Bhagya Lakshmi 29th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi in action

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi in action

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi in action Lakshmi takes care of Dadi to the extent that the latter feels really lucky. Dadi blesses her. Lakshmi tells that she is going to try and save Rishi. Dadi tells that she always blesses Rishi and Lakshmi’s jodi. Lakshmi happily hugs her. She calls Dadi the best one. She asks Dadi to finish the food and have the medicines. Lakshmi tells that she has to take the tiffin for Rishi. Dadi tells that she wants to give a message to Rishi, that she loves him and misses him a lot. She asks Lakshmi to hug Rishi tightly and pass her love. She wishes Rishi comes home soon.

Lakshmi tells that Rishi will come back home. Sonia insults Shalu for growing close to Ayush. Shalu asks her to think before she speaks, and not cross her limits. Sonia tells that Shalu is trapping Ayush. Ayush asks Sonia to please go away, before he loses his cool. Shalu gets glad that he defended her. Ayush apologizes to Shalu from Sonia’s side. Shalu thanks her for standing by her. She asks him to end the matter, and not fight with Sonia again. He likes it that she thinks a lot for his family. Lakshmi meets Rishi. She regrets that he took the blames on himself and got jailed. Rishi happily hugs her. Lakshmi doesn’t want any matter to stay unsaid and incomplete between them.


Earlier in the show, Ayush finds Shalu cooking in the kitchen. He feels happy. He flirts with Shalu. She is happy with his attention. They both like each other. He tells that she can come home and make food for him when Lakshmi isn’t at home. He asks how much salary will she take. She runs to beat him. They run to Lakshmi and complain about each other. Lakshmi asks him why does he always hurt Karishma. He tells that Karishma doesn’t have any license to hurt Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks him to never talk rudely. Shalu and Ayush’s funny banter cheers up Lakshmi. Lakshmi realizes that there is definitely something brewing between them. Ayush takes care of Shalu. Sonia finds them happy together. She wants to stop Ayush from falling for Shalu.

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi in action:

Rishi and Lakshmi have a hug. They feel much joy. She tells that she doesn’t want to say anything, he is in trouble because of her. She tells that she really feels bad for him. He tells that she knows about the jail food. She asks why did he take the blame. He tells that he doesn’t want to hear the same thing again, he had to take the blame because he can’t let her stay in jail, she is his wife, she can’t stay in the jail. She asks if he can stay in the jail. He tells that he can’t see her worrying. She asks can she see him worrying, she should have not come there. She asks him to stay hungry, she won’t come again to meet him. He tells that he was just joking. He stops her and asks her not to fight. She tells that he started the fight.

Lakshmi apologizes to him. He tells that she is different than the other wives. He jokes about his parents. He tells that he wanted to see her smile. They feed the food to each other. Rishi tells that he knew she won’t eat the food alone. She asks him about the chefs. He tells that he can’t tell if any chef has done wrong for the sake of money. She tells that she will go and talk to the chefs to make a start to the investigations. Lakshmi takes care of Rishi. She tells him that she hopes one of the chefs help them with some useful information. Rishi thanks her. They ask each other to take care. He asks her not to stay hungry, else she will feel weak. He promises that he will take care. He asks her to smile.

They both get sad on getting away. Virender and Ayush try to sort the business problems. Ayush gives the bad news that the clients have taken back the deals. Virender tells that their license is going to get cancelled because of Rishi’s statement. He feels Rishi had no option than this to save Lakshmi. Ayush wonders what they will do now. Malishka meets Rishi. She hugs him and tells that she missed him a lot. He asks her not to blame Lakshmi, who is still his wife. She calls him a stupid. He tells that he can’t see Lakshmi getting tortured. She asks can’t he see how much worried she is.

She rebukes him that he is on Lakshmi’s side. He asks her did she come to meet him or speak against Lakshmi. She tells that she wants to share her sorrow with him. She asks him not to get upset, she will free him, she loves him a lot. She hurts herself and tells that she loves him a lot, she will take the blame on herself and save him. He tells that Lakshmi will save him, she found a way out, she will talk to Mukesh and find some crucial information. He asks her to go home. She gets afraid. She tells that she can’t let this happen. Balwinder meets a pandit to know his future.

Malishka passes by the same route. She wants to win her Rishi. Balwinder sees the speeding car. He runs in front of the car to save himself. Rishi meets Chotu, who blames him for his brother’s critical condition. Rishi defends himself and fights the guy. Balwinder gets saved. Pandit asks for the money. Balwinder tells that he won’t give any money. Pandit lies that Balwinder will marry Lakshmi. Balwinder happily pays him the money. He watches Malishka arguing with a lady. Chotu threatens of killing Rishi. Rishi says I don’t know your brother. Chotu tells that Rishi’s death is certain, no one can save him.

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