Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Update Prachi appeals

Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Update Prachi appeals

Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Update Prachi appeals Prachi tells Rhea that Ranbir is the father of her child, its not good to spoil all the relations. She asks Rhea to back off, at least after knowing the pregnancy news. Rhea gets disturbed knowing a new member has come between Ranbir and her. She requests Rhea not to dream of marrying Ranbir, who is soon going to become a father. She tells that if Rhea does so, then the relations will get complicated and spoil, nobody would be happy. Rhea angrily answers that not everyone needs to be happy, just she has to stay happy and she will stay happy. She tell that its her time to stay happy. Rhea warns Prachi against playing the emotional sister’s card. She tell that they aren’t sisters, Prachi isn’t her sister, but her Sautan.

Later, Prachi confronts Ranbir and asks him if he is hiding a ring in his pocket. He tells that there is nothing. Prachi suspects him that he has made up his mind to propose Rhea. She misunderstands him. He lies to her to hide his plans of proposing her. He doesn’t want his surprise to get spoiled. How will the things turn due to the misunderstanding cropping between Ranbir and Prachi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rhea shares the big news, that Ranbir is going to propose her. Prachi receives a shock. Rhea apologizes for shocking her. She tells that Ranbir is going to propose her tonight at 12, because it’s the same day when Ranbir left her in the mandap. She shares her happiness and dances. Prachi looks at her with anger. Rhea shows the calendar. She tells that Prachi will be out of the room, and she/Rhea will shift her with her husband. She asks Prachi to congratulate her. Prachi tells that she didn’t wish to say this, but Rhea left no choice. She asks Rhea to spare Ranbir. Rhea asks her not to cry here and go out of the house. She wants Ranbir to oust Prachi. Prachi shouts I m pregnant, and shocks Rhea.


Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Update Prachi appeals:

Ranbir talks to Stanley. He tells that nobody will take the papers to his room. Stanley tells that he has really seen the papers in his room. Ranbir asks him to help him in finding the papers. He looks for the papers. Pallavi asks Ranbir what is he looking for. Ranbir asks for his important envelope. She tells that maybe some guests have picked it. She remembers that she picked the envelope. She tells that she has given that envelope to Rhea and asked her to keep it safe in the cupboard. She asks Stanley why is he getting familiar. Stanley tells that it’s a lovely family.

Rhea calls Prachi lying. Prachi tells that it’s a lie, she has to say the truth now, its not right that Rhea dreams of marry Ranbir, who is going to become a dad. Rhea tells that its her turn to get happy. She knew it that Prachi is pregnant. She tells that Prachi has smartly covered up her pregnancy and said Shahana is pregnant. She blames Prachi for the cover up. Prachi tells that she didn’t wish to tell this to anyone, she came back knowing about her pregnancy, she wanted to tell it to Ranbir, but she saw Ranbir in the mandap with Rhea, her faith got shattered. She tells that the baby can never call Ranbir his dad. Rhea asks why didn’t she tell it to Ranbir.

Prachi tells that the relation was a lie, she wanted to snatch Ranbir’s dream and hurt him, she was thinking she is punishing him, but it was a punishment for her own self, whenever she kept Ranbir away, she used to feel hurt and jealous seeing him with Rhea. She admits that she has fallen weak. She asks Rhea to not do anything. Rhea asks her not to play sister’s card, because she is her Sautan. She rebukes Prachi. She asks Prachi not to come between Ranbir and her. She cries that she was getting Ranbir after three years. She asks Prachi if she will trap Ranbir by telling about the baby.

Prachi asks Rhea what should she do in this scenario, when they both know how it feels when the child has only one parent. She tells that she doesn’t want the same thing to happen with her baby, her baby shouldn’t just get his mum, but also his dad. She knows that Rhea is her sister, she will never ruin the baby’s future. She begs to Rhea. Rhea wishes that she didn’t save Prachi before. She angrily pushes Prachi. Prachi comes to senses after the long imagination scene. Rhea asks her to congratulate her.

She tells that she has won. Prachi remembers Rhea’s anger and hatred. She thinks Rhea may harm her baby if she reveals her pregnancy. She leaves from the room. Rhea wants Prachi to leave. She wishes that Ranbir becomes hers tonight. Prachi recalls Rhea’s words. Rhea follows her to irritate her further. She asks Prachi to hear out the entire truth. She tells that Ranbir is a nice guy, he has decided to oust Prachi and send her to the rented flat, where they used to live before, he is buying that flat for her. She humiliates Prachi on her status. She tells that Ranbir is giving her a house to end her excuses to gain their pity. She doesn’t want to stop Ranbir from doing this. She calls Prachi lucky.

Prachi asks her to stop commenting on that house. She congratulates Rhea for the impending proposal. She tells that she is glad to know about the house. Ranbir finds Prachi angry. He tells that he left to talk to Sudha. Prachi questions him and asks if he is buying Sudha’s house. Ranbir tells that he didn’t wish to tell her this way, he wanted to buy the house, he really needed it. She calls him selfish and shameless. He asks her what is she saying. He takes her to the room and asks her why does she assume things. She doesn’t want to answer him. Ranbir gets a smile on seeing her mood swings.

She asks him why is he smiling if she didn’t crack a joke. He tells that he is scared that his daughter will have similar attitude like her. He tells that he really wanted their baby. She cries hearing him. He tells that their life is difficult, but crying doesn’t help the situation get easy. She tells that he doesn’t know what she did. He doesn’t want to tell her that he knows it. He asks her to cry on his shoulder. She asks him to stop it. She pats him and finds something in his pocket. Ranbir tries to avoid the talk. She asks him what’s in his pocket. He tells that there is nothing. She asks if it’s a ring. He tells that it doesn’t matter to her. She asks if he bought their rented house.

He asks her if Sudha told her, why is she angry. She asks if he bought it for her. He thinks he bought it for them. She wanted to live there with Ranbir and her child. He tells that he bought the house for Rhea, its lucky for him. Rhea overhears their conversation. Ranbir lies to Prachi to make her jealous. Rhea thinks he is madly in love with him, that he wants to name everything to her. Prachi tells that the house was her dream, she wanted to live there with her family but he won’t understand. She walks away. Ranbir doesn’t want to tell her before 12. He enjoys teasing her. Rhea goes to check the envelope. Vikram stops Ranbir for drinks. Ranbir hugs him. He asks Vikram what’s the sorrow, why is he so upset.

Vikram feels he isn’t a good husband. Ranbir cheers him up. They have a sweet talk. Ranbir tells that Prachi gets jealous and angry also. Vikram tells that it’s a sign of good wives. Ranbir asks what’s the sign of a good husband. Vikram answers that men become fools after marriage, if a woman gets angry on a man’s foolishness, then they are husband and wife. Ranbir tells that he has a truth to share. Rhea thinks the envelope will be having the divorce papers. Aaliya asks Rhea about the legal papers, whose divorce papers is it. Rhea tells that everything is happening in her favor, Ranbir has bought that rented flat for her, it means he wants to give her a chance that she removes Prachi and Ranbir’s memories from that flat, that she fills new memories of Ranbir and her. She gets high hopes.

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