. The family makes Malishka sit for the engagement. Malishka finds the engagement ring missing.

Kiran accuses Lakshmi for stealing the ring, because the latter has a motive to stop the engagement ceremony. Malishka rebukes Lakshmi and demands the ring. Lakshmi tells that she didn’t steal the ring. Ayush can’t believe this. Karishma asks Lakshmi to go and get the ring. Lakshmi tells that she didn’t steal the ring. Neelam doesn’t want Lakshmi to steal her son’s happiness. Lakshmi denies the theft. Karishma tells that Lakshmi can do anything for money. Rishi tells that he doesn’t think Lakshmi has stolen it. Malishka tells that she doesn’t trust Lakshmi. She orders Lakshmi to find the ring.

Lakshmi tells that she will find the ring to prove her innocence. She asks Malishka not to blame her for the theft. She answers Malishka boldly. Virender tell that they will also help and find the ring. Balwinder has the engagement rings with him. He thanks Bobby for helping him steal the rings. He tells that their main motive is to hurt Rishi. They see Rishi coming and hide. Balwinder shows the knife and scares Bobby. He tells that he will stab Rishi with the knife. Shalu asks Lakshmi why is she finding the ring. Lakshmi tells that she will find the ring and prove her innocence.

Shalu tells that they don’t need to prove anything to anyone, its better that Lakshmi answers the family, they can’t insult her. Lakshmi tells that the family is her family, she accepts them and also their mistakes, she doesn’t want to fight them, they are thinking wrong. She tells that the family is doing wrong, but the court of justice of the heaven will fix it. Shalu gets an idea and rushes. Rishi goes to his room. Balwinder attacks him with the knife. Rishi fights him. Balwinder beats him. Lakshmi reaches there and finds the fight going on between them. Rishi and Lakshmi together catch Balwinder and get him in control. Balwinder flees from the room’s window. Lakshmi tells that the guy was a thief, he might have stolen the rings.

Rishi tells that they will catch the thief and find out. They see Balwinder and alert Ayush about him. Malishka comes across Balwinder. She identifies him and goes to help him. She shouts for help and misleads Rishi. She slaps Balwinder. Rishi asks Balwinder to open the door. She scolds him for spoiling her engagement. She asks for the rings. Rishi worries for Malishka. Ayush tells that they shall break the door. Malishka gets the rings. Balwinder asks her to save him. Rishi breaks the door open. They find Malishka tied up. Rishi goes to look for the thief. Malishka recalls the reason why she helped Balwinder, she doesn’t want any hindrance in the engagement. Balwinder finds Malishka a cunning woman. He hides there.

Lakshmi helps Malishka. Balwinder runs away. Malishka tells that the thief had stolen the rings, Lakshmi didn’t steal the rings. Rishi hugs her and pacifies. He stops Lakshmi holding her hand and thanks her for saving Malishka. Malishka also hugs Lakshmi and thanks her. She apologizes that she blamed Lakshmi for the theft. Rishi is glad to see Malishka’s positivity. He asks Lakshmi to become like Malishka. He taunts Lakshmi that she is filled with ego and attitude. Ayush asks Lakshmi is she serious, can’t she say its okay to Malishka.

Lakshmi tells that it won’t matter, there isn’t any value, she always needs to prove herself. Rishi tells that they will trust her if she says its okay. She asks will he believe her, he didn’t believe her when everyone blamed her for the theft. She doesn’t think it makes any difference. She walks out. Malishka asks Rishi not to spoil their special day, Lakshmi was never happy with their engagement. Ayush asks Malishka and Rishi to come for the engagement. Rishi asks Ayush not to tell anyone about the thief. Lakshmi wants to tell Virender that Malishka isn’t right for Rishi, she should be away from him. She feels scared for Rishi and the family. Lakshmi goes to talk to Neelam and Virender.

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