Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2022 Written Update Ranbir declares

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2022 Written Update Ranbir declares

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2022 Written Update Ranbir declares Ranbir throws a party to celebrate Prachi and his anniversary, by making an excuse of the business party. He receives the divorce papers from the lawyer. He goes to talk to Rhea. He tells her that he wants to talk something. She expects him to propose her, as Aaliya thought. Ranbir tells Rhea that since Prachi came in his life and he fell in love with her, he wants to do everything good, he wants to work hard and make Prachi happy and proud. She asks him why does he want to talk about Prachi, she thought he wants to talk about her/Rhea. He tells that he wanted to talk about her, about them as well. She asks him to say. He tells that he wants to show her something first. She asks what is it. He hands over the divorce papers to her and tells her that he wants a divorce from her. Rhea is left shocked. Ranbir breaks her heart. Will Rhea agree for the divorce when she was expecting his love proposal? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir meets Ramnik and asks him to get seated. He asks Stanley to note down the address and do his work. He then selects a diamond ring for Prachi. He buys the ring from Ramnik and makes the payment. He asks Stanley to talk to him tomorrow. He tells that its his wedding anniversary today, he is going to take divorce from Rhea, and then he will spend his life with his real wife. Prachi vents anger by cutting the onions. Shahana knows that Prachi is upset with Ranbir, he forgot the anniversary, because he is busy with the business. Prachi tells that he must remember such important days. Shahana asks her not to lose the mental peace. Prachi tells that Ranbir had promised her, but he just remembers Rhea and business now. Rhea smiles hearing her.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2022 Written Update Ranbir declares:


Ranbir visits his old house, where he used to stay with Prachi. He gets emotional recalling their best moments in the house. He sees the kitchen and remembers their memories. He meets the house owner. The lady tells that she is glad to see Ranbir again, he stayed there with Prachi for a long time. Ranbir tells that he has many memories with Prachi, he wants to buy the house. He invites her for the anniversary party. He tells that he wants to gift the house to his wife. Stanley tells that he is paying much money for the house.

Ranbir tells that the house was Prachi and his home, they have special memories, the house was lucky for them, its close to his heart. Stanley asks why didn’t he buy the house before, when he belongs to a rich family. Ranbir tells that he wanted to buy the house by his earned money. He goes to make a call. He wants to arrange a nice saree for Prachi. He asks the designer to get the saree delivered to Prachi. He wants to surprise Prachi. Stanley tells that if Ranbir didn’t wish Prachi till now, then she would be so angry. Ranbir tells that his surprise will change her anger into love. The lady accepts his party invite. Ranbir thanks her and makes a leave.

Rhea dances happily. She tells that she had a misunderstanding, she didn’t react on it. Aaliya asks her to say it clearly. Rhea tells that she saw Ranbir feeding the food to Prachi, she thought he loves her, but he was just feeding her with concern. Aaliya asks what is she thinking now. Rhea tells that if Ranbir loved Prachi then he would have thrown an anniversary party, he is organizing a business party, it means he doesn’t love Prachi. She is happy that Prachi is upset with him, that he didn’t wish her till now. She also feels that Ranbir is going to propose her, he loves her, but he isn’t able to say. Prachi gets a surprise gift delivered. She learns that Ranbir has sent it. She takes the parcel and goes to her room.

Aaliya asks why does Prachi look so angry. Rhea tells that Prachi is really angry, he doesn’t love her, he should officially divorce Prachi. Aaliya tells that their relation should end if there is no love left. Ranbir learns that the saree is delivered to Prachi. He wishes that Prachi loves the gift. Prachi throws the gift. She doesn’t know why he has sent her the saree. Ranbir calls her and asks her did she see the saree, if she didn’t like it then they can get it changed. She asks him why did he send it. He asks her to not forget about the business party, its important. Prachi disconnects. He tells that Prachi’s anger is her love, she doesn’t hate him, this anniversary matters a lot to her. Prachi doesn’t want the anniversary to matter to her.

Vikram feels proud of Ranbir when the guests praise the latter. He meets Mr. Khanna and asks the reason that he accepted Ranbir’s business proposal, when he refused to his proposal before. Mr. Khanna tells that he loves Ranbir, his thinking about love and marriage is unique and the best, Ranbir has really impressed him. Shahana looks on. She tells that Ranbir believes in love, but didn’t wish Prachi. Dida tells that Ranbir remembers it, he is just teasing Prachi. Prachi hears them. Dida tells that Ranbir said he will take Prachi to their old house. She asks Shahana why is she reacting like she forgot their anniversary. Pallavi is so proud of Ranbir that everyone is talking about him. She hugs him.

She asks him to get ready and come. She introduces herself as Ranbir’s wife. Mr. Khanna tells that Ranbir loves her a lot, he talks a lot about his wife. He asks does Ranbir make romantic poetry for her. She tells that they are a normal couple. He tells that he saw a new Ranbir a day before. She gets glad. Mr. Khanna tells Vikram that Ranbir insisted to keep the merger party tonight. Dida takes Ranbir with her. She asks him not to make her lie. She tells that she lied and saved his surprise. She feels bad to lie. He tells that the business party will change into anniversary party. Dida blesses him.

Shahana wants to cheer up Prachi. Prachi tells that her mood will get better with time. She knows that she overreacted before, Ranbir doesn’t respect marriage and won’t remember their anniversary. Ranbir looks at Prachi. He finds her wearing his gifted saree and looking stunning. He appears mesmerized by her look. Prachi finds him staring and goes away. Ranbir follows Prachi. Aaliya tells that she is amazed to see everyone praising Ranbir, he is the hero of the business world. Pallavi feels proud. Aaliya and Pallavi compliment Rhea for having the love glow on her face.

Rhea tells them that she met Mr. Khanna, who gave her the credit for Ranbir’s success, Ranbir talks the best on the love and marriage topics, he told her that Ranbir loves her a lot. She tells that she was mistaken that Ranbir was talking about Prachi, Ranbir told this to Mr. Khanna yesterday, after their close hug at the hospital. Pallavi tells that she is so happy for Rhea. Ranbir asks Prachi not to ignore him. She tells that he has become a hurdle in her path. He steps aside. He asks her to praise him. She compliments him. He tells that he will look dashing when he changes and come. He compliments her. She asks him not to say it. He tells that he values her and wants to compliment her from his heart. She taunts that he is a big liar. He takes her taunt with a smile.

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