Anupama Depressed Kinjal 19th September 2022 Upcoming

Anupama Depressed Kinjal 19th September 2022 Upcoming

Anupama Depressed Kinjal 19th September 2022 Upcoming Rakhi regrets that she couldn’t become a good mother like Anupama. She wants to take Kinjal home, but Leela doesn’t permit it. She tells that she wants Kinjal and the baby in her house. Kinjal asks Rakhi to just leave. Rakhi requests Anupama to take care of Kinjal. Anupama feels sorry for Kinjal. Vanraj throws Paritosh out of the house. Paritosh accuses Anupama for his misery. Anuj tells Anupama that she has done the wrong thing, they have to expose the wrong deeds in front of everyone, else the culprits will never stop repeating their evil.

He consoles Anupama. Kinjal gets depressed that her happiness ended so soon. She sees her baby’s pictures and the family celebrations. She feels everything was a lie. She shouts and expresses her hatred for Paritosh. Kavya watches Kinjal in immense rage, and runs to inform Anupama. What would Kinjal do? Will Anupama and Kavya be able to handle Kinjal with their love and support? Keep reading.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho:


Dev supporting behavior and kindness gets Vidhi attracted towards him. Vidhi gets conscious by his presence. She wonders if she is developing feelings for Dev. Dev supports her by sharing her ideas with the office staff. She remembers the times spent with Dev. She is deeply influenced by his good nature. Vidhi’s parents are also glad seeing the positive change in Vidhi, post her working experience with Dev. She finds Vidhi more confident now. Vidhi wants to focus on work. She finds some miscalculations in the accounts, and goes to inform Dev. Dev’s friends get worried that Vidhi is finding out their errors. Vidhi’s dad is sure that Vidhi will never fall in love, and hurt his pride. Vidhi’s mum suggests that they soon find a good alliance for Vidhi and get her married.


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