Kundali Bhagya 20th July 2022 Written Update Karan entry

Kundali Bhagya 20th July 2022 Written Update Karan entry

Kundali Bhagya 20th July 2022 Written Update Karan entry Rakhi sits praying for Karan’s return. She senses that Karan will soon return home. Anjali asks Arjun to apologize to Luthras so that he can step ahead in his revenge plan. Karan and Anjali come to the Luthra mansion. He tells her that he will go inside and say sorry. He asks her to wait outside. Bani and Mahesh get worried for Rakhi. Bani tells him that Rakhi is feeling the same thing again that Karan will come back. Preeta goes to get some fresh air. She stands at the window. She sees Arjun making an entry in the house. She is shocked, since she wanted the family not to have any connection with Arjun. She doesn’t want Arjun to enter her house. How will Karan convince his family and win a forgiveness? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Anjali asks Arjun to apologize to Rishabh. He tells that he won’t say sorry, after all Rishabh and Preeta did wrong with him. She tells that everyone is dual faced and has hidden agendas, he has to face their conspiracies, he should also become dual faced by wearing a sweet personality mask, he should say sorry just for his motives, he should become their friend and enter their lives, he should enter their past and then tackle them with the revenge. She asks him to conspire just like they did, he should control his emotions and work on his revenge plan. He doesn’t think he can do it. He tells that he didn’t get peace and good sleep after troubling Preeta. He feels guilty that he has hurt Preeta. He doesn’t know what he should do. She questions his love for Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 20th July 2022 Written Update Karan entry:


Anjali asks Karan if he still loves Preeta. He gets silent. She tells that he still loves Preeta. He denies his love. He tells that he hates Preeta, he is worried that he had upset his family also, Rakhi got much upset because of the drama, she left the party with annoyance and bitterness in her eyes. Anjali asks him to love his family, they will also love him. She asks him to focus on Rishabh and Preeta. She adds that he will get peace when he takes revenge on his enemies. She advises him to not lose this chance. She tells him that he should go close to his enemies and fill pain in their hearts. She encourages him, and makes him promise that he will take his revenge. Karan gets determined.

On the other hand, Rakhi prays that the family gets some peace of mind. She wishes that a miracle happens, and her Karan comes back home. She prays for her Karan. She sheds tears in his memory. She tells that she can’t live without her Karan. Karan comes home with Anjali. He asks Anjali to wait in the car until he tells sorry to the family and comes back. She hands over a bouquet to him.

Rakhi gives the prasad to Bani and Mahesh. Karan walks towards the house. Rakhi senses Karan and gets restless. Same thing happens with Preeta, who goes to the window to look out. Bani and Mahesh feel sad for Rakhi, who isn’t able to believe that her Karan is no more. Karan is stopped by guards. He tells that he has to meet Rishabh, Preeta and Rakhi. Rakhi tells Mahesh that he can feel Karan coming. Mahesh shows her the garland on Karan’s picture. He hugs her. She cries seeing the picture. Guard tells Karan that Luthras don’t want to meet him, they have asked the security to block his entry.

Karan angrily leaves from there. He tells Anjali that he didn’t get an entry in the house, Rishabh has ordered the guards to stop him. She asks him to calm down, Rishabh is doing what he should do in such a situation. She threatens him of Nidhi. She tells that Nidhi is so possessive that she will come to meet him any time. She asks him to calm down. He tells that she is becoming a headache for him. She asks where are they going. Karan goes to Luthras’ office. He goes to meet Rishabh. He is blocked even at the office. Minister tells that they got instructions to stop him. Karan tells that he has come to talk to Rishabh. He shouts to get Rishabh’s attention. Security stops Karan. Manager tells that Rishabh isn’t in the office.

Karan tells that he will fire him. Anjali tells that he means Rishabh will fire the manager. Karan calls them a bunch of idiots, and leaves. He fails to meet Rishabh. Anjali asks him to keep his mind calm, he has done wrong to cross his limits. She reminds that his dance with Preeta wasn’t in their plan. He asks her not to irritate him. Karan takes his car reverse and hits a car by mistake. He gets down to apologize. He sees Rishabh. Rishabh asks Arjun what is he doing, is he still drunk. Karan tells that he went to Luthra mansion and office to meet him, but he didn’t get an entry.

Rishabh tells that this would happen if he comes without an invite, its not his house. Karan tells that its his house now. He tells that he went to apologize, but the guards and office staff misbehaved with him. Rishabh tells that Arjun won’t get Karan’s rights if he has bought Karan’s stuff in the auction. Anjali calms down Arjun. Karan tries to befriend Rishabh, but the latter refuses to accept his friendship. He asks Karan to go back. He lectures Karan. He tells that his behavior seemed like he is taking revenge. He rebukes Arjun and calls him a bad person, because he doesn’t care for anyone’s feelings. He shouts that he isn’t his brother to handle his mess.

Karan tells that he is thankful that Rishabh isn’t his brother because Rishabh can get dangerous. Rishabh tells that he doesn’t want his friendship and revenge. Karan asks him not to run. Rishabh threatens him. He asks him to stay away from him and his family. Karan asks what about Preeta, and rages Rishabh. Rishabh tells that he will kill Arjun. Karan asks if he loves Preeta so much that he can take anyone’s life for her. Rishabh warns Arjun to leave. Karan tells that Rishabh will regret a lot for his deeds. Rishabh asks him what will he do. He isn’t scared of Arjun. He asks Arjun to admit that he hates the Luthra family. He tells that he will take a strict action against him.

Karan tells that he will not spare him. Anjali stops Arjun and takes him to the car. Anjali and Karan leave. Karan goes mad after Rishabh badly insults him. Anjali asks him to slow down the car. Karan tells that he is thinking something, she shouldn’t distract him. He asks her to get down the car. He doesn’t want to spare Rishabh, if he thinks he can murder anyone and live free. He wants to punish Rishabh. Anjali refuses to leave Arjun alone. Karan drops her midway and goes. Anjali follows him by hiring a cab. She thinks Karan has spoiled the plan even more. Karan decides to insult Rishabh by crossing all limits. He thinks Rishabh will have just few hours of his happy life.

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