Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2022 Written Update Frail Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2022 Written Update Frail Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2022 Written Update Frail Preeta Karan tells that he wants to see fear of his memories in Preeta’s eyes, she has cheated him and now she deserves this fear. He tells Anjali that Karan’s fear will be felt by Preeta’s soul. Rishabh tells Sameer that Preeta is just thinking of Karan since the pandit told about Karan’s return. He wants Preeta to ignore Arjun. Preeta tells Arjun that she knows what he is trying to do. Karan asks her what is he trying to do. She tells that he is trying to copy Karan and hurt her sentiments. She breaks down into tears. Karan still loves her and feels bad for her, when she cries. He asks her not to leave the party and stay back until a big surprise strikes her. He plans to make the night shocking for Preeta so that Karan’s memories begin to haunt her.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi reaches there and hears Arjun talking to Anjali. Karan tells that he wishes to lie in his mom’s lap and cry. Anjali consoles him. Karan wishes that his mom could hug him and wipe his tears. Rakhi thinks Arjun is missing his mom, and goes to wipe his tears with love. She fulfills his wish. She tells that she heard his emotional talk, he might be missing his mom, even she misses her son Karan a lot. She hugs Arjun. Mahesh finds Rakhi and Arjun crying. He asks them the matter. Rakhi tells that it’s a mom and son’s matter. Mahesh doesn’t understand. Rakhi tells that she will explain him everything later. Rakhi returns Arjun his cufflink. Karan tells Anjali that he feels emotional, but he wants to turn stone-hearted to return the pain to Preeta. Anjali tells that the time will soon turn in his favor.

Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2022 Written Update Frail Preeta:


Shrishti tries to unlock Sameer’s phone and check his contacts. She wants to find out the password. Preeta tells that Shrishti’s name would be the password. Shrishti tells that this won’t be true, Sameer has changed a lot, he has some affair. Preeta enters Shrishti’s name and unlocks the phone. Shrishti is surprised that the phone got unlocked. She still feels irritated. Preeta asks her not to check Sameer’s phone and return it to him. She tells that they have to trust each other in a relation. Preeta collides with Karan. The drink falls over her saree. He apologizes and goes away.

Preeta asks a waiter for the guest room. She goes to clean the stains. She learns that the guest room door is jammed. The lady asks Preeta if she is looking for Anjali. Preeta asks for some room which she can use. The lady asks her to use the washroom in any room upstairs. Preeta rushes upstairs after thanking the lady. Karan watches her. Preeta enters Arjun’s room and finds it very much similar to her Karan’s room. She recalls the day when she entered Karan’s room for the first time in Luthra house. She feels like she has come to her Karan’s room. She checks his wardrobe.

She finds the similarity even in the clothing style. She finds Karan’s tshirt there. She is shocked. She gets haunted by Karan’s memories. She runs out of the room and cries. She sees Arjun playing with a cricket ball. He reminds her of Karan again. He tells Anjali that Preeta got scared when he reminded her of Karan, because her love was fake. He likes Anjali’s idea of scaring Preeta. Anjali and Karan recall how they have manipulated Preeta. Karan tells that Preeta looks lonely sometimes, like she is missing Karan, maybe she is just pretending so. He adds that he has seen Preeta’s real face of a murderer, she isn’t Karan’s lover, but his killer, she is just pretending to be an ideal wife.

Anjali tells that Preeta had cheated him. Karan tells that Rishabh and Preeta cheated him and killed him, they are living happily with their daughter Kavya. He wants to see the fear in Preeta’s fear, that shakes her soul. Anjali tells that she is with him. He asks her to plan it well. She calls the old lady/Dadi and asks her to not let anyone go to the guest room, because the door is jammed. She asks her to send the guests to Arjun’s room. Anjali tells Karan that Preeta will enter Arjun’s room to use the washroom, and now they will scare Preeta.

After the flashback ends, Anjali tells Karan that he played Karan’s voice on the recorder to scare Preeta. Karan asks her if she did this for his sake. Anjali tells that she wants to know more about Karan, because she loves Karan. Karan tells that but Karan used to love Preeta, and now he just hates her. He asks her is she all set for their big plan. Preeta cries and recalls Karan.

She deeply misses Karan and sheds tears. Karan reaches out to her. He finds her crying and melts his heart. He remembers his motives and steps back. Preeta sees Arjun behind. Rishabh tells Sameer that Preeta is missing Karan a lot, Arjun isn’t letting them leave the exhibition. He feels Preeta is haunted because of the pandit’s word. He wants to pacify Preeta. He looks for Preeta. Karan asks Preeta what happened to her. She yells at him for following her. He tells that its his house. He questions her why did she enter his room and then ran out like she saw a ghost. She tells that she knows what he is trying to do. She accuses him for copying Karan.

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  1. dr preeta please you don’t talk like that to arjun he will gets upest because of that dr preeta please think like that try to understand that what i am saying for you dr preeta you don’t do that i promise you that you can do it arjun please you don’t make upest for dr preeta if you do mind.
    rishabh next time that arjun he will not do anything for you i promise you that you can do it.


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