Anupama 26th October 2022 Upcoming Maan romance

Anupama 26th October 2022 Upcoming Maan romance

Anupama 26th October 2022 Upcoming Maan romance Anuj keeps an eye on Anupama, while she goes to the college to complete her studies. Anupama mistakes the teacher for a student. She meets the teacher Nita and pays respect. Anupama finds a company in her classmate. Nita praises them for learning at their age, because learning is living. She is impressed with them. Anupama appears excited. Anuj gets the female attention. He tells the girls that he came to the college to drop his wife. He feels sorry that he just loves Anupama. He wants to surprise Anupama after the class ends. Vanraj calls up Anupama to talk to her urgently about Pakhi. He tells her that he wants her help.

She asks him to handle Pakhi. He asks her what will she do then. She tells that she will study in the college. She tells him that nobody can snatch her right. Anuj finds a chance to romance Anupama in the 90s style. He waits for Anupama outside her class. He tells that his love story is incomplete without his college romance. He gets a I love you letter. He decides to fulfil all his dreams in 2022 with Anupama, the one and only love of his life since the last 26 years. Anupama gets a surprise when she finds the heart-shaped roti in the tiffin, kept by Anuj. Anuj kisses the love letter, while she kisses the roti. He decides to relive the old college life which had everything perfect except the presence of Anupama and her love. Anupama’s straight-forward reply upsets Vanraj, who seems to not support her education.

Reviewed Rating for Anupama 26th October 2022 Upcoming Maan romance: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.



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