Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2022 Written Update Dupatta twist

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2022 Written Update Dupatta twist Rhea and Aaliya plot to burn Prachi alive. Ranbir saves Prachi in the nick of time. Prachi apologizes to Ranbir for all the trouble. He asks her not to say sorry and just tell him about the person who got the dupatta for her. Vikram tells that Pallavi has got the dupattas for Rhea and Prachi. Pallavi recalls Aaliya giving the dupattas by calling it her blessing for both her nieces. Ranbir and Prachi look at Pallavi, expecting an answer. Ranbir asks Pallavi did she get the dupatta. Pallavi doesn’t answer. She goes to Aaliya and tells her that some questions are arising, that needs to get answered in front of everyone. She asks Aaliya and Rhea to come with her. She tells that everyone is asking about the dupatta. She asks Aaliya to answer everyone. Rhea pretends sobbing in front of Pallavi. Can Aaliya and Rhea turn the game around again? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rhea asks Aaliya to bring Prachi outside and then light fire to her. Aaliya asks Rhea to get the fire crackers. Shahana realizes that the accident was planned. She tells Prachi that Aaliya wanted to kill Sid. Prachi and Sid are shocked by her words. Shahana tells Prachi that Aaliya got angry when Sid threatened her, Aaliya lied to Sid and sent him in the car by failing the brakes, luckily they got saved because of Aryan. Sid doesn’t want Ranbir to learn the matter. Ranbir asks them to continue their talks. Rhea asks Prachi to come with her for a talk. Rhea takes her along. Ranbir wonders why everyone is behaving strange. Shahana tells Sid that she can understand everything.

Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2022 Written Update Dupatta twist:


Prachi asks Rhea what does she want to prove, the sister and Sautan’s roles don’t match. Rhea tells that their stars match, they always protect each other. She thanks Prachi for saving her life. Aaliya watches them talking and takes the diyas there. Rhea sees Aaliya. Prachi asks Rhea why is she seeing here and there. Rhea lies to her. Aaliya recalls the plan when she fooled Prachi and grabbed her dupatta. She tricks Prachi and makes Rhea change the dupatta in a blink. Rhea and Prachi’s dupatta gets changed. Rhea wants Prachi to die. Aaliya takes the diyas close to Prachi’s dupatta to burn her, but Prachi’s good fate saves her again. Neha takes Prachi aside and apologizes. She tells that there is nothing between Ranbir and her, they were just teasing Prachi. Prachi asks her not to worry. She tells that she knows her husband well, and totally trusts him.

Neha asks her isn’t she angry, if she isn’t, then why did she show her anger. Prachi tells that she was getting anger, but she never felt that Ranbir is cheating her, she was jealous and angry, but not suspicious, she trusts his love. She gets glad that her Ranbir is only devoted to her. She goes to thank Matarani and stands close to the diya stand. She recalls Shahana’s words that Aaliya wanted to get Sid killed. Prachi gets away from the lamps, and goes to look for Shahana.

Aaliya shows the crackers to Rhea, and tells her that they have to get Prachi stand amidst the crackers once. She tells that Prachi will burn and their Diwali will be happy. Dida asks Vikram to come and light the crackers. He tells that nobody is interested and even he isn’t much bothered. Pallavi finds him upset. Aryan asks Sid did he book the tickets to take Prachi abroad after marriage. Sid asks what is he talking about. Aryan tells that Ranbir told this to him. Sid asks him to try and understand him. Aryan tells that Sid should understand Ranbir. He calls Sid an enemy of Ranbir.

Sid gets too upset. Aaliya and Rhea see Prachi going close to the lamps again. Rhea tells that she can’t wait anymore. She bids bye to Prachi, and lights the crackers in an attempt to kill Prachi. Prachi gets scared seeing the crackers around her. Rhea smiles watching Prachi in danger. Ranbir and Sid hear Prachi screaming and rush to save her. The Kohlis grow worried for Prachi and her baby. Aaliya doesn’t want anyone to save Prachi. Rhea tells Aaliya that Ranbir will die if he goes to Prachi. Aaliya stops Rhea. She bursts more crackers to stop Ranbir. Ranbir and Sid feel helpless. Aryan takes Rhea away.

Ranbir goes to Prachi and covers her up with the stole. Prachi’s dupatta catches fire. Ranbir throws her dupatta away in time, which explodes in the air, leaving everyone shocked to the core. Ranbir hugs Prachi. He rushes Prachi home. Ranbir gets angered on the accident. Prachi tells that its just an accident. He asks her to sit quiet. He gets disappointed with Sid, who isn’t reacting on the matter. He can’t tolerate the thought of losing Prachi. He asks the family how can a dupatta blast, its really impossible. He tells that he will burn all the dupattas and check if it also blasts.

Aryan asks him to stop the foolishness. Ranbir is upset that even Prachi doesn’t care, she is thinking its just an accident, when it was someone’s conspiracy to harm her. He tells that he will call the police to take help. His phone’s battery gets dead. He throws it in anger. Prachi asks him to stop it, she is still alive, she didn’t die. He angrily pats her face and asks her to never say this again. He hugs her and sheds tears. She apologizes to him. He asks her who got the dupatta for her. Vikram recalls Pallavi’s words. He tells that Pallavi got the dupatta for Rhea and Pallavi. Ranbir asks Pallavi did she get that dupatta. Pallavi looks for Aaliya. Rhea asks Aaliya why is she standing so quiet, why did the blast happen so late.

Aaliya shouts back at her. She doesn’t know why their plan flopped. Rhea madly hurts herself by hitting her head on the pillar. She tells that she will end her life. Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea asks why does she always make her believe that everything will get okay, keep smiling and dreaming. She blames Aaliya for making her dream and then lose out. She sees Ranbir and Prachi getting close always. She tells that Ranbir is mad about Prachi. She doesn’t understand why Ranbir loves Prachi so much, when Prachi doesn’t even talk to him well.

She feels Aaliya broke her trust, her plan flopped, Prachi is alive, she didn’t die. She tells that her dreams died, she can’t see Ranbir happy with Prachi, Ranbir is crazy, he will not sit calm, he will find out about the dupatta, he will confront them. Pallavi reaches them and asks Aaliya to answer the family. She tells that everyone is asking about the dupatta. She asks Rhea why is she crying. Aaliya tells that Rhea is worried for Prachi, everyone will blame them now for Prachi’s accident. Pallavi asks Rhea not to worry, nobody will blame her. She asks Aaliya to just answer them. Ranbir tells Prachi that he will do the first aid. Prachi asks why is he doing this.

He asks her to call the cops if she wants. She tells that she understands his concern. He tells that she can complain about her husband taking care of her, he doesn’t care of anything. He asks Prachi not to cry, else his temper goes high. Pallavi brings Aaliya and Rhea there. She tells them that Aaliya had got the dupattas for Prachi and Rhea from the temple. This revelation doesn’t surprise Prachi, Sid and Shahana. Pallavi tells about Aaliya’s prayer for Prachi and Rhea. Ranbir asks Aaliya who had stitched the dupatta, from which temple did she get it. Rhea pretends to faint down. Aaliya holds Rhea and asks Aryan to help her take Rhea to the room. Aaliya and Rhea escape from Ranbir’s questions.

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