Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Written Update Evil Pallavi

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Written Update Evil Pallavi

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Written Update Evil Pallavi Pallavi shows her good side to Prachi just to trick. She conceals her real agenda. She tells Prachi that they will stay as a mother-daughter, not a Saas-bahu. Pallavi’s extremely kind side surprises Prachi. Prachi didn’t stay back for Ranbir, but decides to stay for Pallavi’s sake. She respects Pallavi a lot. Pallavi hugs her with her. Later, Pallavi stops Rhea from leaving the house. Rhea acts of committing suicide. Pallavi slaps Rhea to put a stop to her drama. She tells Rhea that just Rhea will be her bahu forever, Prachi will stay in the house until her baby is born. She wants to claim the custody of the child, and snatch him from Prachi. She wants revenge on Prachi. She turns evil. She tells that her emotions and apology to Prachi were all fake. Aaliya and Rhea are shocked at Pallavi’s revelation. They support Pallavi in separating Prachi and her child.

Earlier in the show, Aaliya asks Rhea not to get mad. Rhea tells that she isn’t going out of the house, she will pretend to leave, but the family will stop her. She wants Prachi to know her importance in the house. She asks her to come after her when she hears her scream. She shows her acting skills to Aaliya. Rhea takes her bag. Pallavi feeds the water to Prachi. She asks Prachi to forget the hurtful past. She tells that she knows Prachi’s pain. She wants to make a new start by understanding Prachi. Prachi tells that she knows Pallavi was never bad, she had no complaints with Pallavi ever. Pallavi blesses her. She feels guilty seeing Prachi’s goodness. Pallavi and Prachi bond like never before.

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Written Update Evil Pallavi:


Pallavi asks Prachi is she saying such good things to make her feel guiltfree. Prachi gets emotional on hearing Pallavi’s words. Pallavi calls Prachi her child. She apologizes to Prachi for all the past mistakes. She promises to give much love to Prachi, that Ranbir will also feel jealous of their bond. She tells that they will be like mother and daughter from now. Prachi hugs her. Rhea watches them angrily. Shahana tells Ranbir and Dida about Pallavi and Prachi’s bonding. Vikram asks them what’s the matter. Ranbir tells that its unbelievable, Pallavi has gone to take care of Prachi.

Vikram can’t believe it. Dida tells that it’s the truth. She asks Shahana to get Pallavi’s attention whenever she takes any food for Prachi. Ranbir hopes that everything happens good in the family now. Rhea makes a sound by dropping her bag. She wants them to call Pallavi and ask her to stay back. Ranbir asks Vikram to let Rhea go if she wants. Vikram asks him to visit Rhea sometimes and take care of her. Shahana tells that she will go and take care of Rhea. Rhea stops hearing them. Dida asks Rhea what is she doing, her bag hit the vase, she should be careful. Rhea gets badly ignored. She goes back to her room. Pallavi comes there and finds Rhea upset. Aaliya waits for Rhea’s signal.

Rhea comes to her room and cries. Aaliya asks her how did she come back so soon. Rhea tells that nobody cares a damn, even if they think she is pregnant. She asks why do they not care for her and the baby. She wonders if they know the truth that she isn’t pregnant. She cries that nobody loves her, they didn’t stop her from leaving. She wants some importance from the family. She tells that she wants the attention just for herself. Aaliya tells that it was her idea. Rhea asks her if she is laughing at her failures. Aaliya tells that she isn’t making fun of her, she is just saying the facts. Rhea gets arguing with her. She tells that Pallavi was pleading, she stopped Prachi from leaving. She can’t tolerate Pallavi’s new avatar.

She pretends to get a panic attack. Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea tells that she always acts of committing suicide, she never dies, she had always threatened Ranbir and his family, she will do the same thing again, her fake suicide attempt never makes her lose. Aaliya tells that she will call Pallavi. Rhea tells that Pallavi would be coming anytime. They see Pallavi at the door. Rhea pretends to fool Pallavi. She threatens of ending her life. Pallavi slaps Rhea. She asks Rhea to never do this again. Rhea tells that nobody cares and loves her.

She asks Pallavi why did she leave her alone and accepted Prachi as her bahu. She tells that she has no option left now. Pallavi tells that she doesn’t love Prachi, she just loves Rhea. She calls Rhea her bahu. Aaliya and Rhea are confused. Rhea asks Pallavi why did she cry and beg to Prachi. Pallavi tells that she will talk to Rhea. She asks Aaliya to calm down Rhea. Aaliya hugs Rhea and asks her to calm down, Pallavi is with them. Ranbir goes to meet Prachi. He finds her unpacking her bags. He helps her. He makes her sit. She tells that she needs some space. Ranbir asks her not to let the space become the distance between them. He welcomes her back. Pallavi tells that just Rhea is her bahu.

Rhea asks her why did she stop Prachi from leaving. Pallavi tells that she stopped the family’s heir from leaving. She adds that she just wanted Ranbir’s first child, Ranbir was helpless to stay with Prachi, but she won’t let the heir grow in any poor family. She tells that she can’t let Prachi raise the baby in poverty. She asks Rhea not to worry, Prachi will stay in the house until the baby is born. She plans to claim the custody of the child, and throw out Prachi from the house. She tells that it was difficult for her to stop Prachi, she will pretend and be nice to Prachi, just for the sake of the baby.

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  1. So same facking shit of separation.separating ranbir and prachi now separating baby from prachi.when these arses ektaa n writer write n show something good n positive???

  2. So same facking shit of separation.separating ranbir and prachi now separating baby from prachi.when these arses ektaa n writer write n show something good n positive??? when will these criminala be exposed???

  3. This show is becomming so boring now why always is Palaivi Rhea and Aliya getting together to hurt Prachi the fans will love to see them get caught for hurting Prachi its one boring scene after another .


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