Kundali Bhagya 11th October 2022 Written Update Karwachauth twist

Kundali Bhagya 11th October 2022 Written Update Karwachauth twist

Kundali Bhagya 11th October 2022 Written Update Karwachauth twist Preeta tells Rishabh that she got worried for him. She doesn’t know what Arjun wanted. She tells that they can’t tell anything about Arjun’s motive. Rishabh regrets that he didn’t listen to her, because he trusted Arjun. She tells that he is really good, so Arjun misused his trust. She asks him not to become so good that people take an advantage. She doesn’t want him to feel sorry. She asks him to believe her if she tells her opinion about someone. He promises her. Karan reaches Prithvi’s house. He asks Sherlyn about Prithvi. She tells that Prithvi isn’t foolish to sit at home. He calls her a liar. She tells that Prithvi didn’t come home, knowing Arjun would come looking for him. Karan lectures her.

He tells that he will get Prithvi jailed if their paths cross. He knows that Prithvi is hiding in the house and hearing his words. He tells that he has become Prithvi’s enemy now, he won’t let Prithvi stay in peace. After Karan leaves, Sherlyn gets Prithvi out of the hiding. She tells that Arjun has come to threaten him. Prithvi tells that Arjun wasn’t his friend. She tells that she has seen the same hatred in Arjun’s eyes, which she had seen in Karan’s eyes. She warns him about Arjun’s rage. Anjali recalls Arjun’s insult and sheds tears. She tells that she didn’t see anyone hurting him so much.

He tells that he didn’t feel bad of his family’s anger, he just got angry on Rishabh. He asks her not to cry. He swears that he will not spare the Luthras. Biji, Janki and Shrishti are also upset because of Arjun’s fraud. Biji tells that Arjun was seeing business, not relations. Shrishti wants to find out why Arjun has done such a thing. She tells that nobody would want to kill someone without a reason. She worries for Rishabh. She wants to become strong and convince her heart that she has to hate Arjun. She gets too sorrowful.


Biji and Janki wish that Rishabh stays strong enough to bear this shock, because Rishabh also loved Arjun a lot. Rakhi meets Rishabh and Preeta. Rishabh tells that he is reading the collaboration papers and tearing it. Rakhi feels sorry that she didn’t listen to Preeta’s warning about Arjun. Preeta asks her not to say sorry. She feels the family is too innocent. She pacifies Rakhi and hugs her. Arjun is disturbed because of Rishabh and Preeta. He holds them responsible for running his life. He tells that he won’t sit quiet, he will give them an answer and insult them. He wants Rishabh to face him. He promises to ruin down Rishabh.

Rakhi and Preeta try hard to keep things normal in the house. Rakhi tells Rishabh about Karwachauth. Rishabh tells about the important meeting. Rakhi wants Rishabh to stay at home. He asks her to go for shopping, he will come by then. Rakhi asks him to cancel his scheduled meeting. Preeta tells that she will manage. Rakhi wants Rishabh to take Preeta for shopping. Mahesh feels his sons are lucky to get good wives. Sameer doesn’t want to go with Shrishti. Preeta tells that she will get Shrishti. Rishabh agrees to Rakhi. Mahesh thanks Rakhi for keeping the family united. Rakhi tells that its her duty to keep the family united.

On the other hand, Anjali tells Arjun that Rishabh would not spare him. Karan tells that he never intended to kill Rishabh. She reminds him that Rishabh and Preeta intended to kill him and they are still happy. He tells that he took Prithvi lightly, that’s his mistake. She tells that he took Luthras lightly, that’s his mistake. He understands her mood is bad. He tells that he will take her to shopping. She refuses to go for shopping. He insists her to shop something. Preeta, Shrishti, Rishabh and Sameer reach the same mall for Karwachauth shopping. Karan brings Anjali there. Karan and Preeta feel each other around. She looks around, but doesn’t see him.

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