Anupama 31st August 2022 Spoilers Insecure Anuj

Anupama 31st August 2022 Spoilers Insecure Anuj

Anupama 31st August 2022 Spoilers Insecure Anuj Kinjal is admitted in the hospital. The entire family prays for Kinjal. Knowing about Kinjal’s complications, Anupama suggests that Kinjal doesn’t wait for a normal delivery, she should go for a c-section. Leela argues with her. She tells that Kinjal is in pain, like every other woman, but she should wait more. Anupama tells that Kinjal doesn’t need to stay in pain when there are many options available for the delivery. Vanraj trusts Anupama’s decision. He asks Anupama to stay with Kinjal in the OT. Vanraj sends an audio note to Anuj, about Kinjal’s operation, while Anupama stays with Kinjal.

The family just wishes that Kinjal and her baby stay fine. Leela asks Vanraj to inform Rakhi about Kinjal. Anupama comes to Shahs with a news. Anuj also awaits the good news. Anupama happily cries. Vanraj asks her is Kinjal okay. She informs that the operation was successful, Kinjal is okay. Leela asks about the baby. Anupama congratulates everyone that Kinjal gave birth to a daughter. She wishes Vanraj that he has become a grandpa. Vanraj hugs her happily. The Shahs celebrate and hug. Anupama tells that Kavya has also become a grandma They all happily welcome a new member in the family.

Anupama’s happiness knows no bounds when the doctor hands over the baby to her. She feels amazing taking the baby in her arms. Vanraj tells that the baby is so tender. Anupama asks him why is he reacting like he didn’t see a newborn before. He replies that he had seen his babies, he had become a father before, but now a grandfather and this feeling is more amazing. He shares his emotions with Anupama and Anuj. Kinjal gets delighted to have the baby with her. Anuj feels insecure seeing Vanraj and Anupama together. He doesn’t like Vanraj’s touching Anupama.


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