Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2022 Written Update Trouble for Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2022 Written Update Trouble for Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2022 Written Update Trouble for Arjun Prithvi tells that if Arjun troubles him, then he will trouble him more. He tells that if Arjun sends him to jail, then he will ruin Arjun completely. He asks Arjun to just get silent and give him the money. Anjali reaches there in time, and sees Prithvi threatening Arjun. She hits a rod on Prithvi’s head and faints him down. Karan gets worried on seeing this.

Earlier in the show, Anjali asks Arjun to remember his real motives. She tells that he is falling in love with Preeta. Karan denies it. She accuses him for still feeling for Preeta. She tells that there is a dilemma going on in his heart. He asks her how does she know him so much. She asks him is he accepting his feelings. He asks her not to worry, Rishabh and Preeta will get insulted in the party. He asks her to let him focus on Prithvi. He wishes she could tell him, what he means to her.

Karan meets Prithvi. Prithvi tells that he has allowed Arjun to hit him before, but not anymore. He doesn’t want any money or business partnership. He gives him a warning. He tells that Arjun should have not accused him falsely. He adds that he can never disrespect women, because he loves Preeta. Karan punches his face in anger.


Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2022 Written Update Trouble for Arjun:

Prithvi tells that he loves Preeta. Karan punches his face. Prithvi angrily tells that he will kill him if he dares hit him again. He tells that even he has raise his hand. He asks what does Preeta mean to him, why does he get angry on hearing her name. Karan asks him not to enter Preeta’s room again. Prithvi asks him why is he here, when Preeta is Rishabh’s wife. Karan asks him why does he ask this to him. Prithvi asks him not to say, they will come to the main topic. He asks for the money, else Arjun will see the revenge. He tells that if Arjun sends him to jail, then he will ruin him. Karan refuses to give him money. Anjali hits on Prithvi’s head and faints him. Karan asks Anjali why did she do this. She is scared. She tells that Prithvi was blackmailing him. She doesn’t want Karan’s truth to come out. She fears that Karan is getting revived in Arjun.

Raja and Vishnu stay hidden in the room. They wait for Prithvi. They compare Prithvi and Rishabh. Raja finds Rishabh smart. Vishnu is sure that Prithvi will take revenge on Rishabh and Arjun together. Sameer overhears them talking about Arjun. He confronts them about their statement. He asks what are they hiding about Arjun. Karan asks Anjali how much does she think. She sees Rishabh and tells that some people are such who backstab without holding a knife in hand. He asks them to get ready, Rishabh’s smile must be snatched by the night.

Rishabh tells Arjun and Mahesh about the King’s heritage deal which he won by his reputation. Karan remembers that he was also interested in bagging that hotel deal. He remembers that’s the only deal which made him come to India and then regain his memory. Rishabh tells that whoever will get this property will be the lucky one. He promises to make it super grand. He asks Arjun won’t he congratulate him. Karan tells that he won’t congratulate until the deal is on papers. Rishabh tells that he is keeping his fingers crossed for the deal. Rakhi asks Arjun to come with her.

Sameer asks Raja and Vishnu to tell him why did he call Arjun dangerous. Raja lies that he has seen Arjun scolding his workers and beating them. Sameer doesn’t believe it. Vishnu tells that they went to Arjun’s party, they have seen his anger. Sameer tells that Arjun would have beaten the person because of that person’s mistake. He asks them what are they doing inside the room. They tell that they came to change their clothes. Sameer sends them outside. On the other side, Sherlyn waits in the car. She realizes that Prithvi doesn’t have his phone. She thinks to go upstairs and check.

She calls Raja and asks for Prithvi. Raja tells that they are looking for Prithvi, he isn’t around. She tells that Prithvi is foolish. She asks them to wait there, she is coming. Rakhi takes Arjun aside for a talk. She tells that she has promised him that she will feed the food to him. She asks Arjun to have the food. Karan get excited to have the food prepared by his mother. He tells that its his favorite dishes. She tells that she can see on his face that he is hungry, because mom is mom, and mom knows everything. Karan and Rakhi share the food from the same plate, and get emotional. Rakhi cries happily.

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