Anupama 22nd August 2022 Barkha frames Vanraj

Anupama 22nd August 2022 Barkha frames Vanraj

Anupama 22nd August 2022 Barkha frames Vanraj Anupama episode spoiler – Barkha frames Vanraj Anupama nurses Anuj and grooms him. Barkha says that today Anupama is very happy and she will not steal her happiness but snatch it away from her. The police come asking for Vanraj. Leela gets angry at Barkha for filing a case on Vanraj. Paritosh holds Vanraj’s hand in his support. Anupama asks Barkha to be careful or else the Janmashtami may turn into Durga Ashtami for her. Barkha fumes in anger.

Ajooni episode spoiler – Bebe provokes Rajveer:

Dolly says that she can’t let Ajooni have what she doesn’t have. She goes to burn her marksheet but Rajveer stops her. He says that in spite of knowing everything she is still doing this purposely. He says that it is Ajooni’s dream and she is snatching it away from her. Ajooni is stunned. Rajveer frames Ajooni’s marksheet and puts it on the wall. Bebe says that if she proves Ajooni wrong then he has to remove the marksheet. Rajveer is shocked.


Channa Mereya episode spoiler – Ginni catches Simranpreet:

Ginni prays to god and asks him to give her a small ray of hope as she has hurted a lot of people’s sentiments. Simranpreet says on a call that she has acquired a solid weapon but before that she wants the family to know about her pregnancy. She says that she cannot take a risk of letting anyone know that the baby doesn’t belong to Aditya. Ginni listens to this. Simranpreet is shocked. Ginni stares at Simranpreet.

Gud Se Meetha Ishq episode spoiler – Pari’s Pheli Rasoi:
Pari prepares for her Pheli Rasoi and puts the Halwa on the gas. She goes to ignite the fire but it doesn’t get switched on. She keeps the gas on full volume and tries again but is not successful. Pari tries with a matchstick and the cooker turns black. She goes to remove the cooker’s whistle and the cooker blasts completely causing a big explosion. Dev sees this and panics. He shouts Pari’s name in horror.

Woh To Hai Albelaa episode spoiler – Sayuri alarms Anjali:
Anjali goes to touch lord Krishna’s idol but Sayuri stops her. Anjali becomes shocked. Kanha takes Saroj home but doesn’t get a good feeling. Sayuri folds her hands in front of lord Krishna’s idol and declares that she has come back to her house, family and her husband. Anjali becomes furious.


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