Bade Acche Ram Priya entry 7th July 2022 Spoilers

BALH Udaariyaan Appnapan Kaamna Top 6 Spoilers

Bade Acche Ram Priya entry 7th July 2022 Spoilers Bade Achhe Lagte Hain episode spoiler – Ram-Priya’s entry Ram waits for Priya and she enters. Nandini is shocked while Aditya and Brinda feel happy. Ram hurries inside in anger. Priya feels sad. Nandini controls her anger. A man brings goddess Lakshmi’s photo frame inside the house. Ram and Priya enter the house together. Priya becomes nostalgic. Aditya tells Brinda that the goddess has entered the house and now everything will be fine. She smiles. Priya asks Nandini where can she change and she asks her to go to the guestroom as they entertain their guests there only.

Mithai episode spoiler – Mithai preaches Siddharth:

Mr. Agrawal invites the Chaubeys for the inauguration of relaunching Hari Mohan sweets to Agrawals. They say that after the deal they will become number one and two. Girish asks them why are they wasting their time and Mr. Agrawal says that they have a lot of time from tomorrow. Mithai tells Siddharth that Hari Mohan’s efforts should not go into the wrong hands.


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na episode spoiler – Shocker for Devraj:

Krisha gets scared and hugs Devraj. Maharaj runs out of the room and gets hurt. Gajraj feels that Maharaj is a beggar. Maharaj shows his face and Gajraj is shocked. Devraj goes to confront him but Gajraj says that he is his father. Gajraj declares that he is the Maharaj of Ambikapur.

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye episode spoiler -Soumya’s game plan:

Soumya tells Goldie that Armaan has given her 3 days to sign the divorce papers but he doesn’t have any idea that this time he is being trapped. She says that this time rules and conditions will be made by her and he will be the one who will sign the divorce papers within 3 days. Goldie smiles. Soumya shows her medical certificate to Armaan and says that she is not mentally ill. She tells him to not waste her time anymore and asks him where are her kids.

Harphoul Mohini episode spoiler – Harphoul in danger:

Balwant says that the whole village will remember the wedding procession and picks up his gun. He says that he will turn Harphoul’s happiness into sorrow. Balwant points a gun at Harphoul. Harphoul stares at him angrily. Balwant fires the bullet.


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