Udaariyaan 17th January 2023 Written Update Nehmat returns

Udaariyaan 17th January 2023 Written Update Nehmat returns

Udaariyaan 17th January 2023 Written Update Nehmat returns Shamsher and Rama question Nehmat about her decision of leaving the house. Rama asks what will they tell the society when they ask for Nehmat. Neeru tells that Nehmat has found a new way to insult them. Shamsher asks Nehmat what does she want to do. He tells that she is their house’s respect. He doesn’t want her to make any mistake that gives the outsiders a chance to malign their image. He asks her why is she doing the same thing as before. She tells that she isn’t leaving without informing them. She adds that she has a reason to leave the house. He enquires as to why she is leaving suddenly. She asks him to ask his son about it. The family looks up to Advait to get an answer.

Neeru tells Shamsher that she has caught Nehmat with her lover Ekam in the morning hours. She tells that Ekam and Nehmat were romancing, Advait might have questioned Nehmat so she is threatening to leave. She tells that Nehmat is characterless and shameless. She defends Advait. Ekam jumps into the arguments to defend Nehmat. He calls it enough. He puts a stop to their questions. He tells that he will answer them because he knows the truth, the reason behind Nehmat’s decision. He asks Neeru to question Advait about his mistake. Shamsher asks Ekam to come to the point. Neeru rebukes Ekam for staining Advait’s name just to save his lover.


Shamsher wants to know the matter. Nehmat stops Ekam from revealing anything. She asks him to stop interfering in her family matter. She doesn’t want to tolerate it. Ekam asks will she tolerate what she has seen. He tells that he had come in the morning to inform the same to Nehmat, but she didn’t listen to him. Advait catches Ekam in anger and asks him to stop his nonsense. He threatens Ekam, so as to conceal his truth. Ekam isn’t scared of him. He asks Advait to get him suspended or transferred. He tells that he will expose his truth today. Nehmat asks Ekam to please leave at once. Shamsher asks them to stop building up suspense.

He asks Ekam to speak up the truth. Ekam tells Shamsher that Nehmat has seen Advait with his lover. Shamsher loses his cool. The family doesn’t believe that Advait can be wrong. Advait calls it a lie. Shamsher asks Ekam that he will not spare him if it’s a lie. Ekam reminds that he is true and brave. He asks Shamsher to check the CCTV footage and find out the truth. Shamsher slaps Advait in anger. He reprimands Advait for his unethical deed. He tells Rama that no wife can tolerate a husband’s cheat. He knows that Advait doesn’t like Nehmat. He shouts that Advait has stained the family respect. He feels ashamed of Advait.

Advait loses his stand in the family. Nehmat makes a leave. Advait stops Ekam from going after Nehmat. He tells that he won’t forget this day. He promises to take revenge. Ekam doesn’t let anything hold him back. He rushes after Nehmat. Harleen reaches Advait’s house. She stays away from Advait’s sight. She wants to make sure that Ekam doesn’t meet Nehmat. Nehmat heads to Rupy’s house. Ekam follows her to make sure she is safe. He can understand what she is going through. He believes that she is strong, she will take the right decision about her marriage. Nehmat decides to hide the sorrow from the family. She surprises the family. She tells them that she has come to stay for a few days to celebrate Lohri with them.

She tries hard to cover up her sorrow, but Rupy still senses it. He feels she is like Tejo to not show up her sorrow. Shamsher wants Advait’s affair to end. He pays money to Advait’s lover and commands her to leave Moga before Lohri. Nehmat dances with the family and spreads smiles. She hides her personal tensions. Ekam meets Satvik, but is occupied with Nehmat’s thoughts. Harleen plans her entry to spend time with Ekam. Ekam tells Satvik that he has to make an urgent call. Harleen wants Satvik to signal her. He calls Nehmat to enquire if she is okay. Nehmat answers his call and rudely asks him to stay away from her life. She doesn’t want him to get any false hopes about their relation. Ekam is relieved that she has left Advait. He wants to make things fine between them. Harleen promises to make Nehmat way from his life.

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