Kundali Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Update Wedding nod

Kundali Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Update Wedding nod

Kundali Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Update Wedding nod Karan is seen as Arjun after a plastic surgery. Kundali Bhagya’s Karan is back with a new face and new identity of Arjun. Karan has the same aggressive behavior. The story goes ahead with the five year leap. Preeta has a five year old daughter. Rishabh and Preeta bond well, and become a happy family with their daughter. Karan brings a storm in their lives. He has returned to seek revenge on them, being mistaken about their affair. He suspects that they both tried to kill him and get rid of him just to unite. Karan tells that he will not spare Preeta, who is responsible for his sorrow. He has the past visuals on his mind. He is disheartened by Preeta’s disloyalty. Arjun will give a tough competition to Rishabh in the hotel industry. How will things turn out? How excited are you to see Karan as Arjun? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi pleads to get Preeta’s consent for the marriage. Preeta asks Rakhi not to plead with her. She justifies that nobody can take Karan’s place in her life. Biji tells that Rishabh and Preeta’s relation will bring happiness in the family. Preeta asks them not to force her. Rakhi tells that both her sons love her, and she also loves them, they can live without Mahesh, but not without their mother, they don’t tell her the problems, they need a father when they are in trouble, children get strength and courage from their father. She asks Preeta to think of the child, who would ask for a father’s love. She asks if the child doesn’t deserve a father’s love if Karan isn’t alive. Preeta gets emotionally blackmailed by Rakhi. Rakhi tells that Rishabh can become the best father for Karan and Preeta’s child. She asks Preeta to just say yes. Preeta gives up and agrees. Rakhi thanks Matarani.

Kundali Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Update Wedding nod:


Kareena emotionally asks Rishabh to answer her, what’s the baby’s fault in this situation, the baby would want a dad’s love, doesn’t the baby get his dad’s love. Rishabh answers her that he will give the baby much love, the entire family will love the baby and fill up Karan’s space. Mahesh asks Rishabh to remember his Tau ji, who loved him a lot. He asks if Rishabh loved his Tau ji more than him, a father is a father, nobody can take a father’s place. He regards Preeta his daughter. he tells that he may not be with Preeta all her life, he wants to see her secured before he dies, he knows that Rishabh is the best person to give a secure life to Preeta. He asks Rishabh to take this responsibility and relieve him.

He promises to keep the marriage simple. He asks Rishabh to take Karan’s responsibility and marry Preeta for the baby’s sake. Biji asks Preeta to think about her baby who needs a father. She asks Preeta to say yes for the baby’s goo future. Kareena and Bani ask Rishabh to say yes. Rakhi asks Preeta to fulfil a bahu and mother’s duty, which Karan left midway. The entire family pressurize Rishabh and Preeta by reminding their duties. Rishabh agrees to them. The family hugs him. Rakhi and Biji ask Preeta to keep up Karan’s responsibility towards the baby. Preeta nods to them.

She recalls Karan’s last words and misses him a lot. She wants Karan to always be with her. Shrishti and Sameer feel sad for Preeta and Rishabh. Shrishti feels wrong has happened with Preeta once again, Preeta and Karan loved each other a lot and still got separated. Karan’s memories keep flashing on Preeta’s mind. Shrishti asks Preeta not to shed tears for Karan, he won’t like to see her sunken in sorrow. She reminds Karan’s words, that he can’t see her crying.

Preeta asks Shrishti to let her cry, Karan has left her alone. She talks to Karan’s picture. She asks why did he go leaving her alone, when he promised to always be with her. Shrishti consoles Preeta. Preeta asks Karan to never get upset and keep smiling, she will not cry if it hurts him. On the other side, Sherlyn is seen bargaining for vegetables like a middle-class woman. She tells the seller that she never bought the vegetables, she was a rich bahu before, she got divorced. The man asks her not to tell her story to others and make fun of herself. Sherlyn finds Girish. She thinks to make Girish tell the ladies that she was a Luthra bahu before. She hears Girish telling his mom on call about Rishabh and Preeta’s marriage.

