Bhagya Lakshmi 9th July 2022 Written Update Truth breaks out

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th July 2022 Written Update Truth breaks out

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th July 2022 Written Update Truth breaks out Lakshmi is worried for Rishi’s safety. She tells that Rishi always troubles her, there can’t be any reason for leaving in a rush. She wonders what could be the reason be. Malishka thinks nobody can save her from getting exposed now, Balwinder will tell the truth to everyone someday. She thinks to apologize to Neelam and admit her mistake. Neelam hears Malishka saying about an apology, and asks what does she want to say. Malishka gets tensed. Rishi brings Balwinder home and tells that someone else is involved with Balwinder, he will tell the truth himself. Karishma asks who is the person who joined hands with the disgusting Balwinder. Malishka comes home to meet them, and finds the family staring at her. She thinks why are they staring in this manner. She gets to see Balwinder tied to the pillar and being interrogated by Rishi and family. Malishka gets panicking.

Earlier in the show, Lakshmi thinks its Rishi’s call and asks him to apologize. Shalu tells her that Rishi was speeding the car. Lakshmi worries for Rishi. She calls Rishi again. Balwinder waits for Lakshmi. He tells Guddu that Lakshmi might come late, but its okay. He is stressed that he didn’t get flowers. Guddu asks him not to worry. Balwinder tells that he will say I love you and propose her. He shouts his love for Lakshmi. Rishi gets Neelam’s call. Ayush asks him to talk. Rishi takes the call and lies to her. He asks Neelam to have dinner, he is with Ayush, he will come later. He doesn’t disconnect the call, and talks to Ayush. She hears him talking to Ayush.

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th July 2022 Written Update Truth breaks out:


Ayush tells Rishi that Neelam is already upset with Lakshmi, it will be a big drama in the house if Neelam knows that Rishi has done this for Lakshmi. Neelam hears them talking and wonders what is Rishi doing for Lakshmi. Lakshmi grows worried for Rishi. She wants to know the reason for Rishi’s visit to an isolated place. She thinks to go there and find out. Rishi tells Ayush that they will find Balwinder. Ayush jokes on the spooky place. Neelam wants Rishi to come home and answer her questions. Ayush asks Rishi to drive slowly. Balwinder goes to buy flowers for Lakshmi. He gets into an argument with the seller. He buys a bouquet. Rishi races the car. The dirty mud falls over Balwinder’s face.

Balwinder shouts on the car driver. Rishi goes ahead to park the car. Ayush is relieved that he is alive. He asks Rishi to participate in any car race. He gives Lakshmi’s clothes. Ayush asks him to gift it himself. Rishi tells that the clothes and hair wig is to take Lakshmi’s disguise, they will fool Balwinder and then catch him. He convinces Ayush to take the getup. Balwinder and Lakshmi stop at the same signal, but he doesn’t see her. Lakshmi meets Shalu and shares her tension. She tells that something is wrong, they will go and see Rishi, they can’t leave him alone in a problem.

Malishka goes to tell Neelam the truth before Balwinder comes to expose her. She gets confused to tell the truth or not. She feels foolish that she joined hands with Balwinder. She wants Neelam to support her. She tells that once Neelam gets on her side, then nobody can make her out of the house. She doesn’t want to run away in fear, and instead accept the truth in front of Neelam. She doesn’t want Lakshmi to win Rishi. She thinks to convince Neelam by making the latter an emotional fool. She tells that she is Neelam’s choice, she will understand her, she has done this for Rishi’s love, just to oust Lakshmi. She feels tortured. She wants to tell the truth to Neelam and apologize to her.

Neelam enters the room and hears Malishka. She asks Malishka what did she do. Malishka tells that she wants to confess her mistake and apologize. Lakshmi prays that Rishi doesn’t fall in any danger. Ayush takes Lakshmi’s getup. Rishi asks him not to do overacting, and stop feeling scared. Ayush tells that he isn’t scared of Balwinder. Rishi asks Ayush to shut up now, Balwinder has come, he is behind. He reminds the plan of nabbing Balwinder. Ayush tells that he has got into the woman’s character. Rishi asks him to stop joking and just focus on their plan. Rishi sees Balwinder coming with Guddu.

Balwinder tells that he will propose Lakshmi. He plays a song and dances. He thinks something is wrong, Lakshmi can’t come in Rishi’s car. He goes to see, and stays alert. Ayush turns away. Balwinder asks Lakshmi to look at his lover once. He opens the door and asks Lakshmi to come out. Ayush faces him and shouts surprise. Rishi catches Balwinder and tries to push him inside the car. Balwinder and Guddu try to fight Rishi and flee. Guddu bashes Rishi with a metal rod. Rishi gets hurt. Ayush comes to his rescue. Balwinder and Guddu catch Rishi and Ayush, and tie them up. Balwinder tells that he is more smarter than them. Neelam asks Malishka why is she so tensed, what did she do. Balwinder kidnaps them.

He threatens of killing them. Neelam asks Malishka if she did anything wrong. Malishka tells that she doesn’t do wrong, but wrong happens with her always, Lakshmi and Rishi have wronged her. Neelam consoles her. She asks Malishka if she has done any mistake that will be proved costly for her. Malishka tells she has done wrong, she makes Neelam worried, she will never come to her with her problems. Neelam calls Malishka her choice, and hugs her. Malishka doesn’t confess anything. She lies to Neelam. Neelam advises her to control her feelings and make no mistake. She tells that she is on Malishka’s side. Lakshmi gets shocked to see Rishi and Ayush kidnapped, and taken in a car.

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