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Kumkum Bhagya Curse strike 24th August 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Curse strike 24th August 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Curse strike 24th August 2022 Kumkum Bhagya episode spoiler – Ranbir’s accident Pallavi tells Shahana that she hopes Prachi rots somewhere. She curses Prachi that her life be scattered like the way she destroyed their life. Ranbir drives recklessly while Prachi walks into the streets aimlessly. Pallavi says that it is her heartfelt curse for Prachi. Ranbir meets with an accident.

Woh To Hai Albelaa episode spoiler – Kanha traps Anjali:

Sayuri cries and tells Kanha that she loves him. He says that he also loves her. Anjali pushes Sayuri on the floor. Everyone is shocked. Kanha tells Anjali that he belongs to her from today. He suggests her that they will both kill themselves. Anjali is shocked.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho episode spoiler – Dev wishes Vidhi:

Bimla tells her friends that if they get some money they can conduct Mata’s jagrata nicely. Hariprasad cries and pours his heart out to Bimla on their financial condition. Dev tells Satyavati that he taught someone for the exams but doesn’t know if she has understood it. Vidhi struggles with another concept. Satyavati asks Dev to wish Vidhi and he texts her good luck. Vidhi gets the confidence to score well.

Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho episode spoiler – Madhu’s condition:
Madhu tells Kabir that the way he spoke to her yesterday made her lose trust in him that he will be able to protect her. She says that if he wants her to tie a rakhi to him then Katha has to apologize to her in front of everyone and if she doesn’t agree then she will not tie rakhi to him this year. Katha and Kabir are shocked.

Spy Bahu episode spoiler – Yohan tortures Sejal:

Yohan ties Sejal and tells her to stop acting of losing her memory and demands her to tell the truth. She asks him which truth. Yohan says that she is an expert when it comes to betraying and lying to people. He informs her that the baby in her womb belongs to him. Sejal is shocked. Yohan shows their pictures to Sejal.



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