Kundali Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update Preeta meets Karan

Kundali Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update Preeta meets Karan

Kundali Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update Preeta meets Karan Preeta and Rishabh miss Karan and recall their precious moments with Karan. Rishabh remembers his promise to Preeta. They shed tears and hug Karan’s picture. Preeta tells Karan that the story which he left incomplete will complete, she will meet him some day, it won’t be a nice day for him, she will fight a lot and trouble him. Rishabh goes to see her and finds her in tears. Preeta tells that Karan left her and baby alone, when they met because of their fate. She asks Karan why did he leave her alone midway.

Rishabh feels sorrowful for Preeta. Prithvi and Sherlyn fail to stop Rishabh and Preeta’s marriage, and their entry in the Luthra house gets shut forever. Rishabh and Preeta are seen living as a happy couple after the leap, with no negative people around them. Trouble knocks for them when Karan returns in their lives with vengeance. Preeta’s wish of completing their love story and meeting Karan turns true, when she comes face to face with Karan in Arjun’s avatar. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prithvi is in disbelief over the news brought by Sherlyn. He asks her to share some plan to stop the marriage. She tells that she has no plan, nothing will work now, nothing can stop the marriage. He asks her to head to Luthra house and verify the news. She tells that she will not go along. She asks him to come along. He warns her to not throw water on his face again.


Prithvi and Sherlyn reach the Luthra house and find the pandit talking to Rakhi. She tells that Rishabh and Preeta are getting married. He tells that it might be just a havan puja. She asks him to believe her sometime. They hear the talking about Rishabh and Preeta’s marriage. He still can’t believe it. She calls him a loser. He tells that he has lost. He angrily leaves, while Sherlyn stands waiting to see the groom and the bride, Rishabh and Preeta’s entry in the mandap. Rishabh and Preeta are seen crying and missing Karan.

Kundali Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update Preeta meets Karan:

Rishabh knocks the door. He tells Preeta that he wanted to talk to her before their marriage. He takes her permission and enters the room. He tells Preeta that Karan means a lot to him as well, she loved him and he loved her a lot, she has a right to complain. He adds that he has come to just become her support, but a life partner like Karan was for her. He tells that nobody can snatch her love, he is marrying for the sake of Karan and his last sign, so that nobody raises a finger at her character. He promises to always be her friend, Karan will always be between them. Preeta cries. Rishabh caringly gives her a kerchief to wipe tears. He makes a leave while she hugs Karan’s picture. Prithvi remembers the insult Preeta has done before ousting him from the Luthra house. He shouts to call Sherlyn.

He asks her to think of moving ahead in life, if she doesn’t want to become Rishabh’s wife. She tells that she wants to become Rishabh’s wife, but she was forced by Rishabh to sign the divorce papers, she had signed the papers after he threatened her. She remembers when Rishabh came home and asked her for divorce. Rishabh threatened that he will file a case against her that she had framed him in the fake drug scam. Sherlyn had to sign the papers to save herself from the jail. She tells Prithvi that she didn’t wish to sign the papers, she had gone to Luthra house to fill Karan’s ears against Rishabh and Preeta, but Karan died and the fate changed for Rishabh. She is ready to marry Rishabh just to get Luthra property for Prithvi and her. Prithvi tells that he has a plan to snatch everything from Luthras and break them down. She asks his plan.

On the other side, Mahesh meets Rishabh and justifies his decision. He is grateful that Rishabh agreed to marry Preeta. He asks Rishabh if he is upset. He knows that Rishabh is marrying being helpless because of the family pressure. He adds that he can’t leave Preeta helpless, he can’t tolerate seeing a mean guy like Prithvi blaming Preeta and troubling her, the baby isn’t at fault, the baby deserves love from a good father. He further tells that he can’t see any stain on Preeta’s character. Rishabh asks him not to burden himself. He understands his responsibilities towards the family, Preeta and Karan’s baby. He promises to protect Preeta forever. He agrees to marry her. Mahesh hugs him and thanks him.

Rishabh goes to the mandap, while Prithvi is seen inside the Luthra house, roaming free with confidence. He tells that it’s a plan change this time, Karan tricked him and swapped him in the mandap to marry Preeta, but now the bride will get swapped. Sherlyn takes the bridal disguise to sit in the mandap and marry Rishabh. Rakhi goes to get Preeta. Shrishti tells that Preeta might not be able to complete the rituals, she might leave the mandap. Sameer tells her that Preeta has agreed to marry, she will keep her word. She replies that Preeta was forced to give her consent. Rakhi and Biji meet Preeta.

Rakhi asks Preeta to get ready if she isn’t ready. She wants Preeta to have faith on her, that she/Rakhi is doing right for her daughter. Rakhi is sure that Preeta’s future will be bright with Rishabh. Prithvi and Sherlyn hide outside the door, and watch Rakhi putting the Chunri over Preeta’s face. Sherlyn makes Rakhi stumble by pulling the carpet. Biji holds Rakhi. Prithvi kidnaps Preeta, and Sherlyn takes Preeta’s place in a flash of a second. Rakhi takes Sherlyn to the mandap. Sherlyn is surprised that Rishabh is unhappy, even when he is marrying Preeta, who he liked so much.

She thinks she will marry Rishabh and become Luthras’ elder bahu, while Prithvi will secretly marry Preeta. Prithvi takes Preeta to the storeroom, where he has arranged a pandit to get them married. Pandit finds the bride kidnapped and refuses to get them married. He wants to leave. Prithvi threatens the pandit and asks him to start chanting the marriage mantra. He also threatens Preeta that he will kill her baby by stabbing her if she dares to move. Prithvi wants to marry her and fulfill his forever wish. Rishabh forwards hand to hold Preeta’s hand. Shrishti doesn’t think Preeta will give her hand.

Sherlyn gives her hand in Rishabh’s hand. Shrishti is surprised. She rushes upstairs. Sameer goes after her to know the matter. She tells that she doubts the bride. She looks for Preeta. Sameer tells her that Preeta is sitting in the mandap. Shrishti tells that the woman sitting in the mandap isn’t Preeta. They hear some sound of Preeta’s screams. Prithvi asks Preeta to stay silent and cooperate, they will get married soon. Shrishti tells that her doubt is confirmed now, Preeta isn’t in the mandap, she is in trouble. Shrishti and Sameer are shocked to see Prithvi marrying Preeta by kidnapping her.

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  1. Stop written this. This Arjun can’t be karan they don’t have same size. And from the start of the show Sammy tell shristy that he can choose her because the boy for the pub was short than her. Now Arjun is same size as shristy, Sammy and rishab. What nonsense they also did surgery in karan size??? That is not possible. This Arjun is surely karan friend


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