Preeta hugs Karan’s tshirt and recalls him. Rakhi cries seeing Preeta sorrowful. She brings a saree for Preeta. Its difficult for Rakhi as well to pull Preeta out of sorrow. She tells Preeta that the time will heal all the wounds. Preeta tells that this wound will never heal, it will be painful forever, but she will try to lock the pain. She promises to not sink in pain for the sake of her baby, Karan and the family. Rakhi hugs Preeta. They cry together. Rakhi tells her about the marriage rituals held at night. She asks Preeta to get ready. She tells that they didn’t invite any outsiders. She thanks Preeta for agreeing to them and saving the family respect.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn tries to wake up Prithvi. She splashes water on his face. He wakes up and yells at her. She asks him why did he go to Luthra house and ruin their lives. She tells that she asked him not to go, but he had gone to tell the family that Preeta is carrying his child, the family found a solution, they are getting Rishabh and Preeta married now. He doesn’t believe it. He tells that Rishabh can never marry Karan’s widow. She rebukes him and asks him to believe her, she has a proof, she had seen Girish in the market and heard him telling about Rishabh and Preeta’s marriage happening tonight.

He tells that its unbelievable. He tells that her entry in the Luthra house is permanently blocked now. She tells that she would have not stayed in the poor house with him, if he took the right move. He asks why are the Luthras getting Preeta married to Rishabh, when he himself claimed Preeta’s baby. She tells that he isn’t a true man that anyone would believe him. He asks her to share some plan to stop the marriage. She tells that she has no plan, nothing will work now, nothing can stop the marriage. He asks her to head to Luthra house and verify the news. She tells that she will not go along. She asks him to come along. He warns her to not throw water on his face again.

Prithvi and Sherlyn reach the Luthra house and find the pandit talking to Rakhi. She tells that Rishabh and Preeta are getting married. He tells that it might be just a havan puja. She asks him to believe her sometime. They hear the talking about Rishabh and Preeta’s marriage. He still can’t believe it. She calls him a loser. He tells that he has lost. He angrily leaves, while Sherlyn stands waiting to see the groom and the bride, Rishabh and Preeta’s entry in the mandap. Rishabh and Preeta are seen crying and missing Karan.

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  1. if karan really want to take revenge he doesn’t need to do surgerie he should come back with the same face so that if are really the culprit they will be affraid to see him. but if he has a new face and kidnap his own daugther he will be considered like a culprit and preeta and also luthra family will not forgive him for doubting them like that. i think this man is the one who save karan and have a same character like him. karan is not well and he provide him information about his family so that he will destroy his own broher due to a misunderstanding. all this thank to the writer. karan never value preeta love for him, he considered himself more important than everyone, he never ask for appologise he is an egoistic man he always want attention. we want him to come back, realized all the pain he cause to his wife and daugther and family ask for forgiveness. but we want preeta to have and attitude and leave luthra house with her daugther. we want karan to run after preeta the same preeta has to run to him.

  2. Yes Karen is always saved and Preeta get blamed for everything Karen do not deserve Preeta because he trusted all the criminals in the show and didn’t trust his wife and his brother who he claimed that he love the most it’s total lie if you love someone then should have the faith and trust it’s very important when Preeta went to save Rishab she said if she didn’t go then Rishab would have been hanged to death and Karen didn’t believe his wife and believe to Natasha fake video and pictures and he believed to criminal Sherlin so he should be back and should be blamed for all the wrong things he did and Preeta should leave him in this track they made Preeta bechari again

  3. We want the one and only the karan luthra that is dheeraj dhoopar not want another karan luthra and rishab preeta marriage we do not excepted rishab take responsibilities forpreeta and her child but not take karan place

  4. Every one know that is ekta kapoor’s serial…In serial she has shown that type of faltu ideas and wrong culture things… In he serial there is no sense….till date i don’t understand how people like her serial stories.. all are big nonsense……Sorry to say but really its big sheet for our culture….at every serial 1 person have 2 wife, some time hero got kidnap or death, some time heroin of the serial, mostly villain were success. Unfortunately all the stories are same with trai angle, i do not know why…?


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