Kundali Bhagya 1st August 2022 Written Update Divorce shock

Kundali Bhagya 1st August 2022 Written Update Divorce shock

Kundali Bhagya 1st August 2022 Written Update Divorce shock Rishabh and Preeta wish each other happy anniversary. Kavya asks would they wish each other this way, they should kiss and hug each other to wish for their anniversary. Rishabh and Preeta get into an awkward moment because of innocent Kavya, who has no idea about their marriage being a relation of mutual trust and understanding, than love. Rishabh welcomes Arjun in the party. Karan meets Rakhi, who tells that she was awaiting him anxiously. Karan asks about Preeta. He tells that everyone is there, except Preeta. He jokes on Rishabh that Preeta might have decided to divorce him. Rishabh is shell shocked by his words, and so is the family.

Earlier in the show, Shrishti tells that she doesn’t like when Preeta is so stressed. She asks is Preeta missing Karan or is there any other reason for her tension. Preeta tells about Arjun. Shrishti tells that Arjun is playing with her mind and heart. Preeta tells that Arjun is really weird. Shrishti tells that problem is with Preeta, she is torturing herself. Preeta tells her that she gets a strange feeling when she is with Arjun, she doesn’t like him at all.

Shrishti tells that Preeta is such since always, she doesn’t like someone at first and then she likes him and falls in love, like it happened with Karan. Preeta tells that she didn’t like Karan initially. Shrishti tells that same case is happening with Arjun. Preeta asks her to let it be. Raja tells Vishnu that they shall attack Arjun and Rishabh. Bunty asks why are they going to attack Rishabh. Raja tells that Arjun and Rishabh’s fate is connected. Karan battles with Preeta’s memories.


Kundali Bhagya 1st August 2022 Written Update Divorce shock:

Karan finds a difficulty in choosing the best suit for the occasion. Anjali gets the party clothes for him. She tells him that the black suit will really look good on him. She compliments that he is really looking handsome. Karan tells her that he would have struggled without her. She tells that she will always be there for Arjun. She likes him, and genuinely wishes him to get peace in his life. Rakhi keeps the old tradition. She gifts a new dress to Preeta, and asks her to wear it in her wedding anniversary. She blesses Preeta. Preeta gets emotional. Rishabh comes and finds Preeta upset.

He asks her is she okay. She tells that she is fine, but he always asks her the same. He tells that he is also bored of asking the same thing, but their marriage completed five years, its look like their marriage just happened, its his duty to take care of Karan’s Preeta, he has to look after her. She thanks him for taking care of Karan’s Kavya. He thanks her for giving Kavya to him. He feels so happy when Kavya calls him dad. Kavya meets them. She asks them to celebrate their marriage anniversary. She calls Rishabh a handsome prince, and calls Preeta a princess. She asks Preeta for a kiss. Preeta tells that she will give her a kiss. Kavya does much mischief. They catch Kavya and give her kisses. They have a fun family moment.

On the other hand, Mahesh flirts with Rakhi. He tells that anyone can see them. He tells that he is her husband, he has a license to romance her. He asks her age. She tells that she will not tell him. He tells her that they have children and grandchild now, they have grown up, they were young before, when they were innocent and made many mistakes, they have created their house and family with much love and happiness. He tells that their relations have much love, they both have created the perfect relations. She tells that she is thankful that she got such good children, its their good fate that they have happiness in their house.

Rakhi thanks him for giving her good children. Mahesh romances her. Kareena interrupts their romance. Mahesh tells that he isn’t done, he is married to Rakhi, he will romance Rakhi. Kareena laughs. Rakhi feels shy and goes away. Kareena likes Mahesh’s kiddish behavior. He calls her old, and tells that he is still a kid. He tickles her. He asks her where is Kavya. Kavya sits by Preeta’s side until she wakes up. Preeta wakes up and is surprised to see Kavya. Kavya wishes her happy anniversary.

Rishabh gets the tea for Preeta. Preeta sees the time. She tells that its too late, its their anniversary, she has much work. Rishabh tells that Kavya has switched off the alarms so that her mumma takes a good sleep on her special day. He asks her not to worry, the family is seeing the work. Preeta asks Kavya not to do this again, because she has much important work. Kavya takes a kiss from her. She hugs Rishabh. She asks Rishabh to wish Preeta happy anniversary. Rishabh and Preeta formally wish happy anniversary to each other. Kavya asks them to hug and kiss each other, along with the wishes.

Rishabh tells that he is shy, he can’t kiss Preeta. Kavya tells that he is shy, so he doesn’t have any girlfriend, unlike Karan, who had many girlfriends. Rishabh tells that Karan was handsome, smart and charming, he was the best cricket player, he had any girlfriends. He adds that he is boring, an office goer, so nobody loves him. Kavya tells that she loves him a lot, and will always love him. Mahesh and Rakhi see the decorations. Preeta meets them and apologizes for waking up late. Rakhi and Mahesh hug her and wish her for the anniversary. Biji comes to wish Preeta and tells that she got many sweets.

Kareena stops Preeta and asks her to touch her feet as well. She also blesses Preeta to stay happy always. She tells that Rishabh is happy with Preeta, so she is also happy. Biji also wishes Preeta. She tells that she spoke to Rishabh in the morning. Shrishti meets Biji and takes her to the room. Biji asks for Sameer. Shrishti complains that she lost her value since her marriage. Biji tells that Sameer loves Shrishti, so the family loves a son-in-law more. Shrishti understands the reason. She demands more love than Sameer. She asks Biji why do boys cheat the girls. Biji tells that the boys who truly love don’t cheat. Shrishti suspects Sameer to be having an extramarital affair. Biji beats her for suspecting Sameer.

Bani gets Sameer there. She asks Sameer is he really cheating Shrishti. He denies it. Bani tells that he will not tolerate anything wrong happening with Shrishti. She asks him to apologize to Shrishti. Sameer tells that he is a nice guy, he has no affair. Shrishti and Sameer argue. She accuses him for mistreating her. He tells that he is getting late for office, he will go to office. Bani tells that she will talk to Rishabh. Biji asks her not to involve Rishabh. Bani calls Sameer’s behavior wrong. The party begins in the Luthra house. Shrishti tells Biji that she doesn’t like to work, she isn’t lazy like Kritika.

Kritika hears Shrishti. She also acts to taunt Shrishti. Biji tells that they all know Shrishti speaks nonsense. Kritika tells that they know it, that’s why they got Shrishti home. Shrishti gets angry on Kritika’s taunts. She tells that she wishes to beat Kritika. Rishabh meets the family members, and receives their wishes. Karan makes an entry in the Luthra house, in a special way.

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  1. Comment:kumkum bhagya 2nd of august 2022:prachi loves ranbir;ranbir tells prachi not to lie that she can lie in a game and not in reality.Aryan sees rehea and ask if see is fine.Rehea says no that before Abi used to love her but no more and prahgya only loved prachi.Aryan says why is she talking like dis,tell me your problems as we are siblings i will fix everything.Rehea hugs him and said you only wished prachi and i am also married to ranbir and pregnant for him.Aryan is shocked.Prachi tells shahana that she does not want to come bettwen rehea and ranbir and want to leave the house.Pallavi and rehea are happy to hear dis but pallavi is shocked as prachi wants to leave the house.Will aryan ruin ranbir and prachi for rehea sake?

  2. This Bhagwan lakshmi show is getting dragging on with entire Oberon family getting increasingly vindictive towards Lakshmi. Her husband as usual has no back bone and cruel to Lakshmi.


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