Imlie 18th October 2022 Upcoming Mehendi twist

Imlie 18th October 2022 Upcoming Mehendi twist

Imlie 18th October 2022 Upcoming Mehendi twist Atharv is really relaxed after Chini calls off her wedding with Jatin. Chini wants to make a request to Atharv. She tells Anu that she wants a lavish life. Anu tells that Imlie is a Rathore, so she is at the benefits side. Chini makes a plan to get rich, when Anu teaches her to trap Atharv. Rupali advises Chini not to hurt Imlie, who loves Atharv a lot. She tells Arpita that Anu is brainwashing Chini and using her against Imlie. She adds that Anu wants to ruin Imlie’s life. She is worried for Imlie and Atharv. She decides to send Chini away to Mumbai. Chini manipulates Atharv and Imlie.

She tells them about her transfer to Mumbai office. Rupali asks Imlie to let Chini go, because her work is important. Atharv reacts in anger and declares that Chini won’t go anywhere. He tells them that Chini will stay with them. His decision pleases Imlie. Chini doesn’t want Atharv to tell the truth to the family right now. She fears of losing her home and family. He tells that Chini can work in his friend’s company. Rupali stops him. She tells that Chini has got the job in Mumbai on her own.

Chini wonders why is Rupali so willing for her transfer. Arpita tells that Chini will gain new experiences if she moves to a new city. Atharv disagrees with them. Chini tells that he means to say, she should be here and attend Imlie’s marriage, he is just caring for Imlie’s emotions. Imlie gets delighted on hearing this. She is thankful to Atharv for getting a job for Chini in Delhi, just for her sake. He tells that he is doing this for her happiness. Imlie tells that if Chini stays back with the family, then this will relieve her stress.


She wants to focus on her roles and responsibility. She dreams of getting Atharv’s name mehendi on her hands. Chini tells that just she has the rights on Atharv’s name mehendi. Atharv tells that Chini is his love, either of Chini and Imlie will get the mehendi of his name. What twists will come in the mehendi function, when both Atharv and Chini are cheating innocent Imlie? Keep reading.

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