Kundali Bhagya 13th December 2022 Written Update Battle for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 13th December 2022 Written Update Battle for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 13th December 2022 Written Update Battle for Preeta Arjun tells Anjali that a person does a lot to earn respect, so he has planned to tarnish Rishabh’s respect and reputation in business. He wants to attack on Rishabh’s respect and break down the huge buildup of Rishabh’s business empire. Anjali supports Arjun. Rishabh tells Mahesh that its time to give an answer to Arjun’s every plan and action, he doesn’t care what Arjun plans against them. He asks Mahesh to get Arjun do anything. He is also mentally prepared to battle Arjun. Rakhi cries seeing the unexpected series of events happening. Mahesh supports Rishabh, who explains Rakhi that they shall never believe Arjun again. Rishabh tells that Arjun has entered their house and did such a disgusting thing, they should attack Arjun first this time.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi and Shrishti pacify Preeta. Preeta tells that she tried a lot, even then the sindoor isn’t getting off. Rakhi tells that the colour will fade off soon. Preeta agrees that its just a stain, Arjun isn’t related to her Kundali Bhagya. Rishabh asks her to not cry, he is with her.


He also tries to wipe off the sindoor mark. He consoles Preeta. Shrishti asks Preeta not to worry, Rishabh will never let Arjun come between them. Rishabh asks Preeta not to feel lonely, he is always with her. He promises her. He tells that Kavya is their daughter, he will go and get her from the school, they are safe in the house, nobody will get harmed. He promises to protect everyone in the family. Rakhi and Shrishti hug Preeta. Rishabh weeps seeing Preeta’s tears.

Kundali Bhagya 13th December 2022 Written Update Battle for Preeta:

Anjali asks Arjun to answer her. She tells that their plans always worked against Rishabh and Preeta. She asks why did he throw an open challenge. He says that he wants to fight them. He asks if she will support him or not. She asks why didn’t he ask or inform her before doing this daring this. She tells that she will always support him. He plans to malign Rishabh’s image. He tells that his seven days start now, he will not waste a second. He tells that he will tell Preeta that their marriage mahurat is close. He shares his plan of troubling Preeta. He wants to take his revenge.

He tells that he will ruin Rishabh’s business. She asks him to stop his madness. He refuses. She finds him confident. She tells that she will always be with him. Rishabh recalls the times when Arjun saved Preeta, Kavya and his lives. He regrets that he didn’t believe Preeta before, Arjun wanted Preeta, he was doing everything to get her. He doesn’t want to believe Arjun again. He decides to fail Arjun’s plans. Karan asks Anjali if she has called the reporters. She tells that she has informed the reporters. She sends him Sandeep’s number. She asks his plan. He tells that when a person is heartbroken, then he dedicates his entire life to work, just to keep himself engaged, when his work gets attacked, then he can’t tolerate it, nothing can bring him to peace, respect is important for a person.

He wants to attack Rishabh by destroying his respect. He claims that he will defame Rishabh severely. Rishabh calls Mahesh and Sameer. He asks Sameer to check the files again. He tells Mahesh about their old business accounts. He doesn’t want any problems. Nobody will question them, according to Mahesh, because they made no mistakes. Rishabh doesn’t want to take any chances. He is worried after Arjun’s threatening. He tells that Arjun will attack their business to break down their courage, Arjun knows their respect is important, now Arjun will malign their respect. He tells that he will give an answer to Arjun for his every action. He gears up to fight Arjun.

Karan is ready to do anything that makes him succeed in the race. He wants to become number one. Preeta is disturbed, recalling Arjun’s sindoor move. Rishabh discovers Preeta’s concern. He asks her is she okay. He says that he knows she is worried because of Arjun. He feels guilty that he didn’t listen to her before. She asks him not to blame himself. He pacifies her. She calls it destiny. She asks him to forget it. He tells that they have seen Arjun’s truth now and thrown him out of the house. He adds that they have done the right thing. He doesn’t want her to worry.

He asks her to take her time. Karan marks the seven days on the calendar. He wants Preeta and Rishabh to get an answer for their deception. He says that he will snatch their peace and happiness. Rishabh and Preeta go to sleep. Rishabh wishes to end her tension. Karan feels glad that he isn’t the old Karan now, or else he would have worried for Preeta. He doesn’t want to care for Preeta and her happiness. Preeta wishes that Karan stays happy. She misses Karan a lot. Karan gets tears in his eyes and wonders who is crying for him. Preeta cries for Karan.

The next day, Preeta observes her normal routine. She takes care of the family. Rishabh asks Sameer to hurry up. Preeta asks them to have breakfast. Rishabh tells that they have to be alert as Arjun is eyeing their business. Mahesh tells that they will execute Rishabh’s strategy. Rishabh claims that Arjun can strike their deal at any time. Bani asks them not to be afraid of Arjun. Preeta tells that Arjun and Anjali can stoop to any level, they are dangerous. Rishabh tells that they have to keep their patience. Kareena asks them to hire someone to spy on Arjun. He asks her not to worry.

Preeta tells that they got to know Arjun’s motives. Bani tells that they should strike on Arjun before he does. Rakhi asks them not to attack Arjun. Priyanka asks Anjali isn’t she angry with Arjun. Anjali tells that she totally supports Arjun. Priyanka asks her how does she love Arjun so much. Anjali tells that she likes Arjun a lot, she was angry with him, but her heart melted when he explained the situation to her. She tells that Arjun is doing everything to protect her. She trusts him.

Moreover, Priyanka sees Karan coming. She tells Anjali that Arjun is really handsome. Karan tells Anjali that Rishabh will get a lot of blame, his company’s shares will crash. He asks Anjali to ask Tarun to buy all the shares. She inquires about her appearance. He claims she is dressed normally. He doesn’t even know how to compliment her, she claims. He goes away. Priyanka asks Anjali not to let Arjun marry Preeta. Anjali tells that the marriage is to keep hatred. Priyanka tells that Preeta will fall for Arjun after seeing his handsome looks. Anjali says that when the Luthras know Arjun’s truth, they will love him. She worries that Nidhi also loves Arjun.

Priyanka asks if Arjun and Preeta fall for each other. Anjali grows worried. She tells that they can never love each other. Priyanka asks her not to lie to herself. Rakhi says that she wants to see how many mistakes Arjun commits. She wants to remove Arjun from her heart. She tells that she wanted to slap Arjun after the sindoor move, she really hates him now. She asks Rishabh not to strike Arjun. Rishabh tells that she is a mother, she is good that she isn’t thinking negative for Arjun, but Arjun doesn’t regard her a mother. He asks her to let them stay alert. He tells her that they will attack Arjun to secure themselves.

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