Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2023 Written Update Prachi’s madness

Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2023 Written Update Prachi's madness

Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2023 Written Update Prachi’s madness Prachi and Ranbir share the guilt. Prachi experiences wooziness. Pallavi reprimands him for failing to comprehend Prachi’s suffering. Ranbir expresses regret to Prachi. Ranbir is asked by Rhea to bring Prachi to the room. For her, a doctor is called. Police arrive to look into the situation. Pallavi claims that Ranbir’s newborn child was abducted. Rhea informs Prachi that a nurse is being sent by Dr. Sharma. She informs the inspector that Aaliya has taken the child hostage. Aryan feels guilty about his mother. Rhea displays an image of Aaliya. She claims to be able to predict the location where Aaliya could take the child.

The inspector promises to track down Aaliya. The family is also interested in going with Rhea. Aaliya has access to two godowns where she may hide in such a situation, according to Rhea. Prachi is told by Ranbir to rest; a nurse would visit and take care of her. Prachi begs him to bring her child. He claims that having waited a long time for the birth of the child, he wishes they had kept their child. Prachi remains unsteady. She goes on to blame Ranbir for the wrong.


Ranbir sympathizes with her and decides to not say anything that hurts her feelings. Prachi is dizzy, so Ranbir asks the doctor to send the nurse right away. Rhea and the family search wherever they can for Aaliya. Aaliya is nowhere to be found by Pallavi or Rhea. Aaliya celebrates her success. What will Aaliya do next? Will Ranbir and Prachi lose Panchi forever in the accident when they confront Aaliya in an attempt to get their daughter back? Keep reading.

Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2023 Written Update Prachi’s madness:

Aaliya tells that she has to make phone calls. Goon offers his phone to help her. She angrily breaks his phone and slaps him. Madan gets a new phone for her. She asks why did they keep phone with them, police can track them. She decides to leave the place before anyone finds her. Rhea reaches there with the police. Aaliya sees Rhea and remembers their bonding. She didn’t think Rhea will become her enemy, and go on Ranbir and Prachi’s side. Rhea doesn’t see Aaliya leaving.

She finds the cradle placed there. She emotionally cries. She realizes Aaliya was present there. Aaliya regrets Rhea’s deceive. She calls Rhea. Rhea asks her not to do this and come back. She requests her to bring Panchi back, Panchi is innocent. Aaliya tells that Rhea was innocent before, but now she has become her enemy. She counts her favors. She asks her how can she join hands with her enemies. Rhea begs her to spare the baby. Aaliya tells that she will do the worst with Rhea as well and take her revenge, now Rhea and Prachi are same for her. Rhea feels proud that she is like her sister Prachi.

She praises Prachi’s good virtues. Aaliya asks what had happened to her. Rhea asks her to spare Panchi and return her to Kohlis. She tells that they will give her anything she wants. Aaliya tells that she isn’t sure of her next steps. She doesn’t want to see them happy. She tells that she will never call her again. She doesn’t entertain Rhea. She wants Rhea to see her hatred. She promises that Rhea’s soul will get shaken. She wants her to regret for hurting her.

Nurse takes care of Prachi’s medication. Ranbir wants Prachi to take rest. Nurse tells that Prachi will soon fall asleep, she will get a good rest, the medicines will soon relieve her. Rhea tells the inspector that Aaliya called her and threatened her, she was here and left sometime back. Inspector tells that they will return home, Aaliya will call them and make a demand to give the baby back. She wants to find a way out. They rush to home. Ranbir asks Prachi to relax and feel better. Prachi worries for the baby. He tells that he will go and know the updates of the police search. He gets his phone.

He asks her is she okay or not. She doesn’t understand what will happen. She asks him to close the door when he goes. Ranbir shuts the door and leaves. Rhea and Pallavi return home. Rhea tells that Aaliya was at the godown, they reached later, Aaliya saw her there and escaped. Ranbir asks why did she miss Aaliya. Inspector tells that they were close to catch Aaliya. Aaliya calls up Prachi. She threatens about Panchi. Prachi begs her to return Panchi. Aaliya tells that Prachi won’t be able to see her baby again. Prachi asks her not to dare hurt her baby.

She tells that she never crossed her limit, she didn’t do anything wrong, but she won’t keep any relations if Aaliya dares to do wrong. She tells that she is a mother, she will kill her if anything happens to her child. Aaliya tells that Prachi is sounding like Rhea, Rhea has got against her because of Prachi. She wants Rhea to know that Prachi has done a magic on Ranbir and her/Rhea. Prachi apologizes to her and begs her. Aaliya asks Prachi to come to her location and meet her. Prachi agrees to meet her. Aaliya tells that she can’t assure what will happen if Prachi gets late.

She asks her to come alone, else she may lose her baby. Prachi tells that she is coming. Rhea apologizes to Ranbir. She tells that she wanted to help them. He angrily scolds her. He tells that he was the happiest person some hours back and now he is in deep sorrow. He doesn’t know what he can tell Prachi. He tells that Prachi isn’t here, else she would have behaved madly again. Prachi gets to hear Ranbir. She recalls spitting the medicines. She doesn’t want to sleep when she has to save her baby. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t trust anyone.

Pallavi asks him to stop it, they didn’t even see Panchi’s face, they are trying to find out Panchi. He tells that Rhea didn’t help them, Aaliya hates Prachi and Rhea. He shouts that if he loses Panchi because of Prachi and Rhea’s actions, then he won’t forget them. Prachi gets hurt and leaves from there. Inspector sees Prachi leaving in her car. He informs the family that Prachi isn’t sleeping in the room, she just left from home. Inspector is sure that Aaliya has called Prachi. Aaliya calls Ranbir and asks him if he is loving the drama. Ranbir rebukes her for kidnapping a newborn.

She loves the drama. She tells that Prachi doesn’t love him, she didn’t tell him about her call. She asks him to come and meet her, but not take the cops along. She threatens of harming the baby if the police comes. Inspector tells that he wants to come along, because Aaliya appears mad. Ranbir doesn’t want to take any risk. He asks the police to stay away. Prachi reaches the bridge road. She shouts to find Aaliya. She asks Aaliya about her baby. Aaliya asks her to wait, she will give her the baby after sometime. Prachi asks her to give her baby. Aaliya pushes her and gets her at gunpoint.

She threatens of killing Panchi. Prachi falls in her feet and begs her. Aaliya asks her to sign the papers. Prachi tells that she doesn’t care about the property. Aaliya tells that its Abhi’s property papers. She makes Prachi sign more papers. She tells that it was Ranbir and Prachi’s divorce papers. Prachi asks for the baby. Ranbir reaches there and begs her to return the baby. Aaliya asks about his family. She tells that the family is also coming. She laughs that Ranbir and Prachi are begging. She tells Ranbir that Prachi has signed the divorce papers. The goon spots the police and alerts Aaliya. Ranbir and Prachi didn’t expect the police presence there. Aaliya loses her cool.

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  1. How the fack u can separate a child for 5 yrs from the parent? Same shit in all ektaa story n kumkum bhagya,child never lives with both parent when it born?I am done with this show

  2. This is a baby, how can you show murdering to babies, you have crossed all limits introducing baby murder in this show and you all should be charged for this, it’s disgusting the kinds of things you have done in this series, shame on you Indians

  3. aliya you don:nt have commance at all small babby you throw the water if do like that now see what will do now if police he will come to arrest you out ranbir please you catch the small babby fast you can do it.
    pranchi you don’nt talk aliya let her do if you what but i don’nt like it never ending for them
    aliya enough is enough you are chapter finished get out from there.


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