Udaariyaan 5th January 2023 Update Advait insults Ekam

Udaariyaan 5th January 2023 Update Advait insults Ekam

Udaariyaan 5th January 2023 Update Advait insults Ekam Harleen falls for Ekam. She starts wooing him. She acts cute to win his heart. Ekam isn’t interested in her. Harleen befriends Ekam. He thinks she is just his fan because he saved her life. Harleen looks forward to propose Ekam. She fixes their date. She calls him her hero. Ekam has served the people well, but still he falls into trouble because of Advait. Advait hires Ekam as his personal bodyguard just to insult him and get Nehmat under control. Ekam gets threatened about his family. He agrees to leave his police service and become Advait’s personal bodyguard.

Advait wants to teach a lesson to Nehmat. He starts working on his plan. He gifts a rose to Nehmat and hurts her with the thorn. Nehmat cries. Shamsher wants Advait to keep Nehmat happy, since she is doing a lot for the political party. Advait summons Ekam home. He tells Nehmat that he has a gift for her. He adds that Ekam will be his personal bodyguard from now. Shamsher and his family learn Advait’s move. Nehmat feels hurt when Advait insults Ekam deliberately.



Neeti grows worried for Pari after knowing about the grave danger. She asks Sanju to find Pari. She tells that its tough for them to find Pari in the jungle. Sanju/Rajeev tells that they will start the search from the nearby village. They seek help from a villager, who saved Rajeev’s life. Rajeev wants to save his wife Pari. Pari gets kidnapped by Ahlawat’s goons. Rajeev and Neeti learn about Pari’s kidnapping. They try to find her, and learn that Pari is captured inside some box. Pari feels suffocated inside the box.

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