Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2022 Written Update Prachi departs

Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2022 Written Update Prachi departs

Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2022 Written Update Prachi departs Rhea doesn’t want to lose. She is angered that Ranbir doesn’t have faith on her and her pregnancy. She tells that she will make Ranbir trust her pregnancy in such a way that his trust never breaks. Dida stops Aaliya from hurting Prachi’s feelings. She tells Aaliya that Prachi was leaving the house, but she stopped Prachi from leaving, because of a reason. She tells that she already knew about Prachi’s pregnancy, so she didn’t want Prachi to go away with Ranbir’s child. Aaliya is shocked to know that Dida was also aware of Prachi’s pregnancy. She blames Dida for being unfair towards Rhea. Prachi tells that she had promised Rhea that she will leave, she has no reason to stay back, she has to leave for the sake of her sister’s happiness. Ranbir comes home and madly looks for Prachi. He falls down and gets hurt. He runs to find Prachi. Will Ranbir be able to stop Prachi from leaving? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Aaliya asks Pallavi to make sure that Rhea doesn’t get stressed. Dida asks Aaliya what did they do, did they trouble Rhea. Aaliya tells that Prachi has brainwashed Ranbir, he has taken a new house, he has decided to leave the family and go away with Prachi. Ranbir hears this and asks Aaliya to stop blaming Prachi, who isn’t aware of his surprise plan. He asks her to stop making stories. He goes. Vikram asks Aaliya to stop it. Aaliya tells that Prachi hates Rhea, she tried to kill Rhea’s baby, Ranbir can’t see what Prachi is trying to do, Prachi had hidden about her pregnancy, there would be some plan behind it. Dida asks Aaliya to limit her tongue. She wants Aaliya to talk to elders with respect.


Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2022 Written Update Prachi departs:

Prachi recalls her motives behind coming back in Ranbir’s life. She tells that she wanted to tell Ranbir about his fatherhood. She feels terrible like she is cursed. She tells that she changed her decision and wanted to take revenge on him, she wanted to punish him for marrying Rhea, but now she is herself punished because of Rhea’s pregnancy. She tells that she was going to leave the house, but now her pregnancy is revealed, this should have not happened, her plan of revenge has got ruined. She wants to go away so that she punishes Ranbir. She calls Shahana and tells her plan of action.

Shahana tells Dida that she doesn’t find anything right. She rushes to Prachi. She thinks to tell Dida later. Dida gets worried. Ranbir finds Prachi missing. He asks the nurse if Prachi is taken for the tests. He looks for her. Nurse tells that Prachi wasn’t behaving normal, she was unhappy knowing he is happy with her pregnancy news. He asks her why didn’t she stay with the patient. She asks him to calm down. He scolds her for negligence.

Aaliya tells that Pallavi has failed in her relations, she has no control on her son and family. She argues with Pallavi, and asks her why didn’t she react before. Vikram asks Aaliya why is she mocking Pallavi. He tells that she could have stopped Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage, it was wrong. Aaliya disagrees. Vikram tells that he is talking about Rhea. Ranbir asks him why did he support that marriage. Vikram tells that he knows the reason well. Ranbir reminds that Rhea threatened of suicide and scared them, it was a compromising relation, the marriage just gave a suffering to all of them, it should have not happened. He asks them about Prachi. He tells that Prachi isn’t in her ward. He calls Prachi.

She doesn’t answer. She leaves in a car. Ranbir goes searching for her. He cries for his love. Even Rhea sheds tears while recalling Ranbir’s words. She wants him to believe her pregnancy. She doesn’t give up on her love. Aaliya tells Pallavi that Prachi is playing a game, its just a drama. Dida rebukes Aaliya. She tells that Prachi was leaving the house for the sake of Rhea’s happiness, but she stopped Prachi knowing about her pregnancy. She tells that Prachi is really great that she left. Rhea apologizes to Aaliya and hugs her. Aaliya also apologizes. Ranbir doesn’t find Prachi anywhere.

Dida asks Shahana about Prachi. Shahana doesn’t disclose anything. She calls Aaliya heartless and argues with her. Pallavi asks her to stay in her limits. Shahana tells that she doesn’t want to stay with them now. Ranbir calls her and asks about Prachi. She tells that Prachi asked her not to tell him anything. He asks her to please tell him, he loves Prachi a lot. She tells that she knows about his love, but its becoming a poison for Prachi, he just makes false promises, he never supported Prachi. He promises to fix everything. He tells her that he got Rhea’s sign on the divorce papers, he wanted to make a new start with Prachi. He swears on his baby. She asks him to stop Prachi, she is going away from the city. Rhea overhears this. Ranbir asks Shahana where is Prachi.

She replies that Prachi has gone home to pack her bags. Rhea prays that Prachi goes away. Ranbir takes a cab and rushes to home. Prachi packs her bags. She cries over her relation with Ranbir. Ranbir meets with an accident. He leaves the cab and runs on the road to reach home. He comes home and shouts Prachi’s name. He gets hurt. He doesn’t find Prachi in her room. He loses hopes and cries. Prachi comes out of the washroom. Ranbir stops on seeing her and gets a hug relief. He gets on his knees, crying and appealing that she doesn’t leave. She asks him why should she stay back. He asks her to stay back for his sake. She doesn’t want to stay back for him. He asks her to stay back for their baby’s sake.

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2022 Written Update Rocking


  1. This facking show has nothing positive or any happiness only crimes conspiracies n lies .Only criminal rhea alliya n pallavi winning .why zee tv promoting n showing this shit.Nothibg positive or worthwhile to watch.just trash n rubbush of a sister in law lusting after her brother in law n legally wife duvorcing husband so sister in law can legally marry him and mother in law only wants a criminal daughter in law for her son. rubbish n trash story



    • Totally agree with you . Who tf is promoting this kind of story . Nothing worth to waste even a second.
      Zee tv should ban this type of story
      Just a loop of rhea,alia,and pallavi conspiracy against prachi and shit .
      Shitty story

    • What a time waste story.. I only blame the people promoting this rubbish. Kum kum bhaghya its so boring I swear down same old story Rhea, aaliyia, pallavi…. Rubbish…

  2. Absoluut meeeens. Er komen geen positieve of leerrijke verhalen. In alle series wordt geroddeld, de echte misdragers winnen tegen het goede. Echt ZEETV doe er iets aan.


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