Na Umra Ki Seema 22nd September 2022 Dev Vidhi date

Na Umra Ki Seema 22nd September 2022 Dev Vidhi date

Na Umra Ki Seema 22nd September 2022 Dev Vidhi date Dev and Vidhi meet on a coffee date. They reach a café. Dev discusses the work with her, but Vidhi’s mind gets on another page. Vidhi realizes that she is getting smitten by Dev’s kindness and humble behavior. He asks her to order coffee for them. Vidhi doesn’t understand anything. Dev explains her the menu. He likes her because she is different than the rest. Vidhi gets tensed that he may find her hidden feelings. Dev also develops a liking for Vidhi, but he doesn’t know about it. Vidhi isn’t clear about her feelings.

He asks her what characteristics a girl likes in a guy these days. He tells that he is generally asking it. Vidhi grows nervous to answer him. She wants to describe him, because he is too perfect. Vidhi’s dad calls her home urgently, since a guy’s family is coming to see her for marriage. She tells Dev that the guy’s family wants to keep the engagement in 15 days. Dev finds it weird. Vidhi gets hurt while hiding Dev’s kerchief from him. She doesn’t want him to see it. He finds Vidhi hurt and cares for her hand. She hides her feelings from him.

Radha Mohan:


Mohan confesses that he can’t live without Radha. He asks her not to go anywhere, Gungun and he needs her. Radha is troubled that she can’t see him marrying someone else in front of her eyes. She sheds tears of sorrow. Radha gets kidnapped. Mohan looks for Radha. His daughter Gungun asks him to save Radha. She tells that she lost her mumma, but he has to save Radha. She makes him promise. Mohan promises that he will find Radha and bring her back. The goons tie up Radha and put her in a grave. They bury Radha. Mohan’s lover Damini is behind the conspiracy. She doesn’t want Radha to win Mohan’s heart. She asks Radha to get rotten under the soil.


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