Sherdil Shergill Udaariyaan 11th October 2022 Upcoming

Sherdil Shergill Udaariyaan 11th October 2022 Upcoming

Sherdil Shergill Udaariyaan 11th October 2022 Upcoming Anmol cries and reaches out to Ajeet. Ajeet melts his heart on seeing Anmol holding him with much hope. He takes Anmol in his arms and hugs him. Manmeet gets emotional and cries a lot. She didn’t expect Ajeet to accept Anmol. Ajeet consoles Anmol. She recalls his harsh words that he never acknowledged Anmol as her son. She happily hugs Raj. Puneet gets a misunderstanding that Raj is Anmol’s father. Manmeet thanks Raj in an emotional way. Puneet decides to accept Raj as her son-in-law, owing to the misunderstanding.


Nehmat tells Ekam that she will also help him in finding the truth and solving the case. He doesn’t permit her. He tells that if anything happened to her, then he would have not forgiven himself. She tells that its about her parents’ accident. He tells that her parents would have not allowed her to take risk, same way, he can’t take risk with her life. He doubts that the goons can attack her again. He tells that someone wants to separate them. He doesn’t want to meet her until they find out their enemy. He asks her to not cry, he isn’t going away from her. He asks her to hold her heart whenever she misses him, she will find him in his heart. They get emotional and share a hug.



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