Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2023 Written Update Daring Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2023 Written Update Daring Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2023 Written Update Daring Preeta Preeta tries to help Arjun in the cockpit, but the last remaining terrorist prevents her. The pilot declines her plea for an emergency landing and states that it is not possible. Preeta is assisted by the pilot in speaking with airport management. When Rishabh and Anjali arrive at the airport, they encounter a friend who works for the airport administration. He informs them about the circumstances on the aircraft before taking them to see a snake charmer. Rishabh hears from Preeta that Arjun was bitten by a snake while they are travelling. Rishabh approaches the snake charmer about helping them, but she declines. When Anjali sees Rishabh, she gets emotional. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, The woman tells about the dangerous snake bite. She adds that vinegar can help them in saving Arjun’s life. Rishabh asks Preeta did she hear it. The air hostess tells that vinegar is available. Kavya asks the tarot card reader why is she so tensed. The tarot card reader tells Kavya that her dad is going to die today. Kavya tells that her dad isn’t on the same flight.


The lady tells that her dad is also with her, he will be dying today. Kavya turns upset. Preeta gets ready to do the aid to Arjun. She asks him to stay conscious. She makes a cut on Arjun’s hand so that he realizes pain and stays conscious. She apologizes to Arjun. Karan asks her what did she do. He makes her away. The blood gets into her hairline. Preeta is shocked and remembers her Karan. Shrishti asks her to treat Arjun. Preeta sucks the poison out of Arjun’s hand. Karan gets touched by her caring gesture.

Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2023 Written Update Daring Preeta:

The tribal woman tells that it’s a dangerous thing to remove poison from Arjun’s body. Rishabh tries to call Preeta again. Preeta sucks the poison out. Rishabh connects to Preeta. He asks Preeta not to remove the poison, ask someone knowledgeable to do this work, it could be fatal. The family worries for Preeta, who takes out the poison from Karan’s arm. Karan tries to make Preeta away, after hearing the huge risk. Preeta doesn’t listen to him. Anjali wishes her Arjun gets saved. Preeta turns dizzy while extracting the poison. Shrishti asks Preeta is she okay. Preeta tells that she is okay.

She saves Karan’s life. Shrishti informs a worried Rishabh that Preeta is okay. Karan gets indebted to Preeta. Rakhi is glad that her children are okay. Rishabh sheds tears. The tribal woman tells Rishabh that she found a way to control the snakes, she will suggest a remedy to put the snakes to sleep. Rishabh tells that he will go with the solution. He adds that he will fly in a helicopter to exchange the powder. The lady asks them to just send the herbal list, Preeta will handle everything on board. Rishabh is happy that things are getting under control.

He tells Anjali that Luthras have helped Arjun today, Arjun saved Kavya and Preeta saved him, they aren’t bad at heart. He wants to know the reason, the misunderstanding that arose the enmity between them. He asks her to help him in solving this mystery. He knows that she knows the secret, why Arjun hates the Luthras. He tells that the enmity won’t help anyone. he asks her to end the enmity between both the families. Karan is in a big dilemma. He tells that Preeta hates Arjun, she forgot everything and saved his life, she has acted selfless and that’s surprising.

He tells that he loves Rishabh a lot, but he is angry that Rishabh and Preeta tried to kill him. He wonders if Preeta can kill her husband, who used to love her so much. He realizes that Preeta isn’t bad-hearted, she is really nice. He doesn’t want the same feelings of love for her. He feels love just like before. He tells that he loves Preeta a lot. The tribal woman asks Sushant to send the picture of the herbal powder list to the passengers, and ask them to arrange it. Rishabh connects to Kareena. Sushant instructs them to spray the mixture over the snakes to put them to sleep. Rishabh worries for Arjun. He wants to tell Arjun about the snakes possibility in the cargo.

Anjali connects the call and tells Arjun that she is really worried for him. She blames the Luthras. She tells that Preeta tried to kill him. Karan tells that Preeta saved his life. She tells that he landed on that flight because of Preeta. He tells that Luthras are on the flight because of his fear. She knows he is taking Preeta’s side, because she saved him. She reminds that Preeta isn’t loyal to him. She asks him to shut up. He tells that he can say anything about Preeta, because he has an old relation with her, he loves her and hates her, its his equation. He asks her not to say anything against Preeta. She asks him did he fall for Preeta again. He says yes in reply. He gets to see Preeta there.

Preeta stumbles and falls into his arms. They feel a threat when they spot a snake around. They look for the herbal powder. They begin their funny banter. Shrishti asks them to stop arguing. They agree to work as a team. Rakhi also reaches there. She tells that she is a mother, she worries for them. Preeta tells that the snakes don’t know that she is their mother. Rakhi tells that the snakes didn’t bite anyone after hearing her song. Shrishti also joins them in the search. Karan saves Preeta from a snake.

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