Swaran Ghar Vikram fails 7th July 2022 Spoilers

Swaran Ghar 29th July 2022 Sirf Tum BALH Spoilers

Swaran Ghar Vikram fails 7th July 2022 Spoilers Swaran Ghar episode spoiler – Vikram in trouble: Bebe asks Swaran why did she call the lawyer and if she doesn’t trust Vikram. Swaran says that Kanwaljeet always used to tell her to read any papers before signing them. Bebe taunts Swaran. Ajit comes with a lawyer named Kapil and says that he is here to help. Nimmo tells Kiran that Swaran called her lawyer and now what they will do.

Naagin 6 episode spoiler – Pratha harms Mahek:

Pratha sees Shakti and Mahek’s marriage picture and feels that he is Rishabh. She says that they both snatched away her baby from her and now it’s her turn. Pratha says that she will snatch away happiness from their lives and give them the sorrow of a lifetime. Mahek asks Pratha to come in her Naagin avatar. They both fight and Pratha defeats Mahek.


Appnapan – Badalate Rishton Ka Bandhan episode spoiler – Pallavi saves Manna:

Pallavi tells her mother that she wants to do good for all her children. Nikhil asks Nandita if Manna had come to the hotel and she says that she was with Harsh as he was injured. Nikhil gets to know that Manna is in the hospital and rushes to see her. He wonders if she is fine and asks for Manna but the nurse says that she already got discharged in the morning. Nikhil wonders where did Manna go. Manna is sleeping soundly in Pallavi’s room. Pallavi looks lovingly at Manna.

Kaamnaa episode spoiler -Sakshi shocks Manav:

Niharika asks Manav to go and propose to Sakshi and tells him to keep his phone on. He does as told and Niharika says that she wants to listen. Manav tells Sakshi that he wants to tell her something but she says that before that she wishes to speak something. He asks her to tell. Sakshi requests Manav to get married to Niharika. Manav, Yatharth, Niharika, and Ayesha are shocked.

Ishq Ki Dastan Naagmani episode spoiler – Shankar approaches Paru:

A priest prays to lord shiva and tells him that the haldi is prepared by Paru and requests him to not do any injustice to her. He says that Shankar should apply the haldi to Paru. Jyoti injures Paru and Shankar applies the haldi on her wound. The priest declares that Shankar and Paru’s haldi is done. Shankar asks Paru if she loves him.


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