Kundali Bhagya 11th July 2022 Written Update Rishabh storms

Kundali Bhagya 11th July 2022 Written Update Rishabh storms

Kundali Bhagya 11th July 2022 Written Update Rishabh storms Karan saves Preeta from falling down, just like he used to do before. He tells that some people fall down often. He reminds Preeta of Karan. He taunts Preeta that she will make a record for falling down. Rishabh reacts feeling that Arjun is insulting Preeta. He asks Arjun if he has some manners and knows treating his guests well. He hopes that Arjun will not repeat his mistake. He tells that he is silent till now just because Arjun saved his daughter Kavya from an accident. He adds that he can’t tolerate anyone hurting Preeta’s sentiments, he doesn’t give that right to anyone to insult Preeta. He tells that Arjun can’t insult Preeta. Preeta calms down Rishabh. She senses Arjun’s connection with Karan. What secret will Karan reveal in the party? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Karan gets confused seeing Rishabh’s genuine goodness, after a funny argument over Karan’s gifted watch. Karan is still doubtful on Rishabh’s humble behavior, and thinks its just a power-packed pretence. He thinks Rishabh’s lies killed him, Rishabh didn’t love him, but just makes him feel the fake love. He feels hurt and wants to hurt Rishabh. He wants to give back the same pain. Shrishti and Sameer get into an argument. She thinks Anjali is eyeing Sameer and scolds her. Anjali tells that she doesn’t run after married men. Karan eyes Preeta. He gets restless on seeing her. Preeta goes to Rishabh. She stumbles and falls into Karan’s arms, while Rishabh shouts to alert her. Preeta thanks Rishabh. Karan tells that its him, Karan, leaving her shocked.

Kundali Bhagya 11th July 2022 Written Update Rishabh storms:


Preeta asks Arjun why did he say Karan. Karan tells that he is Karan’s cricket stuff bidder Arjun. Rishabh asks Preeta is she okay. Karan tells that some people fall down often, and Preeta is one of them, she will make a record in falling down. Rishabh rebukes him for insulting Preeta. He tells that he is silent because Arjun saved his daughter. He doesn’t give a right to Arjun to insult Preeta. Karan asks him to relax. He asks Preeta to tell him, if she doesn’t fall often. She remembers Karan, who used to always hold her in arms whenever she fell. She tells that she used to fall down. Karan tells that someone used to save her.

Meanwhile, Shrishti suspects Sameer’s affair and reprimands him. Sameer tells that he has no affair with anyone. They see Karan’s bat and get emotional. She tells that Arjun reminded her of Karan. She shares her thoughts with him. He gets confused. Karan tells Rishabh that he wasn’t wrong, Rishabh should buy proper footwear for Preeta. He asks Rishabh to have a drink. Shrishti follows Sameer. He questions her. She wants to know who is Reena, why did Kritika name Reena. Sameer tells that Kritika said that to tease her. Shrishti asks him not to think she is mad. She asks why was he staring at Anjali.

He tells that Anjali smiled seeing him, so he smiled back, he wasn’t staring at her. He asks Shrishti to stand in front of him, he will go mad if she doubts him so much. He wants to end her suspicion. She asks him to start saying the truth. He tells that he is totally honest. Kareena asks them to stop arguing. Sameer apologizes to Kareena. Shrishti wants Kareena to scold Sameer. Karan thinks he will use his mind, not his heart this time. Rishabh tells that smartness is good, but not oversmartness. Preeta feels Arjun strange. Karan knows that Preeta is getting worried because of him. He wants his plan to shock Preeta.

He longs to see Preeta in pain. Shrishti hugs Sameer and apologizes. Sameer tells that its okay. She tells that she loves him a lot. She takes his phone and goes. Anjali tells him that she saw his wife hugging him. He calls Shrishti unpredictable. Reporters ask Anjali about Arjun’s personal life. Anjali asks the reporters to just watch Arjun and learn about his life, there are many unbelievable stories about him. Rakhi slips, and her sandal falls towards Karan. She apologizes to him. Karan stops her from bending down. He lifts her sandal and cleans it with love. He makes her wear it. He hides his tears from her. Rakhi tells that Arjun’s mum gave him real good values, she would be proud of him.

Karan misses his family. Rishabh stays with Preeta to pacify her. He tells that he knows what she is feeling, she shouldn’t take stress because of Arjun. Preeta tells that Arjun’s behavior doesn’t matter to them, he is a stranger, they know nothing about him. She shares her emotions with him, that she felt Arjun’s resemblance with Karan. She asks him not to worry, she is okay. Preeta looks for Shrishti. She overhears Anjali and Sneghdha’s conversation about Arjun. Preeta asks Sneghdha if she really likes Arjun. Sneghdha asks her not to dream of Arjun, married women aren’t allowed. Karan goes aside and cries remembering Rakhi’s words.

Anjali finds Arjun in tears. She asks him what’s the matter. She has seen his strong personality always. She feels strange seeing him cry. Karan tells her that his mom blessed him, but unaware of his truth, he is her son, but she couldn’t identify him because of his new face. He angrily tells hat Preeta snatched his everything, his identity and face, also his mom. He feels helpless that he can’t tell the truth to his parents. He tells her that Rakhi told him, she is the mom who gave him good values, but he couldn’t tell her anything, he wanted to hug Rakhi and cry.

Rakhi reaches there and hears Arjun talking to Anjali. Karan tells that he wishes to lie in his mom’s lap and cry. Anjali consoles him. Karan wishes that his mom could hug him and wipe his tears. Rakhi thinks Arjun is missing his mom, and goes to wipe his tears with love. She fulfills his wish. She tells that she heard his emotional talk, he might be missing his mom, even she misses her son Karan a lot. She hugs Arjun. Mahesh finds Rakhi and Arjun crying. He asks them the matter. Rakhi tells that it’s a mom and son’s matter. Mahesh doesn’t understand. Rakhi tells that she will explain him everything later. Rakhi returns Arjun his cufflink. Karan tells Anjali that he feels emotional, but he wants to turn stone-hearted to return the pain to Preeta. Anjali tells that the time will soon turn in his favor.

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