Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2023 Written Update New chapter

Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2023 Written Update New chapter

Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2023 Written Update New chapter Pallavi begs him to stop because they are trying to locate Panchi and haven’t even seen her face. He claims that Rhea abandoned them and that Aaliya despises Prachi and Rhea. He yells that he won’t forget Prachi and Rhea if he loses Panchi as a result of their deeds. After getting hurt, Prachi departs. Prachi is seen driving off by the inspector. He tells the family that Prachi just went from home and isn’t sleeping in the room. According to Inspector, Aaliya contacted Prachi. Aaliya phones Ranbir and inquires about his enjoyment of the drama. She receives criticism from Ranbir for taking a baby.

She claims Prachi doesn’t love him because she didn’t let him know she had called. She requests that he meet her there without bringing the police. If the police arrive, she says she’ll hurt the baby. Aaliya seems to be out of her mind, so Inspector says he wants to go with her. Ranbir is unwilling to take any chances. He requests that the police leave. The bridge road is reached by Prachi. To locate Aaliya, she yells. She enquires about her child. Aaliya requests that she be patient and promises to deliver the infant later. Prachi requests that she give her child. She is shoved by Aaliya, who holds her at gunpoint.


She makes death threats against Panchi. Prachi cries out and collapses at her feet. She is asked to sign the paperwork by Aaliya. Prachi claims she is unconcerned about the property. It is Abhi’s property paperwork, according to Aaliya. She demands additional paperwork from Prachi. She reveals that it was the divorce papers for Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi requests the infant. When Ranbir gets there, he begs the woman to give the child back. Inquiring about his family, Aaliya. She announces that the family will be joining them. She chuckles as she sees Ranbir and Prachi begging. Prachi has signed the divorce papers, she informs Ranbir. The goon notifies Aaliya when he sees the police. Prachi and Ranbir were surprised to see police officers present. Aaliya becomes irate and takes a big step against them.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2023 Written Update New chapter:

The goon shouts that Ranbir and Prachi got the police with them. Prachi tells that they didn’t call anyone. The police chase the goons. Ranbir and Prachi ask Aaliya to return their baby. The family reaches there. They beg Aaliya to get Panchi back. Rhea asks Aaliya to listen to her at least. Aaliya tells that she will not return the baby, because they have removed her from their lives. She sees the police and threatens them. She asks them to stay away. Ranbir asks Aaliya to give the baby. Prachi tells that she has done whatever Aaliya told her.

Aaliya asks her not to step ahead. She loses balance and stumbles. She loses her grip on the baby, who falls into the river. Ranbir, Prachi and the family matters are hugely shocked by this incident. Ranbir stops Prachi from running. Aaliya flees from there. Police tries to catch her. Prachi faints down. The family reaches home. Rhea tells that she is going to meet the police, who is taking a rescue team to the spot. Prachi wakes up and asks Ranbir about Panchi.

He asks her to go and sleep for some time, he will find Panchi. She tells that she doesn’t have her daughter with her. She asks him to go and find Panchi. She tells that he should be ashamed of himself. Ranbir calls it enough. He asks her how long will she blame him. He tells that he can also blame her, this happened because of her oversmartness, she is a bad mother. He accuses her for their loss. Prachi asks what is he saying. He tells that she got Aaliya arrested, that’s the reason that Aaliya took revenge. Prachi tells that she is Panchi’s mother.

Ranbir tells that he is Panchi’s father, he doesn’t have his baby now. She tells that she had gone to save Panchi. He tells that he had also gone to save their baby. She tells that Aaliya called her there all alone, but he came there with the police, the baby has gone away because of him. He tells that he had come there to save their baby. She asks him did he save their baby. She tells that he is responsible. He tells that he is the worst person to intentionally lose his baby. He breaks down when she continuously accuses him. Pallavi sympathizes with him. She asks Prachi to stop accusing Ranbir.

She tells that they all are in sorrow. She also accuses Prachi. Prachi asks her not to say this. She tells that Panchi is still alive. Ranbir asks her will she blame everyone alone, the baby can’t survive the mighty fall, its just because of her. He blames her for killing the baby. Prachi asks him not to say anything that haunts her always. He tells that its already haunting her, she has snatched his happiness and also his child.

He tells that she has snatched his daughter. She asks him not to say anything. He asks her not to threaten him. He asks Prachi to leave from the house, because her face reminds him the baby’s loss. He tells that there is nothing left in their lives, she has nothing to snatch from him now, she has signed the divorce papers because she wants to end their relation. He asks her to get lost. He tells that she can’t justify herself. He feels hatred for Prachi. He calls it over.

He ends his ties with her. Prachi and Ranbir get separated. Sahana asks him what is he doing. He asks her to get lost along with Prachi if she wants. Prachi reaches the bridge and shouts to Panchi. She tells that she will find Panchi. She doesn’t want to live without Panchi. She is pretty sure that she will find her daughter. She madly looks for Panchi. A speeding truck knocks her down. Prachi also falls into the same river. Inspector witnesses her accident. Ranbir gets the shocking news. Pallavi and Dida ask Ranbir what has happened.

Ranbir tells them about Prachi’s accident, she fell into the same river, inspector has seen her dead body. The family cries for Prachi’s death. Sahana asks Ranbir is he happy now, he has killed Prachi by breaking her heart and accusing her. She feels suffocated to stay with them. She leaves the house. Pallavi consoles Ranbir. Ranbir realizes his mistake and runs to the accident spot. Ranbir shouts on the police. He tells that he will save his wife. He runs to find a way. Pallavi calls Rhea, and informs about Prachi’s death. Rhea is moved to know this bad news.

Pallavi tells Rhea that Inspector has confirmed Prachi’s death. Rhea worries. Pallavi tells that even Ranbir has gone there to find Prachi. Rhea asks her to keep courage. She tells that she will go and check on Ranbir. Ranbir speeds his car. He remembers Prachi and Panchi. He also meets with an accident when a truck comes his way. Rhea finds Ranbir unconscious in his car. She runs to save him. She rushes him to the hospital. Pallavi and Dida attend Ranbir. Ranbir asks for Prachi. Pallavi tells that Prachi and Panchi aren’t with them. He tells that he will go and find them.

Dida tells that he was unconscious since two days. Ranbir tells that they didn’t find them well. Pallavi tells that Prachi and Panchi are no more. Ranbir takes time to accept the harsh truth. Pallavi tells that they couldn’t find Prachi and Panchi. She tells that they just found a woman’s dead body, it was unidentifiable. Rhea tells that police doubts that its Prachi’s body. Dida tells that they have done Prachi’s last rites. Pallavi asks Ranbir who will he get from there, when there is no one. After a leap of six years, Ranbir is seen buying a dupatta for his daughter. Prachi is seen with her daughter. She tells that she will make her ready before her dad comes.

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  1. They have facked up this story so much with this divorce/ separation,panchi missing or dead n this new child now have to suffer all this hardship and atrocities coz ektaa n writers over loved alliya n rhea doing crimes.worst serial ever.now a child has to be parentless n suffer.disgusting.nasty stinking story.prach n ranbir moved on in their lives happy with a child each filling the void in their lives instead of finding panchi.now if panchi is found she will be a burden to her parents coz they have a child to love already who they can’t abandon .also wat panchi got suffering abuse neglect an mummy n daddy enjoying life.real facked up story from ektaa n writer.


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