Bhagya Lakshmi 27th October 2022 Written Update Lucky Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th November 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th October 2022 Written Update Lucky Lakshmi Lakshmi tells Rishi that he can talk to her if he wants, or also stay silent, because even the silence talks a lot to them, there is much to listen in the silent moments. Rishi and Lakshmi hold hands, walking in the park. They finally get seated on a side bench. He tells that he really likes the silent moments. She tells that she wants to confess some feelings to him, she doesn’t want to get away from him ever. He tells that even he wants to be with her always.

He holds her hand in response. She tells that this moment has become their moment now, its connected to her heart forever. Kiran asks Malishka to get the coming day in her favor, then Rishi’s name will be linked to her name forever. Malishka gets curious to know about it. Neelam tells Dadi that the problems come in their lives because of Lakshmi, who is really unlucky for them. Rishi and Lakshmi arrive home, and overhear Neelam and Dadi’s talks. Rishi tells Neelam that Lakshmi is really lucky and auspicious for him and his family.

Earlier in the show, Kiran asks Malishka what’s the matter. Malishka tells that Lakshmi went with Rishi, she took her place. Balwinder tells that he doesn’t want to spare Rishi. Kiran asks Malishka to relax and calm down. She asks if she told Balwinder to stay in the house. Malishka denies it. Lakshmi asks Rishi what is he saying. Rishi repeats her dream which she just told him. He tells that he will hold her hand and walk along with her, matching her steps. He tells that her dream got fulfilled now. She feels shy. Rishi’s company gets her on cloud nine.


Bhagya Lakshmi 27th October 2022 Written Update Lucky Lakshmi:

Malishka tells Balwinder that she didn’t ask him to stay back, she asked him to hide his face for some days. Balwinder replies that he isn’t an orphan, he had a family, he will stay in her house just for two days. She asks Kiran to allow him to stay. Kiran asks her to just take the advantage of the coming day, and then she can become Rishi’s wife. Malishka asks what’s so special tomorrow. Kiran asks her to recall. Malishka remembers it and happily hugs Kiran. Balwinder asks what’s there tomorrow. They don’t tell him anything. He tells that he will find out tomorrow. Shalu feeds the sweets to Rano, and tells that Rishi got a clean chit, Balwinder’s crime is proved. Rano is shocked.

Shalu hugs Bani happily. Bani tells that tomorrow is a special day for Lakshmi. Shalu asks what is it. Rishi and Lakshmi spend time together and smile. They enjoy each other’s company. She tells that they shall go home now. He tells that they just came, they should stay there for some more time. He finds her different, because she doesn’t have any big wishes and demands. He tells that he really likes the silent moments, which he can never forget. He thanks her for making him feel happy. She confesses that she never wants to get away from him. He tells that even he wants to be with her always.

They have a fun moment. She tells that they will go home on his bike. Rishi loses his bike. He asks who took the bike. She asks if they have to go home by walk. He shows his bike parked. They leave for home. Malishka comes home to meet Rishi. She wonders if Rishi and Lakshmi are still romancing. Virender and Ayush have good news to share. Virender tells that Rishi is getting praised in the business fraternity, those who criticized Rishi before are now singing his praise, Rishi has become an ideal businessman, Oberois are praised for their values, Rishi and Lakshmi got the perfect couple tag.

Dadi tells Neelam that the truth is out. Malishka and Neelam don’t like the news. Neelam tells that Malishka is perfect for Rishi. She asks Dadi not to call Lakshmi perfect, she is unlucky who draws problems in the house. Rishi and Lakshmi come home and overhear the ongoing argument. Virender tells that Neelam’s perception will soon change about Lakshmi. Ayush tells that Virender’s good news is bigger, he has won. He also gives the good news that their business is doing better than better. He gives the credit to Rishi and Lakshmi. Virender wants Rishi and Lakshmi to support each other.

Rishi tells Neelam that its wrong to call Lakshmi unlucky. He defends his wife that has fixed the problems for them. He tells that he would have not been alive. Lakshmi stops him and asks him not to say anything wrong about himself. He tells that he doesn’t like anyone calling Lakshmi unlucky. Dadi tells that nobody will taunt Lakshmi from now, but he shouldn’t say bad about himself.

Dadi tells that its Karwachauth tomorrow, Lakshmi will keep a fast for Rishi’s long life. Ayush reminds that Lakshmi had kept the fast even last year and saved his life. Malishka tells that even she will keep the fast for Rishi. Rano tells Shalu and Bani about Lakshmi’s Karwachauth. She shows the shagun. She tells that she has to go and meet Lakshmi. They thank Rano for thinking so much for Lakshmi. Rano tells that she regards Lakshmi as her daughter. She thinks to keep good terms with Lakshmi and Oberois. Neelam feels proud of Malishka that she loves Rishi and wants to keep a fast for her. Dadi asks why would Malishka keep the fast, if Rishi isn’t her husband.

She tells that Rishi and Lakshmi are husband and wife. Malishka tells that she was going to marry Rishi. Dadi tells that Lakshmi is Rishi’s wife right now, Malishka won’t keep the fast, it won’t be right. She doesn’t want anyone to snatch Lakshmi’s rights or create a hurdle in her happiness, remembering that Lakshmi has saved Rishi’s life many times. Kiran locks the safe to save the money from Balwinder. She gets scared seeing Balwinder with a knife in his hand. Rano, Shalu and Bani meet Dadi and Ayush. Rano gets the shagun for Lakshmi. She asks about Neelam. Dadi tells that Neelam went out for some work. Kiran asks Balwinder why he come to rob the money. He stares at her wickedly.

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