Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2022 Written Update Crazy Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2022 Written Update Crazy Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2022 Written Update Crazy Ranbir Rhea gets drunk after having the spiked drink served by Ranbir with love. Ranbir takes Rhea with him to her room. Rhea sees Prachi and Shahana outside the room. She looks out of the window and asks Prachi to leave, she isn’t needed there. She tells that she is having a private time with Ranbir. She doesn’t want any disturbance. Prachi gets upset. Shahana tells that she thinks Ranbir wants to do something with Rhea. Ranbir wants to tell Rhea that he wants divorce from her. He tries to get her signatures on the divorce papers. Rhea is high.

She thinks Ranbir is going to propose her romantically. Her expectations get more and more. Rhea romances Ranbir and asks him to hold her face, and then kiss her. Ranbir gets crazy to listen to her, just to keep her in a good mood and get her consent for the divorce. Ranbir holds Rhea’s face to kiss her. Will Rhea sign the papers, or will Prachi break their romance? How long will Ranbir drag this misunderstanding? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prachi tells that she can’t tolerate to see Ranbir with Rhea. Ranbir leaves Rhea and stops Prachi. He pulls her and dances with her. Prachi wants to leave. Ranbir doesn’t let her go. They have a romantic dance. He calls Vikram for dance. Kohlis enjoy the dance together. After the powerful performance, Prachi goes away from Ranbir. Ranbir takes Rhea with him and asks her to have a glass of juice. Stanley goes to serve the drink. Prachi gets jealous. Rhea asks Ranbir to give the glass to her with much love. Ranbir gives it with love, and asks her to just drink it. Rhea smiles seeing Prachi upset.


Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2022 Written Update Crazy Ranbir:

Ranbir serves the drink to Rhea with love. Rhea finds Prachi upset. She drinks the juice. Ranbir and Stanley see their plan getting successful. Prachi goes away. Shahana asks her what is she thinking. Prachi tells that she is thinking what happened with her. She feels its her illusion that Ranbir loves her and cares for her, he had saved her life and mangalsutra, but his love doesn’t look true, he is with Rhea now. She just wanted him to wish her anniversary by remembering the day, but he did all the planning for Rhea. Shahana tells that she had seen something, Ranbir is upto something, maybe Prachi is misunderstanding him, he has some plan on his mind, he wants to do something with Rhea but in Prachi’s favor.

She wants Prachi to think again. Rhea gets dizzy. Ranbir keeps an eye on her. Rhea asks Ranbir to hold her hand, something is happening to her. He tells that he will take her to the room. She asks him what is he thinking, does he want to take her advantage seeing her go out of control. He tells that he isn’t thinking of that, he will make her rest in the room. She tells that she wants this to happen. She asks him to take her to the room. He thinks she will sign the divorce papers. He hugs and thanks Stanley. He keeps the secret. Dida finds them hugging and talking of their secret.

She feels they have the Dostana. She ends up having a big misunderstanding. She rushes to tell Pallavi. She tells Pallavi that Ranbir is in love with someone else, he got close to someone. Pallavi asks who. Dida shows Stanley to her. Pallavi doesn’t understand what’s happening. Dida tells that this is happening because of Ranbir, he has two wives, so he is having an affair with a man now, he lost interest in girls. They get worried.

Prachi asks why can’t people think wrong about Ranbir. She tells Shahana that Ranbir has told his future plans for Rhea, he has bought the house for Rhea. She asks Shahana to think again. Shahana asks her to calm down. Prachi doesn’t want to feel anything, feelings show them dream and then their heart break when the reality comes to the fore. She doesn’t want to get into any problem. They hear Rhea and Ranbir laughing. Shahana asks Prachi to come and stop getting jealous. Ranbir compliments Rhea for the dance. Rhea gives him a rose. He tells that they will dance again. He takes her to the room. Prachi runs and finds the door getting shut. Ranbir locks the door. Prachi wants to see what’s happening inside.

She runs to open the window. Ranbir makes Rhea sit. He asks her not to sleep. He tells that he needs her help, he wants her to sign some papers for the sake of their happiness. He states that she will get happy, he will also get happy if she signs it, he will explain her everything later. He looks for a pen. She sits laughing. She opens the window and sees Prachi and Shahana. She asks Prachi what is she doing there. She wants Prachi to stay out of her private time. She throws the papers outside by mistake. She asks Prachi to pick the property papers and hand it over to her. Prachi picks the papers.

Rhea tells Ranbir that the papers fell outside. Prachi and Shahana leave the papers and hide. Prachi doesn’t want Ranbir to know that she is keeping an eye on him. Rhea tells Ranbir that Prachi was there. Ranbir gets the papers and goes back to the room. He asks Rhea to sign the papers. Rhea tells that she loves him a lot, he is her life, her happiness is with him. She asks Ranbir to kiss her. Prachi reaches the door and overhears their conversation. Rhea tells that she will sign the papers once he kisses her. Ranbir agrees to kiss her. Rhea asks him to hold her face and then kiss her. Ranbir thinks to pay a price and make Rhea happy, if he wants to stay happy with Prachi forever.

Ranbir murmurs that he can’t do this and steps back. Rhea is drunk and feels he just kissed her. Ranbir lies that he kissed her. Prachi angrily enters the room. She hears him confessing that he kissed Rhea. She rebukes him and asks him not to show his face again. She tells that she is leaving the house, she won’t be there to stop him from kissing Rhea. Ranbir gets worried. Rhea asks Ranbir where to sign. Ranbir has to get the papers signed first. He asks Rhea to sign the papers quickly. Rhea signs the divorce papers. He feels relieved. Prachi tells Shahana that everything is over, she can’t stay in the house now. Stanley sees her leaving and calls Ranbir. He goes after Prachi.

Ranbir feels freed from Rhea. He happily dances. He tells that all the problems will get aside, he has divorced Rhea and now just Prachi is there in his life. He wants to tell Prachi what she means to him. He looks for Prachi. Vikram asks was he finding him. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t need to find his dad. Vikram is happy. He asks Ranbir why is he worried. Pallavi comes. Ranbir tells that he was looking for Prachi. Vikram tells that Prachi went upstairs. Pallavi tells that Ranbir is going to propose Rhea, why is he confused. She wants Vikram to clear the misunderstanding, Ranbir has realized that he loves Rhea. Prachi and Shahana leave the Kohli house. They reach their old house. Stanley follows them. Ranbir reaches Prachi’s room. He is shocked to see her empty cupboard.

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  1. Why u are dragging so much of kumkumbagya. Prachi is pregnent, yet her stomach is not visible. Till she delivers no body will notice her, not even that old lady dida. So boring nothing exciting is happening. Waiting for the serial to get over.


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